14 Fans Share The Stories Behind Their Best Backstreet Boys VIP Meet And Greet Photos

In years since meeting the Backstreet Boys has (legally) been possibly, fans have gone from a handshake and a smile to some wild and crazy poses in their VIP Meet and Greet photos.

As people head to their first (or fourth) meet and greets or want work up the nerve to do more than the “usual” stand and pose photo or just see other photos, a lot of fans want ideas or simply ask “how did you get that pose?”

So, we asked! We asked fans with different poses and photos to tell us how they did it. In only 3 minutes, you don’t have time to do much so the resounding advice is – PLAN AHEAD. Scroll down for fun photos and the stories behind them for your new inspo.

(Thanks to all of you who sent in these amazing shots!)

image1 (3)

“One of my fave pics. I was  8 months pregnant with my little girl. I told Nick at the VIP party I was pregnant with his tiniest fan. Without missing a beat, Nick said “ Can I say hi to my smallest fan?” I swear I didn’t want to wash my belly for the longest time. Can’t wait to tell my daughter who is now 4 years old how lucky she is.  Amazing experience!!!! Also, my BFF of 30 yrs made this shirt with Kevin’s face and he pointed to her creation (which he absolutely loved and thanked her for) while Nick held my creation.” – Orly C.

“Ours start out as two friends wanting the Boys to frame us in a heart. Then, being as it was Halloween, we brought vampire teeth. They got to bite our necks (Howie and AJ, at least). We then became a group of 4…and we were dancing. Now, bring in one more person to make it 5 and a whip. The Boys were as always…amazing. Howie told us that we were all cray cray. One of the most memorable meet and greets I have ever done. What happens in Vegas…sure doesn’t stay in Vegas.” – Melly


“Mine isn’t crazy in any way, but I’ve been asked a few times how I got AJ to smile like that and why the hell Kevin and Brian are holding hands.

And the truth is… I have no idea. I’d never met them before and I was kinda just rattling off words.

I think Brian and AJ just GOT IT. I told AJ and Brian that they were my first concert during the Into the Millennium tour and hadn’t seen them since. AJ told me not to wait that long again and I think Brian just noticed how excited I was. All I know was SOMEONE’s arm was in front of me but I just assumed they were getting each other’s attention for the picture. I had no idea until I actually saw it what was going on around me and I was so excited. It was honestly just the picture I’d always wanted.

I really think sometimes they know how to read their fans and do whatever they think works best for the situation.” – Fallyn


“My best friend, Emily, and I were in Vegas this past July to celebrate my 30th birthday. We decided for one of the shows to do our meet and greet photos together because, although we have individual boys together, we didn’t have any of the 2 of us with the group. Our first photo was your typical group photo and when it came time for the second we asked Nick to choose a pose. While he was blanking on an idea we hear Kevin shout “pick Nick up!!” So…we did just that! The other boys were cheering and shouting in amazement when they saw us actually pull it off (in dresses and heels!) Kevin was the most impressed and came over after to give us high fives.” – Cindy


“The first question we always get asked about this particular meet and greet photo is ‘what did you say to get them to do that?!’

We had just finished our first photo and when we changed it up I said ok now I want a happy and crazy photo especially you Howie! And somehow this is the wonderful result. After the photo was snapped I remember Aimee yelling at Nick like she was a cranky wife for the face he pulled. When we actually got the photo I laughed so much a Nick’s face I couldn’t get up from the bed and the tears of laughter wouldn’t stop streaming down my face. The photo seems to be well coordinated but that was just luck. There was a lot of fun energy in that moment and it all just came together perfectly. Definitely one of my favourite moments and one of my favourite meet and greet photos with Aimee and BSB. If you have something you want to ask for… Be confident with your directions and just go for it!” – Monica


“I got pregnant and as almost everybody knows, you tell everyone after the first 3 months and destiny wanted for me to have a Boys’ concert one week before and only 40 minutes driving away from my house! So I said “I must do my pregnancy announcement with them!” When I got there I immediately said “Please, Kevin and AJ in the middle” and Nick was like “Yes Ma’am”. I gave the papers to Brian, Nick and Howie then I asked Kevin and AJ to hold my tummy. I’m in love with this picture and Kevin, who’s my fave, didn’t stop congratulating and hugging me ❤️ Nick and Howie started fighting with the papers and I told them “Please those were made by meeee, don’t ruin them” and Nick watched me with dog eyes and said “It was his fault” pointing at Howie and Howie started laughing saying “it’s not trueeeee!” and they both hugged me. My baby girl is so lucky, she wasn’t even born the first time she met them. and now I have a lil fan to raise! And I’m doing it in the right way! They are so down to earth and so humble even.”  – Manoela

image1 (3)3

“I had tickets for the final US show for the In A World Like This Tour at Jones Beach in NY. This was going to be my first solo VIP (gold package) and I was racking my brain trying to figure out what pose I could ask them to do. I had seen so many fun photos over the years from other fans, but I tend to be super shy and was worried I’d chicken out of asking for anything unique.

