Why We’re So Proud of The Backstreet Boys 2019 Grammy Nomination

We all woke up today with the news that the Backstreet Boys are nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance.


We could not be more surprised (let’s be real), excited and proud of what the Backstreet Boys have accomplished and that they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve from not only The Recording Academy, but from the world.

In multiple interviews from the past, when the Boys have been asked one thing that they would like to accomplish that they haven’t already, the answer has more often than not included winning a Grammy. Nominated 8 times in the past, this dream has once again become closer to a reality for the band who has not been nominated since 2002.

And we’re pretty emotional about it.

Never once have we heard Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick act bitter about things they haven’t won. They just work harder. Even when the world wasn’t listening, they continue to be great for themselves. They continue to be great for us.

In the time since their last Grammys appearance, we’ve watched the Backstreet Boys reach high highs and low lows. We’ve watched them go from five members to four and back to five. We’ve watched them receive a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, celebrate their 20th and 25th anniversaries, release a documentary that aired out the real life behind being in a boyband who has spanned across an unusual timeline, sell out tour dates, concerts, cruises and a Las Vegas residency.

This year, we’ve watched them steadily rise to the top again.

We’ve watched the world take notice.

And this Grammy nomination proves what we’ve always known – that the Backstreet Boys’ pure talent, insanely hard work and incredible humility will always take them to exactly where they need to be.

As fans, this nomination means everything. Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick have given so many of us so much throughout the years. First and foremost, we’re just happy for them to finally receive recognition from the good that they have put forth.

Moreover, the Backstreet Boys receiving a Grammy nomination in 2018 (for 2019 – 20 years after their biggest album to date with¬†Millennium) confirms everything we’ve always told everyone we know – that this is a band worth listening to. This is a band worth loving. This is a band worth traveling across the world for. This is a band that we would / have bet on. This is a band worth staying a fan of for 20+ years. This is a band of five different individuals whom we have found ourselves in. Theirs is the music we have found our peace in.

And on February 10th, just a little over two weeks after the Boys’ release¬†DNA (their 10th studio album), we will be glued to our televisions, rooting for these five serving men to finally get their Grammy win.

Win or lose, 2019 is already off to a wonderful start for the Backstreet Boys before the actual year has even started.

Win or lose, we will continue to work to make sure everyone knows that, with success after success, the Backstreet Boys aren’t going anywhere because they continue to work harder.

Win or lose, we will show up and cheer them on in every aspect of their careers.

Win or lose, the Backstreet Boys have created a legacy of music for everyone that will be passed down for generations. That’s enough for us.

Congratulations Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick! We can’t think of any band that deserves this nomination more.



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