Girl Power: A Shout Out To The Wives Of Backstreet

When most of us were younger, we dreamed of being married to a Backstreet Boy. Obviously we were pre-teens and had no idea what marriage entailed, but we knew that we’d give anything to touch Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick or AJ and marrying one of them sounded like an even better deal.

Fast forward 20+ years later and all five have gotten married and many of us have found our own significant others. Let’s be real, the majority of you reading this are women and we love nothing more than women supporting and showing love for other women. With that being said, we are also constantly working / posting to make sure that not only do our Boys get shown the gratitude they deserve, but everyone that works and sacrifices to make the Backstreet Boys “happen”.

The wives are no exception. While we try to keep posting about these ladies to a minimum, simply because they didn’t sign up for constant exposure just because they fell in love with someone, we thought it was time for another (read our “Why We Are Thankful…” post here) — and this time we asked you to share!

Before we get into the things people sent us (stories, kind words, etc.), let us introduce the lesser informed readers to the people we’ve been referring to – not as wives, but as five individual women who have their own identities.

Kristin RichardsonKristin

  • Former Rockette and back up dancer for Cher
  • Photographer
  • Actress
  • Met Kevin while working at Disney World and was with him pre-Backstreet
  • Mother to Mason and Max
  • Has been very open about fertility struggles in order to help other women
  • Life of the party





abc6c905f1709d808d544adecf44a537Leighanne Littrell

  • Owner of Wylee by Leighanne Littrell
  • Actress (Met Brian while of the ALAYLM set)
  • Mother to Baylee
  • Constantly interacting with fans
  • Known for throwing amazing parties
  • Knows how to take a really great selfie







Leigh Anne Dorough


  • Former film exec and real estate broker
  • Met Howie while working as the BSB webmaster
  • Mom to Holden and James
  • The most private of the 5
  • On point with her style
  • Known to close down the afterparties with Howie








Rochelle.PNGRochelle McLean

  • Make Up Artist
  • Admitted boyband fan
  • Is big on friends being basically family
  • Amazing about sharing real life on social media
  • Mom to the the only girls in the group – Ava and Lyric
  • Always up on the latest
  • Fangirls with the best of us












Lauren Kitt-CarterLauren-Kitt-3-1410974770

  • Fitness guru
  • Former fit competitor
  • All about the green life
  • Has lived all over the world + speaks multiple languages
  • Mom to Odin
  • Quiet but kind
  • Great sense of humor




Oh… and have we mentioned that all five of them are friends?? What a support system!

It’s no surprise that when we asked you to share your stories and kind words for Lauren, Leigh, Leighanne, Kristin and Rochelle that you all came through. The time they have taken for fans, that they didn’t have to, has been insurmountable. Take a minute and enjoy these tidbits from fans about the Backstreet wives:

“In 2008, my friend, one of her friends, and myself made a random trip from Indiana to Bloomington, IL (my 2nd BSB show – my first was a couple weeks before at the Indiana State fair). We got there and Leighanne and Baylee were outside walking their dog. They talked to everyone and were super nice!!” – Megan

“Although I have never met Rochelle, I have been a BSB / AJ fan since the beginning (my 30 yr old and 28 year old got me hooked years ago). I feel Rochelle deserves recognition and a huge thank you for being a beautiful, kind mother and wife. I have never been so happy for anyone as I was for AJ when he married Rochelle. I do believe she has a huge impact on where he is and who he is today and I couldn’t be happier or prouder. As the mother of a child in recovery, I know the daily struggles. I always look forward to photos and stories from the girls and I admire Rochelle as well as all the BSB wives, for having the patience and dignity to deal with us crazy fan girls. Thank you Rochelle.” – Veronica Wilson

“Back in 2011, when the Lauren hater minions were going strong, I got the chance to talk to her on the cruise for about 15 minutes after the boys’ concert since she and Eddie sat behind me (yes, I had horrible seats in the very back). We talked about a few things and I asked her how she dealt with all the haters because I’ve dealt with my own share of online drama and she shared some words that have kind of stuck with me. Since then, we’ve seen each other a few times and I even got to interview her for my old job when “I Heart Nick Carter” came out. She always seems to remember our conversation. Nick picked a good one.” – Karah-Leigh

“I am sharing some kindness, I just thank Lauren for coming into Nick’s life and brightening it up. Making him have a reason to smile when something’s in his life weren’t that great. Showing him the love he needed. So happy on their little family!! Odin is precious!” – Kristin Luna

