15 of Our Favorite 2018 Backstreet Boys Moments

It’s safe to say that the Backstreet Boys had one hell of a 25th year! From new singles to a cruise to more wins and a continuation of a damn good Vegas run, Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick have done everything in 2018 to set up for an even more phenomenal 2019 (that will begin with an album release).

While it’s impossible to list EVERY wonderful moment in one post, we did our best to narrow it down to 15 of our favorite moments and we think you might agree that all of them are noteworthy.

1. The (Sold Out) Backstreet Boys Cruise.

Not only did the Backstreet Boys sell out this year’s cruise well in advance, but many cruisers agreed that it was their best one yet. From performing their entire Millennium album to jumping in the pool with fans to giving fans a sneak peek of what may or may not be (thanks Kevin) on the new album to the now infamous Spice Boys, the entire 4 day vacation was perfection (despite being rerouted in a storm). Check out our post about the best moments you might have missed and our vlog above!

2. The Grammy Nomination.

Grammy BSB

It was perhaps the most unexpected moment of the year. On November 28th, the Backstreet Boys were nominated for their first Grammy in 16 years for their single, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”. To even be nominated is an incredible feat for a band celebrating 25 years together and win or lose, we are beyond proud  and we’ll all be tuning in in February to watch it go down!

3. The TWO Singles With TWO Music Videos That Were INDOORS.


HELL. YES. It’s all we could have asked for. It’s all we HAVE asked for. The Boys stayed inside for their “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” and “Chances” music videos, even throwing in choreography, a train station and a semi-storyline. Never say they don’t listen to our (loud) requests!

giphy (7)

4. The Life of Kevin’s Hair.

Kevin’s hair united and divided fans since early last year but one thing is for sure – we were all in awe of it. It’s shine. It’s texture. The way he wore it down without sweating. The way it blew back better than Beyonce’s. The eventual ponytail. The Fabio look. Whether you liked it or not, Kevin’s hair was some kind of 8th wonder.

When pirating around during the Sail Away party on the cruise, he made the announcement that he would be cutting it when it was long enough to donate. Always making good on his word, Kevin did just that months later, revealing his new look in a tweet and bringing awareness to Children With Hair Loss organization. Whether you loved his long hair or rejoiced when he cut it, both couldn’t be counted out of this list.

5. The Announcement of An Impending Album + Tour.


THIS is the moment we waited all 4 years year for! After waiting very, very patiently and trusting that the Backstreet Boys would come through, we finally got the announcement for the release of ‘DNA’  and tickets for their 2019 word tour went on sale. While we’re still waiting for VIP Upgrade details, we’re more than looking forward to all of the things we know about and the things that have yet to be revealed.

We’re thrilled for the new era and to celebrate it with all of you!

6. Nick’s Charity Work.


Ya boy is all over the place with making the world a better place this year! From charity cycle events to benefit galas to packing backpacks and spending Thanksgiving feeding the homeless in Las Vegas, Nick Carter (and his family) have been spreading the love, help and awareness all over their community. Check out the charities he’s worked with this year here.

7. The CMT Award Win.


Did you ever think the Backstreet Boys would have a #1 song on Country radio? We didn’t! But as always, they put in the work with Florida Georgia Line on “God, Your Mama, and Me” and not only did they make their CMA Fest debut in 2018, but WON a CMT Award! The shock on their faces and the genuine gratitude on their faces will not soon be forgotten.

Neither will their television debut performance of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, which aired during the same awards show.

8. Brian’s Proud Dad Moments.


In case you missed it, Baylee Littrell, the first Backstreet baby, simultaneously turned 16 and released his first song as a country solo artist in November. The song, “Don’t Knock It”, is super catchy and has been steadily doing well.

Our favorite part about it? How proud Brian is of him and his success. In multiple interviews since the release (and even leading up to), he has been gushing and beaming when speaking about Baylee and his up and coming career. We can’t wait to hear more in April when his album drops!

9. AJ’s Solo Situation.


Speaking of country music, AJ also dipped his own toe into country music this year with his singles “Back Porch Bottle Service” and “Night Visions”. We love them both (especially the music video for “Night Visions”)!

Not only did he release the singles, but he previewed more songs on the cruise and did several fan / radio events to give people a bit more taste of what’s to come (plus a bomb cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Drunkard’s Prayer”). While the jury is still out on when exactly he’ll be dropping a full album (2019 is a pretty busy Backstreet year!), we’ll be ready for it.

10. The Con Appearances.


While con appearances weren’t new this year, they were still a highlight for a lot of fans who made it to hang out with Nick, AJ and Howie in a totally different way. Selfies, autographs, and a few moments to just say hey made up some of our best 2018 moments.

We have to say that Howie joining in on the fun this year was a DEFINITE highlight. How fun is that guy!?

11. Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! 


With the end of the Backstreet Boy’s award-winning Las Vegas residency drawing near, we would be remiss if we didn’t include it on our list. While it’s been almost two years since it kicked off, we’ll never forget all of the moments it’s given us – whether in person or through the magic of the internet.

Who knew a few roses was going to be such a point of contention… yet here we are!

12. All Of The TV Performances, Appearances, etc.

Strictly Come Dancing! The Voice! Good Morning America! TRL! VMAs! Ellen! Jimmy Fallon! GOOGLE THEM ALL.

Those are just a few of the televised moments that made us squeal like the fangirls we are this year. Seriously – what a time to be alive, right? I mean, THE BACKSTREET BOYS PERFORMED ON THE ROOF OF RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL! We can’t wait to see them back on the VMA stage next year……..

13. #BSB25Project


We’ve never been more proud to be a part of the Backstreet fan-mily than we ALL came together to take out a full page color ad in Billboard Magazine to celebrate the Backstreet Boys’ 25th anniversary. Not only did we raise enough money to do so, we exceeded the goal and were able to donate $700+ to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the Backstreet Boys name. To read all of the details, click here.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone that made this happen! It’s still amazing. Several of us have mentioned it / shown it to the Boys, who have thought the same. ❤



It’s been so long since we’ve hyped the Backstreet Boys and the world has hyped them with us. In 2018, it all came back around. The world is so thrilled to see them back in the forefront of the pop world – as demonstrated by their several-dates-already-sold-out tour as well as the social media buzz they garner with every announcement and appearance.

Even the Backstreet Boys can’t believe the Backstreet Boys have a song on the radio! If you’ve followed us on Twitter at all this year, you would see that both of their singles have steadily climbed the Hot AC charts, marking the first time in more than a decade.

The world has been waiting for you, BSB….show ’em what you’re made of.

(NOTE: We know they’ve been here – don’t get crazy.)

15. Our Fan-mily.


We’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you this year – online and in person! Without each other, what a boring place the Backstreet world would be. Some fan-mily have become friends and some friends have become family… all because of Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. That part might always be our favorite – every year until the end of time.

We are so excited for everything to come in 2019! Can’t wait to share more exhilarating moments with you all in the new year and the new era. We hope you’ll join us!

It’s been a good year to be a Backstreet Boys fan. Next year will be even better.

To happy, healthy new beginnings…



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