15 Odd Reasons We’re Thankful For The Backstreet Boys

It’s that time of year again! While we’re thankful for all things Backstreet everyday, the holiday season really gets us thinking. We’ve been running a #ThankfulFor hashtag series on Twitter all week for each Boy (thanks to all who have participated), but we wanted to do a fun post with all of the dumb  odd but useful reasons we’re thankful for since we’ve become BSB fans!

1. We’re Thankful We Know How To Function With An Hour’s Sleep.

Whether it’s from afterparties, cruises, back to back concerts with a road trip involved or pure adrenaline, thanks to Backstreet events, we know how to party all night and go to work the next day as a fully functioning….ok, functioning-enough human being.

2. We’re Thankful We Know How To Preserve And Travel Cross Country With Weird Keepsakes.

Ask anyone who has gotten a rose from a Backstreet Boy during their Las Vegas run. Hairspray and plastic, anyone?

3. We’re Thankful We Know How To Survive In Any Weather.

We’ve been in the heat of the Vegas and island sun and we’ve been in the freezing of the NYC winters just for a chance to see the Boys in some form or fashion. We know when to keep our leg hair or when to wax it off and how many layers we will be needing to wait for the great pumpkin Backstreet Boys to appear. Because it is never on time. Now, we’re numb to the elements and can outlast any of our friends.

4. We’re Thankful We Know How To Strike A Stellar Pose in 30 Seconds.

Hug. Hug. Say words we’ll forget or make up later because we’re all talking over each other. Hug. STOP AND POSE. TURN AROUND TURN AROUND. TELL THE BOYS WHAT TO DO. Hug. Hug. BYEEEEEEE. << If you know, you know. We’re pros at speed racing through anything we have to or knowing how to milk just enough time out of the most enjoyable things in life.

5. We’re Thankful They’ve Made Us Realize Our Best Angles.

Everyone who has had a terrible selfie and an excellent selfie with a BSB knows exactly what we’re talking about. There are angles that you will never take a photo from again thanks to the terrible one.

6. We’re Thankful For Excessive Patience.

Just like we can speed race, we can also wait forever. And ever. And ever. And it’s spread over our entire lives.

7. We’re Thankful That We Learned The Importance of Voting and Savings Early On.

You can’t tell any of us that every vote doesn’t matter when just a few votes stood between the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC or Eminem being the #1 music video on TRL every afternoon in our youth. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. ALWAYS.

And we might have learned about the importance of saving money in high school, but nothing has taught us the importance of money quite like the Backstreet Boys being on tour.

8. We’re Thankful For The Weird Things We’ve Learned On Late Nights During The Cruise.

Is anyone still lost on what an “Okie Doke” is??? We also learned that it IS possible to fit 100+ people in a small pool at once.

9. We’re Thankful For Their Long Arms.

THANK GOD FOR THE BACKSTREET BOYS AND THEIR LONG ARMS. We wouldn’t be able to have touched their hands, grab their water bottles, or capture all of our friends in a selfie without them.

10. We’re Thankful We Have A Reason To Get Away.

A new Backstreet event is the very best excuse to leave our regular 9 to 5 behind for a few days and remind ourselves that it’s important to take breaks for yourself and what you love.

11. We’re Thankful For Extensive Time Zone Knowledge.

Thanks to tour, friends, and appearances in other countries, we can rattle off what time(ish) it is to any regular who asks.

12. We’re Thankful We Can Argue A Point Into The Ground.

All those years of explaining why the Backstreet Boys should have won the Grammy over Rob Thomas / Santana have served us well in adult debates. Not that we still don’t get heated about this debate specifically….

13. We’re Thankful For A Reason To Buy New Things.

Who can wear the same thing to a concert twice? There’s not a lot of us. Again, sometimes we’re so busy doing for our families, friends and jobs that we forget to treat ourselves. Some of us treat ourselves often, but STILL…it’s nice to have a reason?

14. We’re Thankful For Music We Can Pass On.

We’re passing Backstreet Boys music to friends, family, children, coworkers, etc. and we’re not afraid to do it because dammit – it’s quality work that’s for EVERYONE!

15. We’re Thankful For Every Single Person We’ve Met Because Of These Boys.

Our fan-mily – each and every one of you reading this – we are so so so thankful for you. We’re thankful for those of you who have become friends and the friends who have become family. We’re thankful for you even if you’ve only just followed us or just read this post. We’re thankful for the five men who have made sacrifices in their lives to give us this common bond and something we can all agree on.

Thank YOU for your endless kindness, your funny comments, your meaningful messages and suggestions, saying something when you see us at events, reposting our content when we aren’t and all of the wonderful things.

Endlessly and obsessively grateful for this Backstreet fan-mily and Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick. Always. ❤


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