5 Things We’ve Learned From Howie D.

A new year of Backstreet Boys birthdays is upon us! (We always start with Howie — don’t know why)

We always talk about what we’ve learned from the Backstreet Boys as a group, but individually, we’ve learned from them too. For Howie’s birthday, we’re sharing a few things we’ve learned from the Sweet D. himself!

1. You can be sweet and still be the life of the party!


For as long as we can remember, Howie’s most accurate nickname has been Sweet D. and he’s certainly lived up to it. He’s kind, he’s thoughtful….but he’s also arguably the most party-ready Backstreet Boy! Anyone who has been on a cruise or at an afterparty that Howie doesn’t go down until the sun comes up and there’s only the best times to be had.

2. You don’t have to be the loudest to make an impact.


Mr. Dorough has never been one to take a front and center approach in the Backstreet Boys, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love him. Quite the opposite. Because Howie is usually quieter, when he does say something, it’s either well thought out or unexpectedly funny. It’s a wit we’d love to perfect.

3. Spanish… Kind of. 


He may be the Latin Backstreet Boy, but his Spanish skills are muy pequeno…. but he proudly owns it! We’ve picked up a few Spanish words from Howie, but what we love most is that he never pretends to know something he doesn’t. Spanish? Meh. Your name? Maybe. BUT WE LOVE HIS HONESTY.

4. It’s possible to be famous and still be low-key.


We’ve summed that up here.

5. You should maybe let someone else take your Howie selfie.


After the last BSB Cruise, we’ve discovered that Howie *might* not be the best at taking selfies, but he’s made some incredible memories that we will always be grateful for. We’ve learn though, that if you want a unblurry selfie with both of your faces, maybe hand the phone to someone else. (We say that with love and humor — check these out)

In all seriousness, we’ve learned a lot from Howie and we love him more and more everyday. He’s a great husband, father, real estate investor, singer, entertainer and Backstreet Boy.

Happy Birthday, Howie D!

Thanks for sharing your life with us.



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