The Backstreet Boys Cruise: All The Advice We Have To Give

We are so close to the 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise that we can smell the sea air! The themes have been announced, some outfits have been purchased and honestly, Kristie and I have already started packing our bags.

As always, there are first timers and there are many timers. There are people from near and far, people that cruise on the regular and people that are terrified to step foot on this boat. In any case, there’s always questions.

For that reason, we asked past cruisers, “What is something that you wished you had known before you went on the Backstreet Boys cruise?”

We’ll try to update this post continuously and categorize the advice. We also invite you to ask questions via email or Twitter if you want! We will do our best to get the answer for you.

IF YOU HAVE ADVICE, you can keep sending it our way via THIS POST.

We also have our BSB Cruise page for more helpful posts.

Packing And Pre-Cruise Advice

“Pack comfortable shoes. You’ll be standing and walking a lot on the boat. Lots of waiting.” – Tracy

“Make sure you have all necessary documents in order to board the ship printed out before you go to the cruise terminal such as Carnival’s luggage tags.” – Tracy

“Also, I’d had to not forget that the cruise, though amazing, is already stressful, try to make it as stress free as you can. I don’t think flying in the day we set sail is a good idea. Imagine if your flight is delayed for any kind of reasons. Or what if you get stuck in traffic on your way to the port! It might cost you a little more to arrive the day before, but your nerves will be forever grateful to avoid that kind of stress!” – Kath

“Bring a multiple-outlet power strip with you for the cabin! You won’t regret that advice, I swear!” – Chrissy

“Perhaps a unique note, but since I wanted to look good and fresh in photos, I had my hair redyed a few days before heading to Miami. On the cruise, standing out on deck in the direct sun for hours, I didn’t realize too late that my red hair color was literally melting onto my shirt and staining me. TL;DR book that hair appointment at LEAST a week plus before the cruise.” – Kate

General On Board Tips

“Make sure your phone is charged when you leave your cabin each morning.
Put it in airplane mode if you don’t have a internet package. You can have a lot of charges if you keep your data on, you’ll be roaming.” – Tracy

“SLEEP BEFORE THE CRUISE! because you are not sleeping on it. The theme night parties start late and the Boys *cough*Howie*cough* sometimes don’t go to bed until like 4am. Feel free to power nap when you know the Boys are doing something else (ie gameshow or concert for the other group) so you know you aren’t missing out on anything. Also BSB TV is awesome.” – Cinzia

“I would have liked to have known about the amount of standing required each day and waiting. To plan shoes appropriately.” – Amanda

“It’s amazing when you have a chance to take a picture with one of the guys. But the cruise is so much more than taking pics and staying in a front line. Have fun! Alone, with your friends, with new friends. The best memories are the ones that you don’t even remember that a camera exists.” – T (We 100% agree with this one)

“I won’t be the one preaching to people not to take selfies or pictures so serious because I get why people want them. But PLEASE – if the boy of your choice took a picture with you – move along and give others a chance as well. Don’t push them away (it happened), pull their hair (that happened as well) or just stand there while pretending you just don’t hear them… If everyone treats others like they want to be treated as well we wouldn’t have a problem!

Don’t destroy the moment a fellow fan has with one of the boys. Which means: If you see another fan talking to one of the boys don’t interrupt or yell at them. We’re all there to have fun. Jealousy is understandable but doesn’t excuse everything…” – Chrissy

” If you’re like me and live in a constant state of FOMO, you will not sleep. at. all. When I went, I got maybe 10 hours total over the entire trip. Worth it? 100%. Just be ready for it lol.” – Kate

“No matter how tired you are, don’t take naps on down time. That seemed to be the times the Boys were out and about around the ship. I also wish i had known about “land sickness” when I got home. My world rocked for a week after I got home. I have heard that taking seasick medicine on the cruise, even if you don’t need it, helps for afterward.” – Debbie

“My advice is.. enjoy! Enjoy your friends, enjoy just being there and enjoy that EVERYONE on that boat is a backstreet boys fan.. how cool is that?!
Dont only focus yourself on the boys.. but focus on all the partying and the love all around.. do the cruise with a smile, everyone is there to make the best memories just like you! (And the booze.. a drink package is the bomb!!)” – Elise

Cruise Details (Food, Money, Etc.)

“For my first cruise, I thought I’d bring some cash with me and pay all I wanted on the boat with it. Little did I know, cruises don’t work like that. You won’t pay with actual cash on the boat, you’ll pay with you sail and sign card, which is also your cabin key. Before boarding, you’ll deposit your cash to the counter, making your sail and sign card like a pre paid credit card. You can decide to put a certain amount on it and if you spend more than you thought, you have to go put some more cash on it. All in all, I thought (from my very personal perspective) that it comes much more complicated than just commute your credit card to your sail and sign card. It saves you the trouble of going back every now and then to put more money to spend and gives you more time to actually enjoy your vacation and the boat itself. We’re 3 months away from sailing which gives you enough time to order a credit card to bring along for the cruise.” – Kath

If you’re in Group A,  you’re early dining.
If you’re in Group B, you’re late dining
If you’re not sure what you are look on your reservation
Each group has events in the theater, dinner, and photos together.
If you want to eat table service dinner in the dining room, you show up at your assigned time to your assigned dining room with whatever friends you want to eat with (if those friends are in your dining group) and you eat with your party .
If you want buffet dinner, you can just head on up to the buffet and serve yourself.
Buffet and dining room are also usually open for breakfast. Buffet is open for lunch.
In Grand Turk , you can eat lunch on the ship or venture down the beach to find somewhere to eat . There is also Margaritaville right in the port.
Between lunch and dinner, and also after dinner hours, there are limited food options around the boat, so we recommend that you bring snacks on board (or buy them in the gift shop).

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