All The Things We Loved About Being A Backstreet Boys Fan In 2017

We made it another year.

They made it another year.

2017 is ending just like 1993 – with the Backstreet Boys still a whole group, still as hardworking as ever, and still working on their next big thing.

Close your eyes for a minute and think about every single moment in your life, every moment that we’ve shared of theirs, every moment we’ve all shared together. Think about the world we live in – how it’s changed, how it’s remained the same, and how we’ve grown.

Think about all of those things… then let it sink in how crazy it is that we are all – the Backstreet Boys and the fans – still together. Wow.

Time. Look where we are and what we’ve been through…

We might be 24 years in, but it was a year for a lot of firsts.


Obviously, we were here for all of them so we’re not going to list them all but…

First collaboration with other artists.

First #1 song on country radio.

First show in their quick selling Las Vegas residency.

First time wearing sequins onstage.

First time on The Bachelor.

First time hanging out with Steve Aoki.

First time they were in a rap battle with Charlie Puth.

Ok, maybe some were far more important and well noted than others, but we were equally excited about every one of these things this year. Every one of these things and every single thing the Backstreet Boys did that wasn’t listed here was one more moment for us to be excited to be a fan, for us to stick our tongues out at the people who said they wouldn’t last, for us to be proud of Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick… because we know how far they’ve come, how hard they’ve worked, and how much they’ve deserved every single success bestowed upon them in 2017.

Gloves are off, ready to fight
Like a lion I will survive.

We all worked together. 

With many new firsts this year for the Boys came many new firsts for us as fans as well. We relied on each other for successful times in Las Vegas, dug up any info we could to be where our Boys would be, and made sure to share all the accolades we could with any family member or friend that would listen.

Even in the darkest of 2017, we stood together. We listened and we protected – each other and the Boys. For those moments, a lot of us put aside differences for the greater good. In those moments, we proved that we are not just an “army”, but a family of sorts.

A fan-mily.


In 2017, we loved Kevin Richardson for continuing to put his all into everything he does. He shows up, he’s present, communicating with fans (read about this experience), and he puts 110% into the “good” in life. For most of us, his Instagram stories (the best of which you can find on our FB page) were a definite highlight. We’ve never wanted AJ to be in the same room as Kevin so much as we did this year.


In 2017, we loved Howie Dorough for maybe sharing more of his life with us than he ever has before.  We love Howie The Backstreet Boy, but Howie the dad might be even better. From James’ YouTube channel to Leigh D. in the Vegas audience fangirling over her man, we saw a different side to Mr. Dorough this year and we love it as much as the one that parties with us all night.


In 2017, we loved Brian Littrell for being so warm. What does that mean, you ask? This year was a tough one for a lot of us. It was probably hard for Brian too – people came for him from all angles. But you would have never known it from the way he greeted and hugged every person that entered meet and greet in Vegas. He made us feel human. Onstage, he made us laugh. And, as we wrote earlier this year, the man has worked so hard to get back to where he was vocally. It’s an effort that has NOT gone unnoticed. We’re still rooting for him all the way and we’re still going to sing along because he’s done it for us for the past 20+ years.


In 2017, we loved AJ McLean for being a ladies’ man. And by ladies, we mean a dad to two girls. We were thrilled when Rochelle gave birth to a second baby girl, Lyric, earlier this year. As much as we love every second we have AJ onstage, we love when he’s home sharing sweet moments with his girls just as much. He’s the dad every girl wishes for! Oh and did we mention how he exudes love for everything he does? It’s contagious.


In 2017, we loved Nick Carter for his balance. While 2016 was definitely the year of solo Nick Carter, 2017 was the year of the Backstreet Boys…with a side of Nick projects. While working on solo music, hitting all of the BSB performances / appearances, appearing at conventions, judging on Boy Band and connecting with fans to hype and to lurk, he also spent time at home, sharing sweet videos of his growing son and photos of his family life. It wasn’t an easy year for Nick, but he remained resilient, balanced, healthy, and he continued to show up for the fans. We’ve never admired him more.

2017 was definitely one for the books. A new 1999. As we begin Backstreet’s 25th year together, let us not forget how incredibly lucky we are that we made it – that they made it. Let us not forget everything that thrilled us this year and leave behind all of the things that didn’t. Keep the high. Keep the excitement.

We’ve treasured every VIP, every concert moment, every final bow, every trip with friends and every time someone said “hey! Those Backstreet Boys are alright!”. Keep the memories and get ready for so many new ones.

Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick — thank you for the moments this year. We can’t wait for 2018.



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