The Basics: So You’re Going To See The Backstreet Boys In Las Vegas…

Are we the only ones who feel like the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood JUST kicked off? Time is flying — even Backstreet time.

A year and a half  (two years if you’re reading this during the final month of concerts), thousands of fans from hundreds of countries and a venue name change (hello Zappos) later, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian, and Nick have brought the absolute fire to the Vegas strip. In fact, they were named the quickest selling Vegas residency, became one of the first groups with a need for the balcony to open up in the theater, and won spots in 2017 and 2018 Best of Vegas ‘Best Bachelorette Party’, ‘Best New Act’ and ‘Best Resident Performer’ categories!

Alright, you’re probably here because you have questions. Don’t we all? We’re trying our best to keep you updated on everything you might ask in regards to BSBVegas so it’s the best experience possible!

If we don’t answer your question here, please feel free to shoot an email or reach out via social media. We won’t bite.

— The Very Basics —


CLICK HERE to see Backstreet Boys Vegas concert dates and purchase tickets.

To purchase VIP Meet and Greet (the ONLY way to legitimately meet the Backstreet Boys without potentially scaring them away in Las Vegas):

CLICK HERE > Find A Date > Click ‘VIP TICKETS’ > Purchase.

Yes, it is $500.

Yes, shipping is added because the poster is shipped after. There is no way around it. 

Yes, you DO have to have a concert ticket in addition to the VIP upgrade.

No, you can not get a better deal by purchasing a meet and greet through any kind of Vegas “insider”. Don’t set yourself up for major disappoint or theft! If you have questions, click here.

Looking for OFFICIAL Backstreet Boys Afterparty dates and details? When they are announced for each set of dates (1-2 weeks before the shows), they will be listed for purchase HERE.

It’s very useful to join the Backstreet Boys fan club at this point. Not only for the presales, but also for the contests and giveaways that are usually run and exclusive to FC members. You can also book travel and hotels through the FC at a discounted rate.

 — VIP Meet And Greet: Things To Know —


  • You will receive an email 24-48 hours prior to your event telling you when and where to be. Have your ID and confirmation email handy. If you do not receive an email or you’re waiting to buy VIP at the door (a risk), click here for daily VIP check in times.
  • When you check in, you will receive a letter. This will signify which photo group you will be told to line up in so that you can enjoy the VIP lounge instead of waiting in line to meet the Boys the whole time.
  • Once you are inside the venue, you will head up the stairs to the VIP lounge where you can redeem your drink vouchers, take pics with your friends in the photo booth, play games, eat snacks, and hang out!
  • Please do not take or deface anything in the VIP lounge. We know things are cute and we know that it’s tempting (especially a few drinks in), but it’s not fair to those who purchased these items or the fans that will be in VIP after you. Play nice!
  • Actual meet and greet with the Backstreet Boys lasts maybe 5 minutes but trust us, it’s enough. If you have something to say, say it. No one is going to stop you. Do have a clear plan for what you want to say or a pose if you have a specific one you want. The Boys are really good sports (within reason, of course).
  • No gifts. No props. No autographs. No selfies. You will be asked to set your bags on a table right before you enter to meet the guys.  Think of it this way – this maximizes your social time with the Boys and minimizes your wait in line.
  • VIP goers are let in with Beat The Line if you have General Admission concert tickets, but this varies. Sometimes, the BTL folks are let in first. We’re just being honest.
  • VIP M&G photos are generally posted 24-72 hours after your event here.
  • Read our past posts for more details:

— The Show —


We don’t know of any really specific questions that have been asked repeatedly that we didn’t already answer, so here’s a few highlights.

  • The Boys are really all over the place onstage and we suspect that the setlist might be changed up a little to add “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, which might also change things. The point is that it doesn’t matter which side of the venue / pit you’re on — you’re going to see each of them at some point.
  • Beat The Line General Admission Tickets aren’t always worth it. We know plenty of people that were right beside people who purchased BTL (and the BTL people paid $100+ more for their ticket). Weigh your options.
  • It’s a personal choice, but we don’t think waiting for hours in line for GA is necessary unless you will not accept anything other than right up against the barricade.
  • AJ picks someone from the audience to come up during “Shape of My Heart”. Sometimes it’s random, sometimes it’s someone they know, and sometimes it’s a celebrity. There’s no trick to it – just luck!
  • For “All I Have To Give”, the Boys are in the audience in front of the 200s section. Here is where they are:
    Nick: 205
    Brian: 202
    Kevin: 203 – 204
    Aj: 206
    Howie: 207 – 208
  • Check out these posts for more show answers:

— The Afterparty —


  • These parties are not a guarantee and vary from date to date, but when they do happen, they are only on Friday and / or Saturdays.
  • They are usually announced 1-2 weeks prior to the first show and take place at Chateau (the rooftop nightclub of the Paris hotel next to Planet Hollywood)
  • It is NOT necessary that you leave the concert early to get to the afterparty. Believe us, you’re going to get there before the Backstreet Boys.
  • The venue is open-air. Dress appropriately.
  • Tables purchased through the club are NOT the same as VIP tables purchased through They will not get you closer to the Boys and you are not getting a “better deal”.
  • If you are only going to the afterparty to (potentially but most likely) get selfies with the attending BSB and hang, the Ultimate VIP experience is the way to go. It is sectioned off for the Boys, their crew and fans who purchase spots. If you are okay with taking your chances, General Admission is for you.
  • General Admission is hit or miss on interaction with the Boys. Some people have had great luck and some haven’t, but everyone has generally had fun!
  • VERY, VERY rarely are all five Backstreet Boys at the afterparties. It is usually a mix of Nick, Howie, and Kevin. But it’s 100% always a good time!
  • See the above linked posts for more info about the afterparties (especially the AP vs VIP if you’re weighing your options).

Still have questions or suggestions about what you think needs to be added to this post? Let us know!




6 thoughts on “The Basics: So You’re Going To See The Backstreet Boys In Las Vegas…

  1. Can you tell me which site I can find the photo I took in the front of stairs (before the show started)? I lost the card they gave me, I already looked in several sites and I can not find it.


  2. When do the doors open? And what time does the concert usually end? (Pregnant woman here… I need to plan my beauty sleep.) Late is fine. I just want to know ahead of time.

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