10 Things Most Every Backstreet Boys Fan Has Been Through

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of “Am I the only one that…” and “I feel so embarrassed but..” from fans thinking they’re alone in a certain situation and then feeling relief when hundreds of fans respond with, essentially, “SAME!”.

That is where this post came from. Messages we’ve received and posts we’ve seen all asking the same sort of questions. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if you have ever thought any of the following, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

1. Feeling Like You’ve Made A Fool Of Yourself During A Meet And Greet.


That time you forgot your name when you met a Backstreet Boy?

The time you opened your mouth but only weird sounds came out?

The time you stepped on Brian’s foot?

It’s happened to the best of us. In fact, most of you reading this probably immediately had a moment in your mind when you read it. Just remember that every one of the Backstreet Boys has made a fool of themselves in front of us too at some point. Somehow that makes things a little more even.

2. Forgetting Everything You’re Going To Say In Front Of A Backstreet Boy.


Similar to #1, we’ve all done it. You’ve bought the meet and greet, you’ve planned exactly what you’re going to say for months, you’ve bought the perfect outfit and your make up is just right….

….And thank God you look good because as soon as they’re in front of you, all you can think about is nothing.

3. Crying.


It’s uncontrollable and you probably won’t even know why you’re doing it. Maybe it’s all of the wild emotions. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep since you traveled 12 hours for just one more show. Maybe you thought about that one thing that Nick said to Brian 5 years ago that you thought was so sweet. Maybe you squeezed yourself in a dress that was too tight or maybe you’re just overwhelmed. Whatever it is – you aren’t the only one that has cried in your fan life!

4. Going Back To 10 Years Old When A Backstreet Boy Says Your Name.


You’re chill for a selfie. You’re chill for an instagram like. You’re chill for everything regarding the Backstreet Boys…but one of them says (or types) our name and we’re all done for!

5. Feeling Like You Can’t Breathe When The Lights Go Down At A Concert.


There is NOTHING like those first few seconds after the lights go down at a Backstreet Boys concert. You could be mid-convo then – you better have breath mints – because you and your friend are screaming into each other’s faces like animals. It’s unexplainable but it’s the BEST feeling. Totally worth not breathing.

6. Still Screaming For Your Favorite As If You’ve Lost Control.


After all these years….No one will make you scream like your choice Backstreet Boy. No one.

7. Refreshing Like A Lunatic Waiting For Your Meet And Greet Photo.


We’ve all done it. There’s only a few hours between your VIP meet and greet and the next day that you allow Justin to upload photos before your tweeting / posting / refreshing like a psycho (but also terrified that you blinked, so maybe you don’t want to see it?)

8. Working Some Things In Your Life AROUND A Backstreet Boys Event.


Can’t get married during tour season and can’t get pregnant where it might interfere with the next cruise. Oh, and we definitely have to add up vacation hours to make sure we have enough for any potential pop up event!

9. Having Several Time Zones On Your Phone Because You Have Friends Worldwide.


The Backstreet Boys worldwide fame + social media has allowed us to be friends with SO MANY people across the land and we need to know what time it is where they are! The best part? There’s always SOMEONE that’s awake to analyze a video you found at 3am.

10. Getting Just As Defensive About Them As You Did In The 90s.



The Boys are like family members – we can talk about them, but NO. ONE. ELSE. BETTER. SPEAK. We’re not naive to think they can do no wrong, but we’re sure not going to tell anyone else about it! They’re legends and they deserve to be treated as such… right?



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