We Need Your Help For Kevin’s Birthday!

Another year of Backstreet birthdays.

For some reason, we always start with Kevin. We don’t know how that happened, but that’s how it is.

SO, another year and here we are, with another idea for spreading love, birthday wishes and appreciation for our five. We’ve done words of appreciation from everyone, favorite moments with each of the boys, and simply writing about them.

This year, we want to relive our favorite moments by watching them. Send us your favorite Kevin moment in a video or GIF. 

This can be anything from a music video, behind the scenes moment, tour, cruise, interview, etc. We only ask that it be a YouTube link. If your favorite Kevin moment can be summed up in a GIF, send it our way! (If it’s a GIF and you don’t have the link, send via email to whothebackstreet@gmail.com)

Oh, and tell us why.

Fill out the form below!


22 Backstreet Facts That Will Make You Feel Old

It’s 2017 and we are, as the universe would have it, older than we were when we first because BSB fans. We know this. There are some things though that, when we really think about it, make us make this face…



…. Because 1999 was only like yesterday…RIGHT?

  • The Backstreet Boys will have been together a quarter of a century next year.
  • Baylee Littrell, Brian’s son, is now older than Nick Carter when he joined the group (and will be able to get his driver’s permit this year).
  • It’s been 17 years since the Backstreet Boys flew around the world in 100 hours to promote Black And Blue (and Kevin called AJ a dildo).
  • There hasn’t been a new episode of Nick’s Corner in 6 years.
  • Joseph Kahn, director of the “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” video, was 25 and unknown before the video came out in 1997. Now 45, he’s worked with all of the big names in pop music, including Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Katy Perry.
  • If you had a baby the same year Backstreet fans shut down Times Square and stood outside the window of MTV studios to catch a glimpse of the Boys for the Millennium release, the baby is now a legal adult. (This was just the first time)
  • ….And it’s been 16 years since crazy fan Tiffany lost in the battle of BSB vs. NSYNC and threatened to kill Carson Daly.
  • Nick’s first solo album, Now Or Never, is 15 years old. Brian’s solo album, Welcome Home, is 11 years old. Howie’s Back To Me is 6 years old  and AJ’s Have It All is 7.
  • We’ve been waiting for AJ’s latest solo album for 3 years. (That doesn’t make us feel old. We’re just saying.)
  • None of the contestants on ABC’s Boy Band, on which Nick served as architect, were alive when the Backstreet Boys were at their peak.
  • It’s been over a decade since Kevin left the Backstreet Boys.
  • Except for Nick and AJ, every member of the Backstreet Boys hasn’t been single in 10+ years.
  • The Rolling Stones article in which Brian proclaimed he only uses curse words in the Bible, there was a masturbation discussion and our squeaky clean views of the Boys were shattered is now 17 years old — and we are now closer to them than ever.
  • VIP Meet and Greets weren’t a thing until 9 years ago – during the Unbreakable tour.
  • People under 18 don’t recognize individual Backstreet Boys right off the bat (or know their songs as a group).
  • We have to take Aleve before we go to Backstreet events
  • We ask if it’s appropriate to take kids to VIP (and we talk to the Boys about our kids)
  • We go to concerts and get impatient about what time they’re actually going to start because we’re getting sleepy
  • We leave concerts wondering why our bones are cracking
  • We’ve gone from throwing bras onstage to Bengay (Help yo boys out!)
  • We’ve started stories with “I remember when the Backstreet Boys did that when I was your age…”
  • The #1 thing that makes us feel old? We’ve gone from having our moms drop us off at concerts in our hometown to not having to ask permission to go to any Backstreet Boys event and paying for it ourselves. With the same band.

We may be older, but we’ve been beyond lucky to grow older with a band who has grown with us.


6 Stages Of Making Backstreet Fan Friends

If you’ve been a fan for any length of time, you know what we mean when we talk about the very particular process that happens when befriending other fans that happens very naturally (unless you’re one of those people who is cool hanging out with anyone, even though they may be psycho serial killers).

