8(ish) Of The Proudest Dad Moments Brian Littrell Has Shared About Baylee

“So proud of our boy!”

Those are the words Brian Littrell posted on Instagram along with a photo of his son Baylee’s first single, “Don’t Knock It”, already charting on iTunes a day after it’s release.

The first Backstreet baby isn’t a baby anymore and he’s following even further into his father’s footsteps, but this time – he’s flying solo! This week, Baylee Littrell not only turned 16 (!!), but also released a country song that is already causing quite a stir in the best way possible. He (along with his mom and dad) stopped by The Bert Show to premiere the tune on the radio yesterday and it’s pretty clear that his excitement, ambition and professionalism is off the charts. If you missed the interview, check out the links to the audio and video here.

To any BSB fan who’s been around a while, this direction comes as no surprise. We’ve seen Baylee onstage with Brian in some fashion since he was 3 years old – whether it be dropping in on Backstreet soundtrack, announcing the beginning of the show on the This Is Us tour, stealing Brian’s solo shows, or opening for the Boys on the In A World Like This tour. Then, of course, many caught him on Broadway in his role in Disaster a few years back.

Surrounding this venture, Baylee has been asked numerous times how his father has inspired his journey and his decision to dive into a singing career.

“My dad’s truly been the best vocal coach and teacher. Without my dad’s guidance, I don’t think I would have the ability to write as many songs as we do — we write together almost every week. My parents are incredible and I love them to death. They’re my favorite people in the world!” He recently told Entertainment Tonight when asked.


While the younger Littrell may be inspired by his dad, we can’t think of anyone who has seemed to inspire Brian more than Baylee. Since his birth in 2002, Brian has made it abundantly clear that one of his greatest jobs has been to be his son’s father and more than once has mentioned that he only wants to be his hero. We’ll pause so you can swallow that lump in your throat.

So, it was no surprise to us when Brian posted how proud he is of his son on the release of “Don’t Knock It”… because for the past 16 years, his face has always said it for him.


Check out some of the cutest onstage moments and the sweetest things Brian has said about Baylee and being his dad below! Oh, and do check out the new single – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. (See what we did there?)

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“He is singing on Broadway now. Life is good. He is following in his daddy’s footsteps. He is knowing about hard work now at 13. We are blessed.”

“Hearing your son sing Michael Jackson I was like wow. He has a gift. He has a God given gift. It doesn’t come from me or mommy. It is just an anointing that is something special.

A lot of people are like you sing with the Backstreet Boys, but it is not about me. With fatherhood it is not about the dad. It is not about the mom. It starts at home. Family is number one for us besides our faith and being together.” (My Life Of Dad, 2016)

“I am extremely proud of our son’s Broadway debut and the young man he is becoming! Not only because of how talented he truly is, but for his work ethic as well.” (Entertainment Tonight, 2016)

“Life is exactly where we want it to be. I hope that I can always be my son’s hero. It doesn’t really matter that I’m a pop star. You can call me what you want, but I just want to be my son’s hero.” (People, 2018)

“He’s singing daddy’s songs already. It’s just a joy. Fatherhood, I hope, looks good on me. I really enjoy it.” (CBS News, 2005)

“I’ve got many, many stories to share about my son being on tour with the Backstreet Boys. He would always steal my microphone and then he would come over and he would say daddy lets sing together. And I said well I can’t sing because you have my microphone. And he would say well go get Nick’s. So it was like, you know, how does a three year old justify, go get somebody else’s. I’ve got yours. So, you know God has done nothing but bless my life continually and continues to do so. And I’m very proud to be here.” (Hour of Power, 2010)

“So Baylee made the lineup tonight…. So proud of my CHAMP….” – (Brian’s Instagram, 2013)

“Fatherhood is the most challenging, but yet rewarding thing in life. You know, I tell you selling records and being an entertainer is an amazing feat, but there’s nothing more rewarding to me than being a father, being my son’s hero.” (The Early Show, 2010)

“So my son just got off stage from his play, and Mommy said he did an amazing job. I’m so proud of you Bub. I love you with all I have. Chirp.” – (Twitter, 2011)


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