“I remember on the first BSB cruise, back in 2010, a friend of mine asked Leigh D. if she could hold James for a photo, and she agreed with a smile and gave her (in that moment he was just a baby) the boy in her arms. Anybody could think how crazy of her giving her son to a couple of fans (knowing fans’ hysteria) but she wasn’t worried and you could tell she wasn’t faking it. I really appreciated that from her. It showed her kindness and humility. I will never forget that. Thank you and keep being such a humble person, Leigh!” – Rosie

“My best friend and I took her daughter to her 1st concert, BSB of course. The Wylee trailer was there and we got to meet Leighanne inside. There were so many people crammed in there, all trying to meet her. Some were there to shop, but mostly to see her. She tried so hard to greet and interact with everyone that came through, though you could tell she was a little overwhelmed with being a BSB wife and running her business. She did notice our little fan, who was 6 at the time and made sure to talk to her. B didn’t understand at the time who she was, and why we were so excited to meet her, but she had fun anyway. Leighanne took the time to stop what she was doing and take a picture with just about anyone who asked, between ringing up sales and helping people try on dresses and put outfits together.” – Amanda

“During one of the tour dates a friend asked Nick if he and Lauren would be ok with taking a picture with me and friend after leaving the hotel. When they left Nick was with Lauren (they were not married or had Odin yet) and a lot of fans were just getting too close for comfort while they walked to their car. Nick remembered us and came over with Lauren telling everyone that he promised to take a picture with us. We were super thrilled since we wanted a picture with the both of them but she stepped out of the picture saying and seemed a little shocked when we kindly asked her if she could be in the picture as well. She was super sweet to us and even seemed hesitant since she didn’t know what to expect from us but it was great getting to meet her there.

I am sure she gets most of the crap out of all the wives and she handles it like a trouper! And for that she has all of my respect. I love how much she loves Nick and Odin and how supportive and defensive she is of him.” – Linda

“Back in 2011, the Backstreet Boy’s came to Chicago for their NKOTBSB tour. I happened to see Lauren walking Igby (Nick’s pup). I stopped her, and asked if she could please give Nick my twitter name. She said sure, he’s actually in that bus right now. She pointed to his bus. Then she said, wait here a little while, and I’ll have Nick come out to say hi!!! She walked back to the bus, and not even 5 minutes later… Nick actually tweeted me saying “Igby says hi, and I hope you and your friends enjoy the show”. I flipped out! I couldn’t believe that she actually gave it to him. Then about 45 minutes later, my two friends and I were standing near the bus. The venue already let people in. Nick suddenly walked out of the bus, and came towards us!!!!!! That was my first time ever meeting him. I have Lauren to thank for that! I felt that she went above&beyond to make my dream come true.” – Shannon V.

“My Lauren story is actually from when my brother in law went to Vegas in April 2017. He is a big poker player so he was sitting at a table playing with a few people, including Lauren. He had no idea who Lauren was. They played for about 2 hours together. They laughed, they talked, they had a few drinks, my bro-in-law said she was really nice and down to earth. So anyways, she eventually got up and went to join a man at another table. My bro-in-law glanced over and realized that man was Nick Carter! Knowing that I am a HUGE Carter girl, he walked over to talk to Lauren. He told her how much of a fan I was, and even showed her my Facebook picture (a pic-collage of all my pictures with Nick). He asked if she could ask Nick for a picture with him for me. Lauren then took my bro-in-law’s phone and said “ahh that’s cute.” And turned to Nick, showed him my picture and asked if he recognized me. Nick took his phone and said, and I quote, “absolutely we see her around!” (Oh my God he knows who I am!!!!!) And immediately accepted a photo with him.

So thank you Lauren. I know some fans haven’t made life easy for you in the past but you are truly an amazing person. Thank you for accepting us fans, for being kind to us, for sharing your husband with us and most of all for making Nick so happy !

And thanks to Leighanne, Leigh, Rochelle and Kristen for also sharing your men with us fans! We love you And I really hope to meet some of you in Vegas in February.” – Anne

“I met the Backstreet wives except Rochelle (I hope I can meet her someday). I’m Nick girl so I met Lauren many times and we talked in Japanese whenever we met. I can tell her Japanese pronunciation is so great, it was fun to talk in Japanese like we shared secret conversation when we were in US. LOL. She always talked to us in our language is sweet I thought.

Kristin is my woman crush actually,I’m big fan of her!
When I met her at IAWLT tour after party in Vegas, she asked my favorite and I answered “Nick but I’m big fan of you”, she said “Aww thank you” and hugged me!

