10 Things We Learned During The Backstreet Boys’ Facebook Live Chat

We know we’re a little behind, but THERE’S SO MUCH BACKSTREET STUFF THAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK! For immediate updates, we hope that you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Being that we have ALL been busy, we know that there are some of you that have yet to watch the Backstreet Boys’ Facebook Live Chat from this past week. It’s been a bit since we’ve seen Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick is an interview that was more than 2 minutes long. Even better was the fact that fans were asking the questions and the Boys were off on their usual tangents.

So, what were some of the most important different things we learned?

1. The new single is coming soon.

But it might be days, weeks, months, years…

And they can’t tell us the title. Yet.

(Psst, word on the (back)street is that it’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, according to BSB CIA. The song has also already been played for iHeartRadio and if you were watching the Twitter Q&A, you might have heard a half second of it. Hint, hint.)

2. Most of the Boys didn’t know AJ’s hair is fake.

Just watch the video for the reactions.

3. Kevin love(d) performing “Darlin'” in Vegas.

GLAD TO KNOW WE WEREN’T THE ONLY ONES. We have a bone to pick with Nick, Howie and AJ about this one.

4. You can’t have ferrets as pets in some states and Nick would be scared to own a big cat.

When asked what weird animal they’d like to own, Nick, a new Vegas resident, let everyone know that the rules are different in their current city and that he might like to own a spider monkey, but not a big cat ….because they might turn on you.

Oh, and ferrets are illegal to own in some states.

And AJ wants a llama?

5. The best thing about Vegas for Howie MIGHT be the sleep he’s getting.

No one ever looked more excited about sleep than Howie when asked how much sleep the Boys are getting while in Las Vegas. He is enjoying that kid-free life, guys! But we also know that Howie’s the last to leave the party so it is very well deserved rest.

6. They still do the same preshow chant they did before the televised concert in 1998.

“It’s timmmeee for me to go to work y’all! What kind of work? Hard work…HUH!”

There’s not one of us who heard this and didn’t immediately flashback to the Coming Home concert filmed in Orlando years back. Our little hearts love hearing it. Some things never change.

What else do they do before the show? Kevin drinks Don Julio and Howie wears Spanx. Or unitards. Or something.

7. Brian is dead set on being played by Mark Wahlberg.

If there is ever a movie where the Backstreet Boys were to be played by other people, Brian has been very consistent about his pick being Mark Wahlberg and we can’t say that we blame him. We totally see the resemblance.

8. The Backstreet Boys answered their fan mail.

It did NOT go in a dumpster, Tiger Beat. Thank you very much!

9. Don’t count on “If You Want It To Be Good Girl” being added to the Vegas show.

“I know they love that song. It’s going retro. [Quickly moves to next question]” – Nick

10. It’s AJ’s fault if you don’t get chosen to come onstage for “Shape Of My Heart”.

So many of you have asked, WHERE SHOULD I SIT TO GET PICKED TO BE SERENADED FOR SOMH? The answer is… that it is a random pick.

Should you not get picked though, it’s AJ’s fault because he’s responsible for the picking. You can take it up with him via Instagram. Dressing like a character from Friends may help.

For all of this and more, watch the video below for one of the best chats we’ve seen with the BSB in a while! 2018 is about to be the year of Backstreet… we’ve only just begun.

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