Dear Buzzfeed, We Honestly Can’t Believe You Did The Backstreet Boys Like That

Guys, something really strange happened today…


Buzzfeed, which a lot of us peruse daily…

Buzzfeed, which inspired What Happens On The Backstreet to become what it is…

A Buzzfeed writer, actually, wrote a post that is quickly spreading among fans and lighting a fire in us. In case you haven’t seen it, here it is.

If we were Eleven and Mr. Spagnolo was in front of us, our noses would be bleeding right about now. (If you don’t watch Stranger Things, to put it simply, we’re pissed)


This is not us, as fans, looking to get into a petty argument about why the Backstreet Boys are better…. because we don’t need to. This is literally a moot point considering that only one of these bands is still a band. (Was NSYNC ever really a group though? It was more like Justin and those other guys. But I digress…)

This is us, as fans, as long time loyalists to the band that has stuck it out for us, as humans who believe in the power of music and boybands, defending the hard work of five guys who have laid it out for us for the past 24 years, who have never once let us down, and who are talented beyond everything.

The fact that someone “honestly can’t believe” that people think the Backstreet Boys are better than NSYNC is something we “honestly can’t believe” was even a headline.

Before I dig into overturning this Buzzfeed post with TRUTHS, rather than biased opinion, I want to say:

  1. The Backstreet Boys don’t deserve to be decimated to nothing like they were in this article.
  2.  This article proves which fanbase always had more class, but whatever.


Here we go –

BUZZFEED: “NSYNC IS THE GREATEST BOY BAND OF ALL TIME. So how could Backstreet Boys be better? They couldn’t. I could close the case right here.”


WHOTB: Ok, what? Even thinking fairly, there’s no way you can claim this without some heavy facts, especially considering the fact that one band does not exist anymore… and it wasn’t in a respectable way. They went on hiatus and dissolved without a word when Justin Timberlake rose to fame. Only when Justin Timberlake won the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the VMAs did the rest of them come back to huff and puff through a performance.

So, we could end right here with the fact that the “greatest boy band of all time”, is not even ( / was never really completely) a band to begin with.

Also, without the Backstreet Boys, there would be no NSYNC. This is like saying God is great, but Jesus is where it was at. You know what I mean.

BUZZFEED: (We don’t even need to mention the obvious things like the fact No Strings Attached sold 2.4 million units in its first week, a record that stood for 15 years until Adele somehow broke it. We also we don’t need to mention that BSB’s Black & Blue only sold 1.5 million units its first week that same year.)


WHOTB: Are you KIDDDINGGG me with this? In 1999, a year before No Strings Attached, Millennium was the best selling album of the year, shattering multiple records WORLDWIDE, followed by a world tour that sold out almost instantly. Anyone that has followed the Backstreet Boys for any length of time knows that there was major record label drama during the production of Black and Blue, plus the band not being ready to release. That being said, they still flew around the WORLD in 100 hours to PROMOTE IT THEMSELVES. For. The. Fans.

BUZZFEED: “Let’s go through each band’s certified bops, starting with Backstreet Boys:
“I Want It That Way”

“Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”

“Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely”

“Quit Playing Games With My Heart”

I know some people are gonna complain that “Larger Than Life” isn’t on here but that’s because that song is certifiably wack. “That makes you larger than life”? What does that mean? Someone tell me, please.

NSYNC’s certified bops:
“Tearin’ up My Heart”

“I Just Wanna Be With You”

“Here We Go”

“For The Girl Who Has Everything (Club Mix)”

“(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You”

“You Got It”

“I Need Love”

“I Want You Back (Radio Edit)”

“Everything I Own”

“Thinking of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)”

“Crazy For You”


“Giddy Up”

“Bye Bye Bye”

“It’s Gonna Be Me”

“Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay)”

“Just Got Paid”

“It Makes Me Ill”

“This I Promise You”

“No Strings Attached”

“Digital Get Down”

“Bringin’ Da Noise”

“That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You”

“I’ll Be Good For You”

“I Thought She Knew”



“The Game Is Over”


“The Two Of Us”


“Tell Me, Tell Me…Baby”

“Up Against The Wall”

“See Right Through You”


“Just Don’t Tell Me That”

“Something Like You”

“Do Your Thing”

+ all the Christmas songs.