I met her again at DEAD 7 premiere in LA at April 2016 – she was there with Kevin. I found her after the movie and asked to take pic with her (At first Kristin, after that Kevin…sorry I’m Kristin girl), she was super nice like always! We got pic with Kevin too but in a second after it, he saw and asked us we need pics with him…we were just surprised because we did in a few seconds ago. Kristin saw our surprised faces and said to him, he already did that and “You know they are big fan of BSB from Japan!”… It was funny, it sounded like he should know us, why he didn’t…we never expected it though. LOL. Even before their leaving the theater, she found us in the crowd and called out us, “Have a safe flight!” I could melt…how nice was she! I really heart her.

Whenever I met them, they are so nice to us always than they have to be really.
I’m so glad they’ve been happy married each of them for so long.
I’m sure their support makes the Backstreet boys to stay on the music scene still and keep going to the future.” – Jun

“I met Leigh D. in 2007 on the DLF cruise. They got married just one week before the DLF cruise. I was going to go to the room for M&G but I got lost in the ship. When I turned back , there were Howie and Leigh! They got lost too! lol.. There I could have mini M&G.

I gave her present and Howie told me it was her first present after she turned to “Dorough”. Leigh was really gorgeous and easy to talk to. She is so sweet and charming and smart! After that Leigh took us to right place for M&G. Howie and I just followed her! Of course I became her fan!” – Hisae

“On 2013 Cruise, thanks to Brian’s wife, Leighanne, I got to have Brian’s autograph on my Rolling Stone pants down cover flag Hahaha. I have mobility problems so I can’t stand all night long on first row. I was calling on Brian but he didn’t hear me. Leighanne did and called her hubby to sign my flag…so thanks to her I talked to Brian and he signed my flag. I will always be grateful to Leighanne for that magical moment.” – Silvina

” I was lucky enough to meet Lauren when I was an extra on Dead 7. She was so down to earth and nice. She came and chilled with the extras. It was nice to talk to her casually about random things that didn’t include BSB. She even posed for photos. I love Lauren and appreciate her kind heart. She and Nick are perfect for each other!” – Amanda Behringer

” I just love how their wives are so loving and supportive of the men. I love Lauren because she and Nick do not let negativity get in their way of living their lives, Leigh because she’s the nicest sweetest person ever, Leighanne because she’s also the nicest, Rochelle because she’s a great wife and mother, and Kristin because she’s a good actress, loving wife and amazing mother of two. They’re all great wives and mothers. Love them all and their men!! So much!!” – Camille Guillot

“I had met Brian, Nick and AJ in 2010 and I had designed my own BSB butterfly tattoo and the guys autographed around it. Well in 2011, I met Leighanne for the first of many times and I showed Leighanne my butterfly and she loved it! She said it was unique and very girly. And would be an awesome logo on a bag or hat or something. She then took a picture of it to run the idea by the guys!! She tweeted me later that night, but nothing came of it. But it was still an awesome experience that maybe, just maybe they’d remember me. I know she does every Ive seen her thereafter.” – Kym Seabolt

“I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Leighanne several times over the years. She’s super sweet and a lot of fun! I met Leighanne for the first time at a Wylee event before a This Is Us concert. While Baylee ran around drawing pictures, pouring water, and selling us fans items (seriously, too cute), Leighanne took the time to explain her line, show us products, and just generally chat. She was so friendly and approachable, talking to her was like talking to a good friend. She even took pictures with fans!

I’ve seen her at several Wylee events, cruises, and concerts since then and she is always so kind. She gets so excited when she sees fans (especially if you’re rocking some Wylee attire!) and she’s notorious for hugging and snapping pics with everyone.

Leighanne – thank you for being such a joy to talk to and spend time with! Looking forward to seeing you at many more future events!” – Becca

“I met Leighanne on the second leg of the In A World Like This tour. It was June 14, 2014. The guys were in Pennsylvania and Leighanne had brought out the Wylee trailer on the road. I had just met the guys and wanted Brian to sign my poster, so I thought the best place to wait was in the Wylee trailer. Well, Brian was so busy that I didn’t get him to sign my poster, but I did get Leighanne to sign it. She was so sweet about it and made me feel extremely special. It is amazing how much these ladies know how we react to either meeting them or the guys. I appreciated Leighanne taking the time to sign my poster. The same poster is now framed and is hanging on my wall with a place of honor. So, I just wanted to thank Leighanne for being so kind and gracious to all of us Backstreet Fans! Love you Leighanne and Brian!” – Ashley

“I respect all the girls but Lauren is my favorite. I’m so happy Nick has met this wonderful lady to share his life with and that, by the way, we got to know/meet this sweet lady. She is an amazing, loving and caring human being. I love her strength, her kindness, her strong personality, her cleverness, her patience, her humility, the deep respect she has for all living beings, her dedication and consistency when it comes to something that fascinate her, her sense of humor, the amazing mum that she is, and so on … And no need to say that she is super stunning. Nick is a very lucky man to share his life with such an amazing lady.

