Happy Birthday, Brian Littrell! Watch Some Of Our Favorite Moments

He’s on the floor, interacting with fans in the audience. He’s doing handstands and jumping off of stairs. He’s been the first one to welcome us with open arms in the Vegas VIP meet and greets.

Today, Brian Littrell turns 43 years old (?!) and we’re here to celebrate him!

In order to share some Brian goodness, we asked you to share your favorite videos and GIFs of Brian over the years. Enjoy them all below!

“I love this video of Brian. It shows not only his great sense of humor but his immense love and pride for his son and his strong faith in God! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!” – Shannon Link

“It captures Brian taking a selfie with me mid-concert last June. It was the best “Brian Moment” of my LIFE!” – Kimberly Hoyt

“Hearing Brian’s beautiful singing and the way he dances. There is so many more reasons I love.” – Mel Livingstone

“Brian Littrell is one of the reasons I can get out of bed in the morning and put a smile on my face, and go through each day. When my father was killed in 2012, I was devastated beyond comprehension, I was lost to the world and I even lost faith in God. But a couple years ago, that all changed. I have always been a fan of the Backstreet Boys, since 1998 to be exact, but I never really dove into their personal lives… except for AJ and Nick because their stories were of struggle too much like mine, but inspirational how they overcame their obstacles. Brian had never been much of a focus for me- of course I loved him as a singer- but that’s as far as it got. Then one day I clicked on a video of Brian, where he was doing a performance of “Welcome Home (You)” and I just sat there- sobbing. memories of the year 2006 came back- when I first heard the song on the Christian radio station at a mission in Grand Rapids. I knew he did a Christian album, I loved that he did it and I had purchased it in 2006. However, I put it away… for some reason, that song spoke to me … like I was the prodigal daughter returning home to God. So, I clicked more videos of Brian and him performing his Christian album songs. “You Keep Givin’ Me”.. “Angels and Heroes” … those two songs did me in. I prayed for the first time in a long time.. Through his faith, his work, and his constant silliness to make us smile, Brian helped me heal. I kept watching Brian, I saw how hard he worked and how much he loves God, and how much faith he has… and he hasn’t had an easy life by no means. Open heart surgery, having a child who went through heart problems of his own, not even supposed to live when he was a kid.. swine flu, nearly losing his voice completely.. he has kept fighting and he never gives up- if ever there was a person on this earth to admire and aspire to be like- it is Brian. He may not think he’s all that amazing- but what he does for me and so many others is completely amazing. We wouldn’t be who we are if it weren’t for you Brian. Happy 43rd birthday to my favorite Backstreet Boy.” – Jennifer Varnum

“Brian is an amazing singer and its great to see how his voice is getting better! Happy Birthday B-Rok!!” – Priscila


“These are my favorite bc they represent my favorite things about Brian. The loyal family man that he is, the proud faithful Christian that he is, how he shows through interaction how much the fans mean to him, and his incredibly inspiring comeback from his vocal issues and he sounds better than ever. Brian has inspired and touched/changed/saved my life in so many ways through his music and just being him. I heard him say once he was going to go into music ministry and he wanted to change lives through music then his path changed. Brian your direct path may have changed but you are still achieving your ultimate goal of changing peoples lives and im a testiment to that. Thank you is not enough but with all my heart and love Thank you Brian and Happy Birthday.” – Traci Renn


“Brian can make any dance move, no matter how silly, look good. Some things never change.” – Kyleigh

“I wasn’t present but his interpretation touched me a lot because his voice are such as he likes to find it, and this song is simply splendid. One of my favorite moment of him (with his funny moments).” – Catherine Federbe

“Brian’s smile can light up the room and cause any fan to smile and laugh along with him. He is always full of energy and it radiates into the crowd. Happy 43rd Birthday Brian!” – Melissa

“It was hard to choose between all Brian’s funny moments and all Brian’s sweet moments, but I just love this video of him imitation the other boys. It brings out his sense of humour sooooo much which is so contagious. His smile can light up a whole stadium 🙂 Happy birthday Brian!!” – Anne

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“Happy Birthday Brian! Hope it’s filled with lots a love and smiles. May you be blessed immensely on your special day as you have blessed us! Hope I’m not too late. It was my first time seeing Backstreet Boys in concert. During As Long As You Love Me, Brian pointed and waved directly at me. At the time, I don’t think he knew/recognized me as a fan he follows on Instagram. He also saw me making a heart with my hands and mimicked me during Shape Of My Heart. It was two small moments but it meant more than he knew.” – Becca XO

“Brian is always a sweetheart but he REALLY made my day when they sang in Stockholm and he at 2:10 takes my camera and spins it around on stage, and then at 3:14 takes up my Swedish flag on stage to then return it to me. SO AWESOME!” – Maria Flygare

“Obviously, these 2 GIFs are shots of our dearest Brian from the Show ‘Em What You’re Made of video. I have to say these are some of my top favorites simply because to me, Brian’s parts on that video show nothing but honesty, transparency, and just bravery of him being open and really showing us what he’s made of. We’ve always known him to be an energetic firecrackin’ goofball, but in that video he showed us his battle scar from one of his life’s trying times and I think it’s amazing for us fans that Brian’s sharing these special things with us. Just one of so many reasons to love Brian Thomas Littrell.

Happy birthday, ‘Rok. We love you so very much.” – Janica Catabay

We wish you the happiest birthday, Brian! You’re one in a million and we’re so blessed that we’ve gotten at least the past 25 years with you. ❤



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