Times have changed since the 90s. We’re not going with our moms to concerts (ok, some of us are, but that’s beside the point) and we’re making fan friends across the world thanks to the gift of social media. Sometimes, we’ve been friends with people for years before we even meet them. It’s interesting – the way things work.

A lot of it starts the same way though…

1. Seeing multiple posts, tweets, comments from the same person that seems to see things the way you do.


If you’re friends with other fans on social media, follow BSB sites, etc. and it just so happens that all the tweets, comments, photos you like most are coming from the same person, ideas of potential friendship start to cloud your brain. Is it weird to friend them? Should you simply like something or comment on it? Hmm, what move to make?

Similarly, if you keep seeing someone at the same concerts and events that you are, do you go up to them and sound creepy? Do you hang back and stalk them online then “discover” that you guys were at the same event together (“Haha, isn’t that so weird?!”)?

Do you even need more friends?

Decisions, decisions.

2. Tweet, tweet. Hint, hint.


Ok, that’s enough. This person is posting fire photos and every tweet they send makes you say “YES, EXACTLY!” so of course, now is the time to strike. Is this person social? Are you going to vibe? Does he / she even want friends? Only one way to find out.

Stroke an ego. “I’m obsessed with your pics!” or “You take the words RIGHT out of my mouth everytime.” We’ve all done it. These phrases are only gateway drugs to potential friendships or unity over loving and hating the same things together. These words are the equivalent of a dog sniffing a stranger.

3. Let’s take this somewhere a little more private.


Okkaayyy – perspective friend is saying all the right things and this is as nerve wracking as a new relationship. How is it going to work out? IS IT going to work out? What if she thinks differently than you do about your favorite? The fact that she has the same favorite Backstreet Boy could bode well for conversation, but not so well when it comes to sharing a cruise pic (should it get that far).

Eventually though, your convos will need more than 140 characters. Both of you will stop ending every message with “lol” and there is great satisfaction in the novel-sized messages going back and forth through direct messages…

….then texts….

…THEN PHONE CALLS… (But that’s only if it’s really serious – don’t panic.)

4. Sniff, sniff. 


Much like #3, this is going down in the DMs and the texts. This is the finest filter and the last step to becoming fan friends. Are you really getting along or is this just an “in the moment” thing? Are you dying to talk or are you tolerating? Are they feeling your vibe and picking up what you’re putting down? Would they move out of the way if your favorite Backstreet Boy was coming close? Would they yell his name so you could get a selfie? Most importantly, do they hate the same people / things that you do?

Don’t lie. That’s totally a factor.

5. Which piece of the puzzle does this friend go into?


So you’ve friend zoned someone and in this case, that’s a good thing.

First, you have to figure out if they’re on the same level. There’s nothing worse [in life] than thinking someone is something but it’s not mutual. That’s for a Taylor Swift song, honestly.

If you’ve BOTH made it to the friend zone, here comes the tricky part – figuring out the level of friendom…er, friendship. Will they get along with your existing fan friends? Could room with them on a cruise? Do you put them in your wedding? WHERE DOES THIS NEW PIECE  FRIEND FIT?

If you are actually friends, it’ll be gravy, baby! Just watch.

6. All the memories! 


Congratulations on your new friendship! You now have someone committed to listening and complaining or screaming in excitement with you. You have someone to go to concerts with, share photos, and share ALL the memories with – whether in person or online.

Most importantly, you have someone that has your back. You have someone that will give you an opinion on what to wear to VIP and someone that will take up for you in any situation. If you’re lucky enough, your fan friend turns into one of your best friends.

[We would know. :)]

10 Ways Fans Display Their Backstreet Memorabilia

We wanted to see how other Backstreet fans displayed their VIP laminates, concert tickets, autographed items, or any special BSB memorabilia now that we are grown (and know what our parents were mad about when we taped things to paint).

….And you guys answered! We loved seeing everyone’s creative differences.

Enjoy (and become inspired)!

