5 Kind Things We Have To Say About Nick Carter

Every now and then, we like to put a series of posts together that highlight different things about each of the Backstreet Boys. There can never be too much love, right?

This time, we wanted to share posts with kind words for each Boy because sometimes we all need a reminder about how good these five are, not only together, but individually. Not everything that lives on the internet is positive, but it’s always been our aim to add a little to the “good side” and we encourage you to share your own kind words in the comments!

A few weeks ago, we started with Brian and we LOVED all the comments and stories that you guys had to share after we posted. Now, let’s move on to the one and only — Nick Carter.

1. He’s an INCREDIBLY hard worker.


You can’t talk about Nick without talking about how INSANELY hard he works. From 2014 to 2017 alone, he was touring with BSB, touring with Jordan Knight, working on, releasing and touring for a solo album, writing, producing and acting in his own movie (and skyping with fans who donated to help fund it), competing on Dancing With The Stars, acting as architect on Boyband, promoting and kicking off the BSB Vegas run, working to record the Backstreet Boys upcoming album, and a WHOLE lot of little things in between.

Oh, and did we mention that in the middle of all of that, he became a husband and a father?

2. He listens to and cares about fans and their opinions.


Nick Carter has always looked for ways to involve fans far before social media was prevalent. Once Twitter took off though, he has regularly checked in to ask for fan opinions on this or that, connected with people all over the world, and used anything he can to keep fans updated – from previews of what he’s working on on Instagram to blogs on his fanclub.

3. He’s become the family man we always knew he could be.


For years, Nick insisted he wouldn’t settle down, but in 2014, he got married and in 2016, he became a dad. Let us tell you, there is NOTHING sweeter than the family man he has become. Sure, we love onstage Nick and VIP Nick and actor Nick, etc. but for the first time in forever, we love seeing him at home as well. Why? Because he’s so happy and healthy and being a husband and dad is something he genuinely enjoys.

And it’s made his work better. Nick commented in a recent Q&A on his website that “everything he does now, is for [Odin], including making music” because he wants to make things that he’s proud of. AW!

4. He’s passionate about everything he feels strongly about. 


One thing Nick doesn’t lack is passion. From the stage to everyday life, there is no question that he loves what he loves, will sing the hell out of any lyric, and will fight for what and who he believes in. I mean, have you seen him when the Bucs are playing? We love that zest!

It’s also worth mentioning that one of his big passions is promoting a healthy lifestyle and he has not been shy about sharing all of the changes he’s made personally for the betterment of himself for his family. Inspiring.

5. He makes everyone feel like family. 


Anyone that has been a Nick VIP event will tell you that he makes everyone feel appreciated. Anyone that has had a problem with a BSB situation knows that Nick is the Backstreet Boy to reach out to to have something handled. For so long, fans were his family and he is constantly giving back to us, reaching out, and doing what he can to make every experience a good one. There aren’t many people that have met Nick that would tell you differently. He’s basically like Olive Garden – never ending and you know, “when you’re here, you’re family”. We’re so lucky that he’s one of “ours”.



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