65 Of The Sweetest Instagram Moments Since Nick Carter Has Become A Dad

We thought we had seen every side of Nick Carter: the singer, the actor, the creator, the writer, the artist, the husband…

Then he became a dad and boy, does fatherhood suit him more than we ever imagined!

Since the birth of Odin Reign Carter in 2016, Nick has become quite the family man and he, along with Lauren, have shared some of the sweetest parenting moments via social media. For the past two years, some of our favorite Instagram posts have been the ones showcasing Nick and his “little buddy”.

Since we’ve done a post for every other Backstreet Boy and their children, we thought it was time to jump on this one! Since we’re less than a month away from Odin’s 2nd birthday, there’s no better time than the present. Enjoy a look back on the SWEETEST Instagram moments from the Carter family as we look forward to many more to come! [Also, we can’t believe how time has flown!!]



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