“I have created photo collages that are displayed in my lounge room, I have often been told “wow you have more backstreet boy photos on your wall then wedding photos”. My book case proudly displays some of my keepsakes.” – Ree


Elia Esther Jaimes Jimenez, fan since 1997, has QUITE a collection down in Mexico!

“Since the past years, well since I had my first VIP photo with the boys I started to put the photos instead of posters. So this happen in 2008 when I had my first VIP photo.

Today my room has photos with each boy and 3 with all of them. My favorite is the big one, the VIP I shared with my sister in Las Vegas.
I also have the laminates hanging in the cover of my guitar hero’s guitar (Yes the one from the video game Guitar Hero). The first to signed it were Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick in the Unbreakable tour here in my city Puebla. Kevin signed it for me, even he wrote my name, he did it on the BSB Cruise 2016.” – @fabysc

“I have been a huge Backstreet Boys fan for as long as I can remember. Love these five guys so much! Will always be a Nick girl! Here’s how I show off all these amazing memories!” – Shanna

“I display mine proudly at my desk at work. It is my mini shrine complete with tickets, lanyards, autographs, my photos with the boys and friends and family. Some stories from my BSB shrine include the last thing I did with my mom. In July, 2011, we went on a 3 day, 3 city adventure seeing NKOTBSB in LA, San Jose and Las Vegas. The LA show was my first time meeting the boys. It was fitting that my mom came with me because she was my biggest Fangirl supporter and knew how much it meant to me. When they did their Millennium tour, the best tickets I could get were the very back row. The day of the show she surprised me with 5th row tickets and my teenage heart almost exploded. Anyways, about 4 weeks after we returned from our NKOTBSB trip, she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It was tragic but I am so grateful I was able to have that adventure with her. First time meeting the boys, 3 shows, front row in Vegas and they pulled me up on stage and sang to me. All these amazing memories with my biggest supporter. It will always be a precious memory. On a lighter note, you’ll notice pictures with my bestie, Sable. BSB and fate brought us together. We are both from the same city, both went to the first round of IAWLT in Vegas (concert and soundcheck party) alone. We ended up in line next to each other and chatted. 4 years later, we are besties, always have a buddy to travel anywhere, anytime, as many times as we need to see the boys. We’ve also traveled Europe together and are the best of friends, all thanks to our love of BSB.. I love the boys, their music, the fans and all the love and support that comes along with being a proud member of the BSB Army. I’m so excited for everything to come and for all the new tickets and lanyards I plan on adding to the shrine. KTBSPA!” – Taryn


“I made this shadow box after IAWLT. I wanted to somehow display the poster with my name on it. So…what better way. This tour holds some amazing memories for me. I can’t wait to do the same with my Vegas poster and passes when it gets here.” – Melly

image1 (2)

“This is my latest display for my VIP stuff.” – Carrie Graham


“I only have some M&G photos and posters, but in the past few weeks, I found a way to display a few of the special items I have.

 I have a baseball signed by all 5 guys from the 2016 cruise. My roommates and I dressed as members of the Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own, so we happened to have baseballs on us. Long story short, we ran into one of the Boys’ friends, who liked my roommate’s outfit and commented on the baseball. We said how we’d love to have them autographed, and she said she’d make it happen. And she did! I placed this in a baseball display box.
I also got some playing cards, one of them signed by Howie. I found a backless frame and put 2 cards in their to display it.
And when I saw the Boys in Vegas for my birthday in March, I brought a sign that read, “May I have a rose for my birthday?” I was front row on the side, and Howie saw me (though I almost didn’t!) and tossed me his rose. It landed in the pit and a bunch of girls grabbed for it. A guy got it, and I remember him explained to what must’ve been his girlfriend or wife that the rose was meant for me. Much to her dismay, he gave me to rose, which by then was in 2 pieces. I dried it out and mounted it in a shadowbox.
Now I just need to figure out what to do with this bottle of water that Nick left on my table when I saw his final All American tour show in Nashville last year.” -Laura Fu

Kelli Marie Acord’s Collection


“I have my VIP passes and wrist bands and stuff in a cool thing I made for them. I have a ticket photo album for my ticket stubs. My favorite memorabilia that I have displayed are the custom kicks that Brian made me and gave me on the 2013 cruise.” -Amber America


Thank you to everyone who submitted their pictures/stories!

