5 Lessons We’ve Learned From Kevin Richardson

Everybody loves Kevin Richardson. Even your mom — literally. Everyone has a piece of Kevin that they love the most and those pieces make up one of the best men that we’ve ever had a chance of “knowing”.

And today just happens to be his birthday (unless you’re not reading this on October 3rd — then it’s just a regular day that we appreciate Kevin and stuff).

So, here’s a few things of the many things we’ve learned from the eldest Backstreet Boy…

1. Kevin has taught us that being chill is best.


Being a fan can be wild and being in a boyband can be even wilder, but there’s an inner peace about Kevin that spreads to anyone who will allow it. He’s the first one to tell people (in the nicest way possible) to calm down and will appreciate a good conversation. It is that chill that draws people to him and it is that down-to-earth behavior that has anyone who comes into contact with him feeling heard and appreciated.


2. We’ve learned the importance of being present.


There has never been a question that wherever Kevin is and who he is with, he is there and he is with those people. The undivided attention he gives fans in meet and greets is something all of us look forward to and have appreciated for years. His way of putting family first has inspired all of us to do the same. His honesty is everything. Read about one of our favorite Kevin experiences here.

3. It’s okay to take a break.


While we hated to see Kevin leave the Backstreet Boys (ugh, the heartbreak), he might have been the first person we knew to exercise the importance of self-care. As we’ve all gotten older, we understand why Kevin left (and thank God he came back) and have used that as inspiration in our own lives. If you’re uninspired, if you’re not feeling it, leave. We’re forever grateful for that lesson, Mr. Richardson.

4. Hard work is everything, but don’t talk life too seriously.


Anyone will tell you that Kevin is a perfectionist and likes things just right, but he’s also (usually) ALWAYS down for a good time. You can find him dancing at afterparties, cracking jokes that you never expect, and singing Bruno Mars covers on the cruise. He reminds us all to not take life too seriously — life is to be lived. As he repeated 43 times on the BSB Cruise 2018 though, “you have to pace yourself”.

5. There is such a thing as getting better with age.


If getting older means being as f**king great as Kevin Scott Richardson, SIGN. US. UP. He just keeps getting better and we honestly look forward to so much more. ANY time with Kevin is a good time.

Thanks for being you, Kevin. We hope that you have the birthday you deserve — a really great one!


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