54 Thoughts We Had Watching The Backstreet Boys “Chances” Music Video

1. How many BSB fans first saw the departure board and paused to see if there was some hidden meaning aka tour dates?

2. We LOVE that they did use the board to put the song title and who directed it. We see you, AJ!

3. Yo, this train station is CLEAN.

4. Is anyone else anxious that both of these people just missed their trains?

5. Oh a subway sing…OH HEY BRIAN!

6. This man is still staring…awkward.

7. It’s getting really creepy that Backstreet Boys are intentionally hiding on walls of a train station.

8. Even creepier that they’re asking what a girl like you is doing in a place like this.

9. While in Vegas, Nick has learned a few magic tricks — like making people appear with a head turn to line up directly with what he was going to sing next.

10. How are they suddenly IN the train? Backstreet Ghosts.

11. Any Rent fans here? Anyone else want Brian to bust out in “Santa Fe”?

12. …Or maybe start pole dancing?

13. But really, these are the BEST looking men I’ve ever seen on public transportation.

14. OH MY GOD, there they go…in two places at once again.

15. No one has ever sang more passionately in a train station than Brian Littrell.

16. Has anyone ever noticed how cute his forehead is?

17. Next hot creep on the wall – AJ McLean, everyone!

18. All of these people speeding on the sides…

19. Oh ok. Cool. He’s in two places at once too. WTF.

20. 1:20 – Brian looks like he’s rewinding himself away from the door in the background.

21. Also, someone get the girl behind AJ a brush.

22. Wait… Kevin’s getting his shoes shined?? “You guys go on and sing in and out of trains. I gotta go look swag as always.”

23. Oh wait. The man.

24. Are the Backstreet Boys stalking this couple or…?

25. The most unbelievable thing in this video? A man looking up from a text.

26. The most believable thing? A man pining after a woman and never speaking to her.

27. I’m sorry. He got up from the shoe shine to sit across from her and text. OK, this IS realistic.

28. Oh look…the Backstreet Boys are here! Surprise, surprise.

29. These close ups are everything.

30. HOWIE! Nice of you to join all of us.

31. I just….they’re all over the place! It’s like someone dropped a barrel of Backstreet Boys and they multiplied and scattered… and they don’t even know each other?

32. Kevin is absolutely a member of the Volturi in that chair. Any Twilight lovers feel me?

33. Kevin also seems to be the only one who knows how to sit in a chair.

34. Forget what I said about Brian’s passionate singing. Nick just trumped him.

35. Imagine how this couple is going to feel later when they see that Nick Carter was singing about them against a wall while they were looking at maps. Geez.

36. Did Brian just leave the train?

37. Is it even a Backstreet Boys video if Nick doesn’t point?

38. AJ has never tried harder to ignore Nick than on this train.

39. Howie looks like a tiny hot devil.

40. I really need to see how this shot on the escalator went down. Or went up. HA!

41. The close up shot of Howie makes us want to see him in a beer commercial. Don’t know why.

42. 2:10 – Brian’s back on the train and Nick is contemplating all of life’s decisions while Howie looks like he’s very disappointed to be on a train.

43. OH HEEYYYY… Kevin can sing while getting his shoes shined because he is never not getting shit done.

44. Has Kevin gotten up once this entire video? Except for that one group shot…

45. Damn, does he look wise though!

46. Did the Backstreet Boys fight over who was going to sit where?

47. Is all the sitting because we said we were done with them standing (in fields)? “Yeah, we’re not gonna dance or stand in a field…but we’ll go inside and sit for you!” Honestly, it’s fine. Beautiful.

48. WAIT. Did I move to an Ed Sheeran video?

49. Just kidding. This is better.

50. Anyone else want a Dancing With The Stars routine to this song now?

51. Imagine going to catch a train, missing your train, going to look at a map / schedule, getting your shoes shined and then finding a dance partner who knows ALL of the choreography you do? WHAT A DAY, RIGHT?

52. Did he ever ask for her name though?

53. WAIT. The end shot. Was this all a dream? I’m shook.

54. What are the chances I’m hitting play again?

In all seriousness, we LOVE this music video and this single. Bravo, boys!



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