3 Of The Sweetest Things You Might Have Missed From #BSBVegas This Weekend

Since the beginning of the Backstreet Boys’ Vegas run (almost a year ago – wow!), we have all learned that anything could happen. Anyone could be in the audience, anyone could be serenaded during “Shape Of My Heart”and every show has memories waiting to be created.

This weekend was no exception. It wasn’t any celebrity in the audience that stole the show, but Backstreet family members that have given the Backstreet Boys life, in a literal and metaphorical sense.

We dare you to get through this post without getting a little misty eyed.

Odin’s First Backstreet Boys Concert

On Friday, after the Boys posted videos and photos of their visit to Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada, we thought our hearts couldn’t get any warmer.

Then, mid show that night, Nick brought Odin onstage and we collectively lost it (as Nick nearly did as well).

We never knew how much we would love Nick Carter as a dad. He’s the youngest of the Backstreet Boys, was our last chance at marrying a Backstreet Boy, and the one who always seemed to shy away from questions about children in interviews previous to marriage.

And then there was Odin.

From the moment Nick and Lauren announced they were expecting, we were all so emotional about the smallest Carter. Nearly two years later, we have loved seeing him grow up and Nick along with him. We’ve loved Nick as a Backstreet, as a solo artist, as an actor, and as a husband… but dad may be our favorite.

So when he took Odin from Lauren’s arms and brought him onstage on Friday night, our hearts swelled a little more as we flashed back to the 13 year old he was in 1993, just trying to make a name for himself with the Backstreet Boys, and forward to the present, with his son. It’s been a long journey for Nick Carter and we’ll never tire of seeing the glow about him when he’s with his family.

The Perfect Fan

And now for something a little opposite.

Since the Backstreet Boys started bringing people onstage for “Shape Of My Heart”, everyone not in Vegas is glued to insta-stories at night or online the next morning wondering who the lucky person was. Sometimes it’s a fan, sometimes it’s a celebrity….

….And sometimes it’s someone we “know”. In the past year, some of our favorite times have included Ava McLean and Kristin Richardson.

Last night, Jackie Littrell (aka Brian’s mom) was added to that list. And again, it was a heart explosion of sorts.

Mrs. Littrell is arguably one of the first Backstreet moms we were aware of at a young age because she was the inspiration behind “The Perfect Fan” on the Millennium album and any chance Brian got to talk about how much he loves his momma, he took it (and still does to this day).

We also got emotional watching Brian lean into his mom while he sang a song he sings every night — because last night it was different. There he was, a 40+ year old man, living out his dreams of being a husband and a father with a wildly successful career and a blessed life, next to his mom, who wasn’t sure that he’d live past childhood due to a congenital heart condition. There she was, like all of our moms, shy to be onstage, with her shoes off (HOW RELATABLE), with her son that she took care of for so many years, her baby, and his friends and her nephew that she watched grow up.

And the group hug at the end? Well, we can not even.

The Richardsons


As if that wasn’t enough, here are Kevin and Kristin Richardson just being themselves, with Kevin stopping mid – More Than That to lay this kiss on his wife, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

We have nothing more to say here that we haven’t said already. Who isn’t obsessed with them?

What could happen next? You’ll have to be at a show to see!


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