8 Things Backstreet Boys Fans Are Doing In 2018

The year is 2018, but the way the Backstreet Boys are going, it may as well be 1999! There’s shows overseas, Vegas shows, new music being promised, and BSB everywhere. With all the things that are wrong in the world right now, this one is soooo right.

So, what are fans doing to prep for such a momentous year? We’ll tell you.

1. Planning Our Lives Around What The Backstreet Boys May Or May Not Do.


We only have so much vacation / “sick” time / time we can ditch the kids / husbands (or not, for those of you who are crafty) and we have to plan it well. Most fans have a chart in their head of if / then with the Boys from Backstreet. What does that mean exactly?

It means that we fill our brains / calendars with one or two things that are announced that we might do if nothing else that isn’t announced yet pans out. Non-fans, if you’re reading this, yes…we all think we know everything that isn’t announced yet and we prepare as such. We’ve been conditioned to expect the kind-of-expected-but-WOW-what-a-surprise at all times.

2. Telling EVERYONE About Their 25th Anniversary.


DID YOU KNOW THE BACKSTREET BOYS FORMED IN 1993 AND ARE CELEBRATING THEIR 25TH ANNIVERSARY TOGETHER IN APRIL? If you don’t, you will now. We are so excited to hit this milestone – probably more than the Backstreet Boys themselves, honestly. We also can’t wait for everyone to see the final #BSB25Project outcome. This project marks the first time the fans have really come through in a huge way and it will be so worth it.

3. To Vegas or Not To Vegas?


Like, we’ve already gone… butttt… we should totally go back, right? They’re going to be there in July, August, October and November and it would be absolutely rude to leave them hanging! Oh, and there is the tease about the new single being added to the setlist – *cough*Kevin*cough* – and the fact that AJ said he might start going further into the audience to pick the girl they serenade during “Shape Of My Heart”…

If you need us, we’ll be looking at dates. Just for reasons mentioned in #1.

4. Getting On That Boat!


At the time we’re writing this, the BSB cruise is less than 10 weeks away and we can not handle it. The themes have been announced, flights and hotels are being booked and we have a good feeling about this sea vacation! 5 days at sea with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick? Oh yeah. We’ll take it. You can keep up with all of our cruise themed posts here.

Are you going? We’ll see you there!

5. Dying To Get Our Hands (And Ears) On New Music!!


We’ve been waiting…

And waiting…

And waiting…

And really, we’re used to Backstreet time, but now that we’ve heard a snip of the new single, we’re salivating. The wait won’t be long now though. We….can…make…it. Maybe.

6. As Always, Constantly Repeating That THIS IS NOT A REUNION.


OH MY GOD THEY NEVER BROKE UP. Honestly, the Backstreet Boys should be selling a shirt that says that. We’d wear it everywhere.

7. …Nor Is It A Comeback.


See #2. See any fan for clarification.

8. Constantly Checking Our Bank Accounts. 


We have to admit, a year with the Backstreet Boys doing all the things is a year for us to do all the things that will make money. We’re selling things left and right, picking up extra hours, or letting go of the money we saved up knowing this year was coming. We’re not complaining though. You can’t put a price on the happiness BSB has brought us.

Well, you can… but that’s irrelevant. You know what we mean.

We are beyond excited for everything this year has to bring for the Boys and for ourselves. Like, Jesse Spano on caffeine pills excited. We’re ready for new music, new trips, new memories and really, we’d wait forever if we had to.




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