WHOTB: First of all, really? While we are first to admit that BSB is low on a fast-paced song inventory and we will also admit that the NSYNC Christmas CD is something a lot of us own (see? we can play nice), clearly Angelo Spagnolo hasn’t listened to anything the Backstreet Boys have done past 1999, nor has he actually listened to a Backstree Boys album.

This is a completely unfair point to make considering that nearly every song listed as “certified bops” from NSYNC were not singles, signifying a major bias and an uninformed opinion.

Also, asshole, “Larger Than Life” is about the fans. Did NSYNC ever write a song for their fans? I honestly don’t know. Did they ever even acknowledge their fans?

BUZZFEED: “Why were all the NSYNC songs certified bops? Because the boys of NSYNC are just flat-out better singers than the members of BSB. Like, is it even debatable? NSYNC had straight up a cappella songs on the albums. Not just in special performances — on the actual album. NSYNC is about voices first and foremost.

 What NSYNC sounds like a cappella: Literal angels coming down to serenade your nap and/or lovemaking session.
What BSB sounds like a cappella: Second place at a high school choir competition.”
WHOTB: OH HELL *$@&$@ NO. This is the point in the post where my blood began to boil and my toes curled up in my boots. You can say a ton of things about Kevin, Brian, AJ, Nick and Howie, but you CAN NOT…C A N N O T… deny their vocals. Especially a capella. I’m actually, as the kids would say, shook. WHO DARE TO MAKE THIS A POINT? Dancing? Sure. Vocals? Back. Up.
For reference:

BUZZFEED: “Furthermore, NSYNC had a song with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Does BSB even have any iconic features?”


WHOTB: No. Because they didn’t / don’t need them. However, they were invited to sing with Shania Twain, a collaboration with other artists on a remake of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?”, a performance with Elton John at The Grammys, a #1 song with Florida Georgia Line, and more.

Is this also a good time to bring up the fact that Joey Fatone and Lance Bass have both showed up to be serenaded by the Backstreet Boys onstage at their sold out Vegas shows?

BUZZFEED then breaks down the bands by comparing members and we’re not going to do that, because it’s absolutely ridiculous. We will, however, make these points:

  • The Backstreet Boys have no blatant lead singer — because they are a cohesive group of blending voices.
  • 2/5 of NSYNC was in Nick Carter’s movie, Dead 7, that he wrote, produced and starred in while working as a Backstreet Boy, releasing a solo album, and competing as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.
  • “This guy” is named Howie Dorough and he’s pretty fantastic.
  • Kevin Richardson DID have dreadlocks.
  • Brian Littrell may not do dog yoga, but he can jump from 6 feet in the air without injury, climb walls, do handstands, cartwheels, and do a lot of other cool things because he’s fit AF.
  • Eat it.


BUZZFEED: “But the real reason NSYNC is better, historically: they knew when to quit. Meanwhile, Backstreet Boys are still trying to recapture their faded glory. They don’t know when to quit. 

See, Backstreet Boys have released four albums since Black & Blue, tarnishing what would have been an incredible legacy. NSYNC has no bad albums to point to. They will be remembered fondly, for generations to come, like Mozart.”


WHOTB: Our eyes are literally rolling back in our heads. There is not ONE NSYNC FAN who hasn’t BEGGED for a reunion, first of all. Meanwhile, Backstreet Boys fans are planning trips to Las Vegas (for BSB’s residency), saving money for the WORLD tour (because there’s fans all over the world), and getting passports for their next cruise (which coincides with their 25th anniversary). If you’re an NSYNC fan reading this, you’re probably drooling (or trying to figure out a way to see Justin at the halftime Superbowl in hopes that your boyband makes an appearances – our condolences.)

While Backstreet Boys and Millennium are iconic, the four albums since Black and Blue have honestly gotten better and better. With the release of every new album has come new waves of fans. With every album, a new generation of BSB fans is created.

So, NSYNC may be remembered, but the Backstreet Boys…well…we are still creating the best memories.


Finally, we are not writing this to claim that the Backstreet Boys are the greatest boyband of all time (even though we would argue this point to death because we feel that they are). We are writing it so that the large mass of us can be represented in a fair way and so others can make an informed opinion about who is the greatest boyband – the BSB…or Justin Timberlake.



One thought on “Dear Buzzfeed, We Honestly Can’t Believe You Did The Backstreet Boys Like That

  1. Great response to Buzzfeed! I would also like to remind Angelo that The Backstreet Boys were invited to honor Brian Wilson, one of the greatest pop songwriters of all time.


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