Thoughts We Had About The Backstreet Boys’ ‘Millennium’ Album: Then and Now

If you ask almost anyone about the Backstreet Boys’ Millennium album, they can most likely name at least one song off of the album and know it as the group’s biggest selling album to date.

If you ask a Backstreet fan about the Millennium album, they’ll most likely give you a monologue about which song they thought should have been a single (“Thanks Nick!”), where they were when they first listened to the album and how their parents fought for tickets to the sold-out-immediately tour – just like your grandparents whose stories you never wanted to hear. But this is your story and you’re going to tell it – dammit! (We’re especially going to tell everyone how Nick wrote a message in the liner notes that we had to decode using a PHONE. The original Taylor Swift.)

However, listening to the album now, listening to the songs as an adult, our thoughts are so much different than we were preteens screaming just because our favorite had a verse. Let’s talk about it!

(Also, looking at this tracklisting – wow, what a range of emotions, am I right?)

Larger Than Life

1999 Thoughts:

  • “Thank me in a different way?! WHAT?!” (This song might have created some of our first fantasies)
  • “AJ’s laugh is so scary and hot!”
  • “OMG IT’S FOR THE FANS. They’re so sweet.”
  • “I’m going to put these lyrics on a poster!!”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “Still haven’t thanked me in a different way….Heh heh.”
  • “AJ’s laugh has to be bad for his vocal chords.”
  • “How is this for the fans exactly?”
  • *uses any opportunity to make ‘larger than life’ a pun / adjective*
  • “I CAN STILL DO THIS DANCE! *does dance while trying to drive*”

I Want It That Way

1999 Thoughts:

  • “What does this song even MEAN?”
  • “I’ll NEVER say I Want It That Way.”
  • “KEVIN!!!”
  • “I’m going to put these lyrics on a poster!!”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “What DOES this song mean?”
  • “Again?”
  • “I’m so glad Kevin came back to sing his part. WE MISSED YOU KEVIN!”
  • “They’re still my fire though….”

Show Me The Meaning (Of Being Lonely)

1999 Thoughts:

  • “Who made [insert favorite BSB] lonely?!”
  • *crying because it sounds sad even though we don’t really get it*
  • “This is DEFINITELY my favorite since it has all five Boys singing!”
  • “Eyes of stone observe the trends? Kevin is always SO deep.”
  • “I will NOT show them the meaning of being lonely. Gonna put that on my concert poster.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “Oh, my feels.”
  • “I feel what you’re saying, Backstreet.”
  • “Remember how sad this video was?!”
  • “Damn, this song is so deep.”
  • “This song was the soundtrack to my teenage break ups!”

It’s Gotta Be You

1999 Thoughts:

  • “BABAY! It’s the way you MAKE MEH!”
  • “Tee hee. What is kindagetmego?”
  • “THIS SONG IS SO CATCHY! Let me turn it up!”
  • “Gonna put THIS on a concert poster.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “Yessss. One of five upbeat sonnnggss.”
  • “This definitely sounds like a song that would be my go-to while I’m drunk.”
  • “It’s the way you…WOO WOO!” (We still didn’t grow out of this one.)

Don’t Want You Back

1999 Thoughts:

  • “Oh my gosh, what if mom hears him say SEXUALITY? Could he say it any slower?”
  • “I love when he says sexuality. Teehee.”
  • “Oh, Backstreet’s back. Clever!”
  • “I’m going to throw this song in my ex’s face one day. When I get an ex.”
  • “Hit me faster than a shark attack – I could use that for a poster.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “I’m so glad they’re doing this song live. It should have been a single…NICK.”
  • “Why is this song so hot?!”

I Need You Tonight

1999 Thoughts:

  • Every Non-Nick Fan: *skip*
  • “Ok, wait. Heaven in your eyes or I need you tonight?”