I had the chance to meet her once in Paris in 2014, one of the best day of my life. Even if I was so shy and I think I was soooo stupid in front of her, lol, it’s a memory I will cherish forever. She was nothing but kind and sweet to me and my husband. I spent all the after-party talking to her, totally forgetting the boys behind me and the fact I was supposed to party with them. I feel blessed and lucky I got to spend this time with her. She has been a true inspiration for me the past years. She helped me in so many ways. She helped me to believe in myself too, and was always there to encourage me and give me up-lifting words. She is one in a million and I wish nothing but the best for her. I’ve learnt a lot from her and she keeps inspiring me every day. I don’t know if our roads will cross again one day (*fingers crossed*) but one thing is for sure : she will always have my support, respect and admiration!” – Aurelie

Rochelle sent me a DM on Twitter when my mom died recently and that really touched my heart. She’s always been so kind to me and hopefully one day I will get to thank her in person.” – Angie

“I met Leighanne for the first time in June and I’ve gotta say, she is such a sweetheart! She wanted to chat about the show and if I enjoyed it and how long I’ve been a fan and where did I live etc. and then she just chatted about some random stuff and I actually had NO idea who she was. I don’t really keep tabs on the wives and the guys private life, so I didn’t know who she was. I know Brian introduced her by pointing in her general directions but still, nope! Totally oblivious haha but after she left, someone mentioned who she was and I couldn’t believe she didn’t introduce herself as Brian’s wife:) she’s a fantastic person. I really enjoyed chatting with her.” – Rachel

“I met Leighanne Littrell on the walk of fame when the boys got their star and she had stopped I don’t know how many times to take pictures she was about to go meet Brian and I asked her if I could take her picture she graciously stopped for me and I utter something on the lines of “ohh I missed Baylee” she went and got Bay so I could take his pic and then she asked me if I wanted one of both and duh! of course I said yes and after ALL that she event took the time to talk to me and other girls and she wouldn’t stop thaking us for being faithful fans she is awesome. On that same day (obviously), I met Kristin and Rochelle and even though it was hot and sunny and Ava was months old she stopped for a few pics and hen she apologized because she wanted to take the baby out of the sun and Kristin was pregnant with Max and it was hot as hell they were gracious enough to stop meet, greet and take pics with all of us screaming crazy fans.” – Carol

I have always really liked Rochelle – of all the wives, I have the most in common with her (temperament, politics, taste in men- haha). But I’ve always been intimidated by how beautiful she is. Pre- and post- babies, she is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen. It is rare that you see Ro at events; she seems to prefer to be in the background. I saw her at the documentary premiere in LA and awkwardly asked for a photo. She was so sweet, as I know she finds it strange that fans of her husband want to know her. I must’ve told her 3-4 times within 45 seconds how beautiful she was; those were the only words that came out. Despite how ridiculous I must have sounded, she made my night. I’m so glad she picked AJ!
The first time I really got to spend some time with Leighanne was before a show on the first leg of IAWLT. The Wylee trailer was inside the gates, and we had early entry tickets. For about 15-20 minutes, I shopped and tried on dresses (per Leighanne’s suggestions) with just my mom and my sister, and Miguel, who was there to dress me in all of the appropriate accessories. Leighanne’s positive, happy personality is contagious, and she made us feel like friends rather than strangers. (Just as she has every time since then.) I adore being around her, and I’m so glad she is part of our Backstreet family!” – Brittany Bumgarner

Thanks for holding it down, ladies, for being inspiring, for being kind, and for sharing your lives (and your husbands) with us. ❤

** If you’d like to add your story, we’ll add to the post! Email**



One thought on “Girl Power: A Shout Out To The Wives Of Backstreet

  1. my daughter (Kiara smith) husband and i all worked with the guys and Lauren on Dead 7. She was so kind to us and super sweet with Kiara who played the zombie that got Nick. We all just love her and hope to see her again.

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