8 ‘Boy Band’ Finalists: Who Are They?

Most of us watching Boy Band started out watching because of our familiarity with the architects – Timbaland, Emma Bunton and, of course, our Nick Carter.

As weeks rolled on though, a lot of us became invested in the performances, the boys, and who would ultimately form the perfect boyband – landing a record deal and a lot of exposure.

The time has come for the semi finals and with only two episodes left, we want to remind you a little bit about the eight boys who are left standing, five of which will be members of the next great boyband!

Brady Tutton


Age: 15

Location: Wisconsin

Twitter Handle: @bradytut

  • Classically trained opera singer
  • Had a stutter as a child
  • Has had a few roles in different TV shows

Chance Perez


Age: 19

Location: California

Twitter Handle: @ItsChancePerez

  • Dad to two-year-old Brooklyn
  • Certified EMT and training to become a firefighter
  • Got a love of music from his dad, who passed away when he was 8

Drew Ramos


Age: 19

Location: New York

Twitter Handle: @DrewRamosNYC

  • Sang in subways to try to make money
  • Along with being in a boyband, he wants to make a living that will get his mom, who raised him, out of a not-so-great neighborhood
  • Can do a Prince impersonation

Jaden Gray


Age: 16

Location: California

Twitter Handle: @RealJadenGray

  • Sings in a choir
  • Youngest of six
  • Spends time volunteering when not singing

Marcus Pendleton


Age: 16

Location: Tennessee

Twitter Handle: @K_marzzz_

  • Role model to 3 younger brothers and takes care of the house alongside his mom
  • Loves Michael Jackson and performs in an annual tribute show in Nashville
  • Believes in spreading positivity through music

Michael Conor


Age: 17

Location: Ohio

Twitter Handle: @michaelbmoc

  • Rapper and Violinist
  • Can solve a rubik’s cube in one minute
  • Has the least experience performing

Mikey Jimenez


Age: 17

Location: California

Twitter Handle: @RealMKY

  • Started singing to customers in his family’s hair salons
  • Wants to buy a house for his mom and grandma
  • Wasn’t allowed to pursue music until he graduated high school and is missing his graduation to be on the show

Sergio Calderon, Jr.


Age: 16

Location: California

Twitter Handle: @sjrcalderon

  • Gave up soccer scholarship in college to pursue music
  • Has a twin brother who also sings, but decided to pursue soccer
  • Speaks Spanish, English and French


  • The boys will be performing solo instead of in groups
  • America has until Friday at 11:59PM PST to vote – ALL COASTS CAN VOTE online and via text message!
  • The next week, the final BOYBAND will be revealed and will be performing their first single

Catch up on past performances and more here. Who are your picks?


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