Have Something Nice To Say About The Backstreet Boys, Their Team, Or Other Fans? We Wanna Hear From You!

Sometimes life is hard.

Especially on the internet.

So, we wanted to create an ongoing post for nice things only and when we asked you guys via Twitter poll, you all agreed!

We’re asking you to send it kind words / words of encouragement for other fans, the Boys, their team, the wives, etc. anonymously and we will post them in a separate post once we get enough. We will keep this post open for submissions and keep updating the kindness post.

We only ask that you share it and spread the kindness and when YOU need some kind words or encouragement, find it your fellow fan-mily member’s words. As for the kind words for the Boys and co., it is our strong belief that putting nice things on paper just feels good, so here’s your outlet (and you never know who’s reading).

Have something to say? Do it below! ((Click the dropdown menu for options))


6 thoughts on “Have Something Nice To Say About The Backstreet Boys, Their Team, Or Other Fans? We Wanna Hear From You!

  1. when I had gotten home after trip to Vegas realized I had forgotten to tell Brian my name anyways I sent him a Dm explaining how it was my 1st vip and I was so nervous!!! Told him I was the one who gave him the shirt, plus if was possible if he could take a selfie with the shirt on sent it !! Was sure he’d mostly likely won’t read the Dm let alone answer then one day saw I had tons of notifications on FB went to check omg couldn’t believe my eyes there was Brian wearing my shirt it’s nice to see how Brian took the time to read my Dm and take a photo of himself with my shirt on it made me so happy


  2. I want to thank the boys for all they do for the fans and for all the joy and love I want to thank them for being in our lives I want to thank them for being five of my favorite people they are like brothers to me boys I love you so much


  3. I’d like to thank the guys for being always so present with us. They keep giving us amazing music and making us so happy. They never stop to amaze us, they are special, kind hearted and always ready to give back. They’ve always been there when I was needing it the most. This’s a blessing.


  4. I just want the guys to know how much they mean to me. If I’m sad or anything else all I have to do is look at them and their beautiful smiles and I feel better. I love them with all my heart and soul. I don’t know where I’d be without them and their music. Their music has helped me through the rough times in my life and for that I cant thank them enough. I love you guys. Keep being you and never change. I love you with all my heart and soul.


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