About a week before the show, I had a Skype chat with Nick (I had purchased this through Indiegogo for his movie campaign). I mentioned how I was gonna be at the show and it would be my first solo VIP. I then asked him for a pose suggestion. Nick immediately said “well, we can pick you up!”

The next week, I was in line for VIP and was so nervous. When it was my turn, I went straight to Nick and asked “is it still okay for you to pick me up?” He recognized me from the Skype chat (another beautiful moment for my inner fangirl) and said “of course!” Then, he lifted me (effortlessly, as if I was a feather) and held me for the photo.

To this day, it is one of my favorite photos and one of my favorite moments.

Thank you to Nick (and all the boys) for always making VIP so special for us fans!” – Rebecca


“I was in line wearing my black Since 93 t-shirt, I had it on backwards so the guys could make it out. But underneath I had my NKOTB shirt. I told fans in line I grew up with New Kids and thought nothing could ever top my love for them, til I discovered BSB. Told them I still wanted to meet New Kids one day but that BSB took all my money.

So once I hugged all the guys, I told them I had a special request; told them about NK and I said that yes, I could very well go to their VIP but that meant not seeing BSB and that was never gonna happen! BSB was always at the top of the list. So I handed them these cheap cardboard name plates and joked, “In case you forget your name in the excitement of seeing me undress!” Nick did his best “bow chick-a-wow-wow!” as I took of my BSB shirt to reveal my NK shirt.

You could hear Kevin’s “WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!” mixed with Nick’s “ah hell nah!” and Brian’s “no way!” And I asked them to show me their true reactions at knowing they weren’t the only 5 men I dream about. Told them this was the only way I could have them all with me.

Nick pulled me close and whispered in my ear, “but hey you’re here with us!” Kevin added, “and that’s all that matters!” I swear I went weak in the knees! Kevin called out that they were all brothers (NKOTBSB) so at least I was keeping it in the family haha! And more jokes followed.

It was a silly 3 min session that went exactly how I hoped and it wasn’t epic by any means but the reactions I got from fans that saw me step around that curtain with a NK shirt was hilarious! So yeah, I love this pic! It shows the guys sense of humor, their appreciation that I paid to see THEM, and my hair looks awesome haha!” – Elia

image1 (3

“This meet & greet pic came from my first trip to see the Boys in Vegas AND was my first time to get a pic with all 5! I happily danced into M&G and asked for a “Backstreet Sandwich”. All of the guys just laughed and pulled together. It was the best group hug EVER! Love these guys and will cherish this pic for life.” – Jackie


“The forecast said rain that day, but we ended up sweating in the heat during soundcheck. Since I was over prepared and had stupid rain bots and and umbrella, I asked the guys if we could make use of that silly situation. They said sure! I think AJ asked for directions, and I said “umm, pretend it’s raining??” so they adorably huddled under my umbrella!”


“I originally wanted to give the Boys something during M&G, but shipping got screwed up…. so I was brainstorming in line with fellow fans what else I could do. Ninja pose, Charlie’s Angels… I last min asked if we could jump, not sure if that was possible — and they went for it! Justin was especially nice to also do a BURST photo mode to catch more than one moment. When we landed, Kevin said he thought that was a first-ever for the VIP pic — I was so happy it worked out!”


“I was about to leave the US to move to Berlin for work, so I debated what a “farewell” pose could be. I gave up on anything complex and asked for a group hug, hoping it wouldn’t look awkward. The funny part was Nick, who is usually in the the middle for the Vegas photo line up, expected to be in the middle still… and I was like nooo…sorry…Kevin is the main hug =) Kevin said “so you want me to love up all over you and they add on, yea?” and they followed his instructions!”


“My roommates + a friend coordinated a 25th-ywar-anniversary pose complete with a banner & champagne on the cruise. It worked out well that the guys had swords to pretend to open the bottles. We spent the entire waiting line trying to figure out the order and who would hold the banner and make sure it was spaced correctly. In the end the boat ended up rocking (we have a few photos of us with worried faces, trying not to teeter) and had to redo once it settled. I still love how it turned out!” – Sarah

“I JUST had my BSB meet and greet on Saturday, 2/16 and it was better than I could have imagined! I had never met the boys before ❤ ❤ ❤

A quick back story… I went to the University of Central Florida – a huge school (the biggest in the country actually) with a small reputation, until the past 2 years when our football team started receiving national attention. We just finished two back to back undefeated regular seasons. Read more about that in my post here.

That being said, I wanted to make my meet and greet memorable somehow, so I figured, why not celebrate UCF with BSB? I knew they got their start in Orlando, so they would probably appreciate this and would definitely know about my school!

