4 Things You Need To Know About AJ McLean’s Solo Ventures Right Now

If you follow AJ McLean on any social channel, it will not come as a surprise to you that he has jumped into the country genre with both feet on his latest solo venture.

Since first letting fans hear his new music on the sold out 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise, he has balanced releasing solo music and holding events in both Nashville and Las Vegas to preview the rest of the album for multiple audiences with promo and the album release for the Backstreet Boys’ DNA. On top of that, he is a doting dad to his two girls, who he recently brought onstage during the Boys’ Vegas residency (another thing on his plate).

With so much going on in the world of AJ McLean, we wanted to give you a quick run down so you don’t miss anything (and also, so you can tell your country-loving friends)!

1. He’s Released Two Singles Already.

“Back Porch Bottle Service” is a tune that you’ll be playing all Summer long (in fact, we did!) and “Night Visions” is the song that you’ve always wanted to hear AJ croon on. Both are a perfect fit for his voice and you need to download / stream them immediately!

We’d also like to mention that the music video for “Night Visions” is deeper than we expected and made us want AJ back in an acting role (Johnny Vermillion, anyone?!) again.

2. His Latest Single Is Steadily Being Added To Radio.

“Boy and A Man” is a classic country love song that’s sure to work it’s way into the hearts of many. In fact, it already has. AJ took his Instagram this past week to thank everyone for their support in making the ballad one of the songs in the ranking for top 10 most added songs to country radio this week!

The music video for the song, which includes a few fans after an open call was posted, debuts on March 18th. You can see the teaser here.

3. The Album Is Coming Soon.

AJ’s album, which has changed titles a few times since he began work on his project, is now officially titled Long Road, after a comment that his wife, Rochelle, left on his Instagram page. Read about the influence here.

The album is due out this Spring. Like, within the next two months. We can’t wait to hear it in it’s entirety!

4. He’s Got Some Upcoming Events! 

While you’ll have to watch his socials for official merch (there’s not a consistent one-stop shop yet, but there are bundles and tees available at different times), he DOES have some upcoming events that you can attend. Since they are not all listed in one place, we will do it for you!

April 7th: ACM Afterparty in Las Vegas (Get Tix Here)

April 11th: Bowling With AJ McLean in Las Vegas (Get Tix Here)

Word on the street is that he will be doing more events here and there! Check this post or our all-event post to keep up-to-date.

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