7 Things You Need To Know From The Backstreet Boys ‘CMT Crossroads’ Taping

In the beginning of August, I was lucky enough to attend the taping of CMT Crossroads with the Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line and believe me when I say, you do NOT want to miss this show on TV on August 30th! As always, anything I gather from events will be given to you guys and this is no exception.

Like country music or not, you have to admit that it’s nice to see the Boys accepted and respected by so many different genres and proving, once again, that they’re capable of being successful in anything they try when they do it just right. With a #1 country single and their first time collaborating with another artist, we’d say they’re faring pretty well.

Now, about CMT Crossroads….

(FYI – Apologies for the grainy pics and videos. I only had my phone because my intention was to live in the moment, but…. 🙂 )

1. Florida Georgia Line and The Backstreet Boys Sound Even Better Together Live.


You may watch the BSB + FGL performances on TV or online and think “meh, I’m only here for Backstreet”, but man… these 7 men sound really great together (and we’re not just saying that)! The five voices of the Backstreet Boy gave a smoother sound to Florida Georgia Line hits, while the country duo’s vocals gave a totally different vibe to Backstreet classics (in a good way).

You really have to see them live to fully appreciate it though. Fingers crossed it comes through on the CMT Crossroads episode! We also kind of hope that there are more opportunities to see the two groups together in the future (or at least the BSB dipping their toes into the country scene).

We will warn you though, hearing BK and Tyler sing parts of the Boys’ songs took us a little off guard, but they did alright for a couple of country boys!

2. This Is A Brotherhood.

Better than the way they sound is the way they interact. While Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard “couldn’t believe” they were sharing the stage with the Backstreet Boys still, Kevin, Brian, AJ, Nick and Howie were vocal about how they were fans of FGL music before the two groups collaborated.

While they’re fans of each other, they’ve always formed quite a leveled brotherhood. Watching them interact onstage and work out vocals almost felt like we were in their livingroom, watching seven friends having a good time. There’s nothing better than music that flows from an easy collab and this is DEFINITELY what that is.

3. Nashville Loves The Backstreet Boys.

With the exception of NKOTBSB in 2011, the Backstreet Boys have not been together onstage in Nashville since the Black and Blue tour in 2001. Sure, Nick has been a resident (which he made sure to remind everyone during the taping) and they’ve recorded here on the DL (to most Nashvillians), but doing CMT Crossroads proved to Tennesseans that Backstreet has still got everything they had years ago.

Girls around us couldn’t contain their excitement (“OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!”), multiple people around us couldn’t believe how well they aged (“Damn, they still look good!”), and others shared their whispered memories of seeing Nick around in the town of Franklin, where it was filmed (we won’t share those 😉 ).

The audience sang along louder to “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” than any other song that night and the atmosphere was ELECTRIC. We, the people of Nashville, can only hope that the Boys come back soon.

4. BSB Does Country REALLY Well.

Obviously, Kevin and Brian were shoe-ins for the country scene, but Howie, Nick and AJ are SHOCKINGLY good at getting that twang just right. While some country music lovers love to argue that the FGL sound isn’t really country, it’s far more southern than anything the Backstreet Boys have ventured to work on before. We’re not saying the Boys should go straight country, but it bodes well for them to have friends in low places. Just watch the video of “Cruise” below!

(Points if you got that Garth Brooks reference)

5. A Live Band Is Everything.


UGGGGGGGGGGGGH. Shout out the Tyler Hubbard on the piano and the band that played behind both groups all night. We really really really really really miss a live band backing the Backstreet Boys.

6. They’re All Perfectionists.


Of the eight songs they performed (we’ll let you be surprised which ones), they performed the majority of them twice. While they did a little man-huddle to discuss whether or not to redo a few, it seemed like someone had a little final say. We’ll let you guess that one too. HINT: He’s on our side and even Tiger Beat listed him as a perfectionist in 1998. 🙂

But they were polite and asked if we minded. Of course NO ONE minded. Except maybe the Boys onstage who kept reiterating how hot it was. Pretty sure that was their own fault, if you know what I mean (haha – I’m so lame).

They’re also such perfectionists that the lyrics to all the songs were scrolling on a screen in the back. We know ALL the tricks!

7. We Can’t WAIT To See It On August 30th.


The whole thing was SO good and it went by SO quickly! It felt like the party was just getting started during the last song and people milled about after BSB + FGL left the stage, wondering if it was okay to start an “Encore” chant. I, for one, can not WAIT to relive it on August 30th on CMT at 10/9c. I also can’t wait to hear what everyone else thinks!

NOTE: It will only air on CMT, but will most likely be online shortly after. Watch our social media for links.

Check out my videos below and photos here!

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There’s also THIS sneak peek!


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