7 Things We’d Love To See On The Next Backstreet Boys Album

A new Backstreet Boys album is coming. We don’t know when exactly, but it’s definitely within the next 365 days!

We’re anxiously awaiting any hint of what direction the new music will be going and the anticipation is getting to us. To perhaps diffuse some of our energy about it, we’ve decided to throw out a few ideas about things that we would LOVE to see next.

1. A Song To Dance To.

Sure, there’s been a faster-paced song on the majority of albums, but we need another “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”. We need something FUN. A real feel good tune that we can blast on the way to the concert or dance around to on the next cruise. We’d love for the Boys to meet some bass, to be honest. WE WANT TO FEEL IT IN OUR BONES (excuse that-other-guy reference). The rest of the album can be mid-tempo and ballads that we have come to know and love….but just one….

2. A Solid Wedding Song.

For some of us, the days of the Backstreet Boys being the only men in our lives is gone. We’ve settled for second best and found someone to start a family with…since the Boys crushed our hopes of it ever being one of them. SIGH.

But I digress.

Sure, we have “Drowning”, but most of the best BSB love songs are mid-tempo and not something you can dance your first dance to easily – unless you’re one of those choreographed super couples. C’mon KevinBrianHowieAJNick, GIVE US OPTIONS OTHER THAN ED SHEERAN.

3. A New Duet. 

….Unless you’d like to record a duet with Ed Sheeran. Drool.

The success of the unexpected FGL + BSB collaboration has us thinking and pining for a new collab. We love that the Boys have gotten their foot in the country door and since we’re now spoiled to such appearances, we’re looking at other country acts ORRRR current Top 40 artists.

And if you think we’re letting our dream of a Kelly Clarkson + BSB duet go, you are WRONG. Just the thought of that much talent on one track makes us eargasm.

(Here are some other suggestions)

4. Equal Parts.

Nothing more to this than we love all five being featured somewhere on the album. Gone are the days of petitioning for Kevin and Howie to sing more leads because they finally got the message!

5. A Crossover.

It wouldn’t be the worst thing if we could hear the Backstreet Boys on the radio again – even if it IS in a different genre. Remember the country version of “Drowning”? Now that the association has accepted them, maybe it’s not a bad idea to release a pop and country version of something new! (Please don’t comment negatively about this)

6. A New Anthem.

We all know “Larger Than Life” was for the fans, but we’re in need of something new. We’d love to hear a sort of anthem that speaks to fans, honors the Boys’ history together, and what a trip this has all been. It could be on the album or it could be a bonus track for the Fan Club perhaps, but something to get us pumped, something to make us feel the feels, and something that makes us all excited to hear it. It IS the 25th anniversary after all.

7. Anything That Brings On A New Tour, Honestly. 

We love Las Vegas. We love the one off shows. We love anything our Boys are doing.

But there’s nothing better than a tour, amiright?


One thought on “7 Things We’d Love To See On The Next Backstreet Boys Album

  1. I Agree on all points,and as for the dancing song i wish for another big production videoclip together with dancers on scene 🙂 i think its the kind of visual and musical entertainment that is missing in our days!!


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