I thought about getting each of them a UCF shirt or hat, but that seemed complicated. Instead, I decided to buy a UCF flag to hold during my meet and greet pic, and man, did it make a statement! I like to think my picture really stands out 😊

The flag was the way to go because it was super discreet. I wasn’t sure if they would allow me to bring in any props. I folded it and tucked it in my jacket pocket and pulled it out after my BSB hugs!

I said, “So I went to the University of Central Florida, so I figured we could all show some Orlando love together!” and they were so stoked! Howie even said, Go Knights!!! I about died. I know he still lives in Orlando – maybe we’ll see him at a game sometime soon!

I knew I’d remember this moment forever, and I like to think my UCF flag made me a bit memorable too. This was the perfect way for me to break the ice and show my appreciation for two things I love: BSB and UCF!

Check out my blog with the full concert recap here. I have a few other details about what I spoke to the boys about during my meet and greet – we also talked about UK basketball!” – Brianne


“The girls at Boy Band Break (Cinzia, Dianne and Sofia) have been very fortunate over the years to meet the Boys many times. Our biggest advice to keep calm and have fun! The Boys are very friendly and definitely open to posing in new ways. Practise what you want to say to them ahead of time. (Even if you feel stupid repeating yourself). Sometimes being in their presence makes you forget everything you had planned on saying.

For Canada Day 2018 we found out that AJ, Howie and Nick were going to be at a convention in TN, so we headed down. We wanted to take a pic with them on Canada Day (the Sunday) and decided to bring down a whole bunch of Canadian props for our pic. Prior to our photo op, we stopped by their booths to let them know we were doing a Canada Day pic. We asked Howie which prop he wanted to hold (Ketchup Chips, stuffed Moose or Beaver, Hockey Stick, Maple Syrup, etc) and he excitedly said maple syrup because he loves to make pancakes for his family. As we rounded the corner for the photo op, they saw us holding all of the Canada stuff and broke out into singing “Blame Canada!” (from South Park). Nick stood still as we put his flag cape on and then got excited with the hockey stick by smashing it on the ground to the tune of the song (as well as accidentally hitting Howie’s foot). Howie decided on his own to get down on the ground and pretend to chug the syrup. It was hilarious and our friend was able to capture part of it.
We went to see Nick last minute in Chicago for the Walker Stalker Con. As we approached him in line for a selfie he exclaimed “My Peeps!” and opened his arms for a hug. After hugging we said to him that we had run out of ideas for our photo op the next day and asked him what we should do for our pose. He gestured around and said, “We’re at at Walking Dead convention. How about something about that.” So we told him that we don’t watch the Walking Dead and we were just there for him. He suggested that we look around for inspiration. So I said, “So like one of those bat thingys?” and in shock he responded “Did you just say ‘bat thingy?!?'” So I said “Lucille?” and he said, “OK you’ve redeemed yourself. So what about something with Lucille?” After we left him we looked at the prices and were like oh hell no, we aren’t spending that much for a prop. So we headed to Five Below, got some supplies and did some arts and crafts at the hotel and voila, came up with props for the next day. Also since signs are our thing, we made one for him to hold as we pretended to beat him with bats.
We did a M&G in Boston. Normally it’s supposed to be 1 solo pic with all of the Boys. However, if you and your friends all want to be in the pics together, you are able to take multiple pics. (In our case, there were 3 of us so we were allowed 3 pics in total. We decided to be in all of them together. Sometimes people will go with their husband or friend who isn’t a huge fan and they take one together and then the fan takes a solo pic).
Anyway, we have a thing for signs so we premade them and as we were walking up we told them we were going to take 3 pics with 3 poses. The first pic was to kind of make fun of the fact that since Nick is usually in the middle, most of the time people are posing beside him instead of with any of the other Boys. So we asked him to hold a sign that says “The Cheese Stands Alone” (like the old song the Farmer in the Dell). He laughed and we said he could do any face he wanted, while we hugged the other Boys. Then for the second pic, we all hugged him, while the other Boys held up signs with our names. (Since we’re the ones at concerts always holding up signs for them.) The 3rd picture was just a normal pic.

We went to Walker Stalker Atlanta on Halloween weekend and thought it would be funny to take a group pic in costume. However, due to it being so far away and that coordinating costumes take forever to do, we decided to go the simple animal onesie route and make tags to make us TY Beanie Babies. We knew the photo op would be super fast but wanted Nick to be in the theme with us, so we made him a tag as well (I put it on a hair clip so it would be easy to attach it to him) and brought along a set of sparkly Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears. We didn’t tell him ahead of time what we were going to be but he realized as soon as he saw us and started laughing. Dianne held out his ears for him to put on, while I (Cinzia) clipped the tag to his jacket. Since neither of them moved to put the headband on, I took it and put it on him. We posed for 2 pics and then took the items off of him. He asked if his hair still looked good and Sofia assured him it did. lol”

Have a photo you think belongs here? Email us!

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