2017 Thoughts:

  • Every Non-Nick Fan: *skip*
  • “I really want to hear this with man-Nick singing.”

Don’t Wanna Lose You Now

1999 Thoughts:

  • “I hope my future boyfriend sings this to me. Swoon.”
  • “Hmmm…concert poster?”

2017 Thoughts:

  • *Cfrying while driving down the street*

The One

1999 Thoughts:

  • “Oh Brian co-wrote this! I love it!”
  • “Awww, he needs me like I need him. This is what love feels like.”
  • “I’ll be the one!! That’s going on a concert poster.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “Why do I love this song?”
  • “What tempo even is this? How would you dance to it? Do you dance to it?”
  • “This song is comfort food for your ears.”

Back To Your Heart

1999 Thoughts:

  • “OK. WHO broke Kevin?”
  • “Why did Kevin write a song that he doesn’t even sing in?”
  • “What ARE they saying when they’re all singing different words? Why isn’t it in the booklet?”
  • “Of course he’d write a song with words we can’t really put on a concert poster. No wonder mom likes him.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • *crying, curled up in a bed*
  • “Why is Kevin so good at everything?”
  • “We need the piano back on tour.”
  • “Thank God we found out what those other words were.”

Spanish Eyes

1999 Thoughts: 

  • “What are Spanish eyes?”
  • “Do brown eyes count?”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “What are Spanish eyes?”
  • “Do brown eyes count?”
  • “Is this about Howie?”

No One Else Comes Close

1999 Thoughts:

  • “I hope I have sexual relations to this song.”
  • “This is so SWEET.”
  • “Where’s my scented markers? Gotta add this to my poster.”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “Is there a sexier BSB song? No.”
  • “AJ’s. VOICE. DAMN.”

The Perfect Fan

1999 Thoughts:

  • “BRIAN WROTE IT FOR HIS MOM? I gotta tell my mom.”
  • “This is TOTALLY gonna lock my mom in.”
  • *incorporates it into Mother’s Day for the next 8 years*
  • “If I put my mom is the perfect fan on a poster….”

2017 Thoughts:

  • “I hope my kids / future kids know about ‘The Perfect Fan’.”
  • “I’m going to have babies so this song applies to me.”
  • “Getting a tattoo for my mom….that says Perfect Fan.”

How Do You Display Your Backstreet Tix, VIP Laminates, etc.? Share With Us!

For years, Backstreet Boys fans have had posters plastered all over their bedroom walls. Now that we are grown, WE want to see how YOU display or store your VIP laminates, concert tickets, autographed items, or any special BSB memorabilia.

Do you still have those BSB posters plastered all over your bedroom like when we were teenagers, or do you have a BSB shrine for all of your guests to see when they come into your house…

…or do you simply wear your BSB merch to the grocery store?

Do you have any funny stories surrounding your BSB memorabilia? We want to hear and see it all! Send your pictures and/or stories to us using the form below!

Send your photos and explanations to whothebackstreet@gmail.com to be featured in an upcoming post.



What’s Happening On The Backstreet: August 24 – September 2, 2017

We asked on Twitter if you’d want weekly update posts to help you keep up with what is literally happening on the Backstreet — because these five are BUSY!

You said yes and here we are. These posts will come weekly (I’ll try, at least…) – usually on the weekend – and will not contain new content, but will try to include everything you might have missed from the previous week from the world of BSB (and our posts for the week).

Here are the highlights for August 24th – September 2nd:

BoyBand: The BSB Finale Performance and ‘In Real Life’

BSB + FGL Team Up For ‘CMT Crossroads’ – A Preview

BSB + FGL Perform All The Hits For ‘CMT Crossroads’ Watch online by selecting Xfinity and logging in with Facebook or Twitter

WATCH: Backstreet and Florida Georgia Line Performances 

BSB LIVE in Singapore on October 21st – Tickets on sale now! 

20 Weird-ish Things That Backstreet Boys Fans Love

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