20 Weird-ish Things That Backstreet Boys Fans Love

Sometimes we say “It’s a Backstreet thing, you wouldn’t understand”, we’re not kidding. After 24 years, there are some normal things any band fan would love, but there are also some very specific things that only Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick lovers would get.

We hope that you go through this list with this face….


1. A Photo Where Every Backstreet Boy Is Smiling.


This is our Moby Dick (something we chase after, for those who don’t understand the literary reference). As we’ve written before, the Backstreet Boys are guaranteed to do a number of things in most photos. One of those things is have 5 different facial reactions. A photo with every Boy looking like they’re in the same state of happiness is almost unheard of, but is one that will send us into a frenzy and proclaim it is as our new favorite photo. The reason why is unspoken – but we all know.

2. When They Use Nicknames For Each Other.


As much as we roll our eyes at the things nostalgia fans say (“OMG I loveeee the Backstreet Boys. Remember Larger Than Life?!”), Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick calling each other by the nicknames we found out about long ago in an issue of Tiger Beat sends waves of nostalgia and emotion over us in the best way possible. An unexpected reference to “Bone” or “Frick and Frack” makes our tiny little demanding hearts flutter.

It’s kind of like realizing your friend is throwing you a surprise party when you thought they forgot your birthday all together.

“HD” still throws us for a loop though.

3. When Nick or Kevin Sling Their Arms Around The Others.


Once upon a time, Nick Carter was a tiny little plant. Now, he’s a giant tree with arms along with Kevin Richardson. There’s something heartwarming about the way the stand in just the right spots to sling their branches long limbs over their other little buddies bandmates. Perhaps, like the nickname situation, it’s been happening since the beginning of time and when they do it now, it throws us back. Plus, even though we know they’ve been together a long time, they’re family, yada yada yada… it’s a reminder that they still really do like each other.

4. The Frick And Frack Moments. 

Let’s be real – Frick and Frack was one of the sweetest things about the Backstreet Boys in the 90s. Brian and Nick were the best friends we all aspired to be (or they just gave us an excuse to be both a Brian+Nick girl at once). People grow and people change, but we still get glimpses every now and then of one of our favorite 90s duos. You better believe when they brought back those nicknames for each other in 2016, we were almost to Kim Kardashian tears. ALL THE FEELS.

5. Nick’s Cackle.


Have you ever heard Nick Carter TRULY laugh? It’s such a national treasure. If sounds could be treasured… (Watch this)

Seriously – if there was merch that played this cackle, we’d be all over it.

6. Howie’s Wink. 


What is Howie Dorough without that wink? If you haven’t been winked at by Howie at LEAST once in your life, have you really even seen him? The answer is no. Just like the group itself, Howie’s eye never lets us down.

7. Kevin’s Instagram Stories.


“You’re in my instagram story!” – Kevin’s Attack Phrase

Again, we need it on a shirt. We need more Kevin (and his Instagram stories) in our lives. Kevin, the Backstreet Boy who literally DOES NOT care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you know you’re in his instagram story.

We especially love AJ in his stories.

8. Catching Brian’s Attention Onstage.


Whether Brian is your “favorite” or not, no one can say he doesn’t make an effort to see you amidst his onstage performances. In fact, that’s one of the best reasons to be front row (even though he’s been known to see further back and make sure you know he does because he’ll mock whatever it is you’re doing). Not only is his energy contagious, the man literally lays down on stage and takes your phone to capture the perfect selfie. Ugh, our hearts are swelling right this very minute.

9. AJ’s Stories.


If you ever wanted a story you’ve never heard before, go no further than AJ McLean. There’s almost nothing this man won’t talk about and we are HERE for it. Thanks to AJ, we have the story about Howie’s contribution to “The Call”, a story about Nick being thrown out in his underwear and more.

Not only do we love his stories, but anytime we get a chance to chat with AJ is a good time. He’s never met a stranger and we love him for it.

10. Their PDA.

While we may not understand their constant crotch grabbing, the group hugs, the high fives and the kisses (seemingly intended to annoy each other) is just another reminder that these five are family. It’s a constant in an otherwise unpredictable world.

11. Sneak Peeks In The Studio.


HIHGJOKWQOWEJGWOGJOSSB << Every text, tweet, social media post from a BSB fan after they’ve been spotted and / or post something from the studio. “But I thought you knew they were recording?” The normies say. To that we say, YEAHBUTTHISISPROOF OMGITSGONNABESOGOOD.

Admittedly, right after that, we start demanding more because sometimes we’re assholes but…such is life. At least we’re hype about it.

12. Those Harmonies. 


There’s no need for me to write anything right here. You probably read “those harmonies”, salivated a little, then instantly heard your favorite Backstreet harmony in your head. Every fan knows that BSB harmonies are like giant fluffy sweaters for your eardrum. Harmony and chill, you guys.

13. Their Mannerisms. 


Brian’s leg lift and his hands when he talks. Kevin’s mouth-nose scrunch thing when he sings long notes. Nick’s eyebrows and his point. Howie’s nodding. AJ’s …well…AJ has a lot. We’ve become accustomed to them and we wouldn’t have our Backstreet Boys without them.

14. Old Videos (And When They Remember Things They Do).


For some reason, we think we’re the only ones who remember scenes from A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys or MTV Diary and we’re not sure why. Of course the Boys remember it; they lived it. It’s always so sweet though when we’re not the only ones reminiscing.

15. Their Most Random Tweets.


We’ve posted about Kevin, Nick, and Brian‘s tweets, but we really love the most random, relatable tweets that put the Backstreet Boys on an insanely human level. Oh, and we equally love random tweets to ourselves. (We do not love the insane begging for them though – stop it, fans.)

16. Nick’s Corner.


BSB on Ice. The Backstreet Boys literally stuck their heads in ice to see who could do it the longest. We’ve never loved them or a space “owned” by Nick more.

17. When The Boys Remember Us.


Dear 12-year-old self,

When you get older, you will get to talk to Kevin / Howie / Brian / AJ / Nick. One time, if you do it enough, they might remember you. Don’t worry – you won’t die. It will, however, be a highlight of your life.

18. ANYTHING BSB-Related That We Can Get Hype About.


BSB Socks? Yep. BUY THEM.

AJ’s brother-in-law’s 3rd cousin on a TV show? Ok, we’ll watch.

New album in 3.5 years? CAN WE PREORDER NOW?!

There’s nothing we love more than a good hype. Except maybe the other things on this list.

19. Odd Items Of Their Clothing.


Kevin’s. Red. Pants.

The 5 items of clothing that Nick owns.

Brian’s hats.

AJ’s glittery things.

Howie’s dove shirt, to be honest.

20. Anytime We Convert Someone Into a Backstreet Fan.


Basically, our mission in life. We’re stealth and we LOVE a good conversion. Don’t show us your weakness! (Or do.)

We just really love them.

For everything.



What’s Happening On The Backstreet: August 19 – 23, 2017

We asked on Twitter if you’d want weekly update posts to help you keep up with what is literally happening on the Backstreet — because these five are BUSY!

You said yes and here we are. These posts will come weekly (I’ll try, at least…) – usually on the weekend – and will not contain new content, but will try to include everything you might have missed from the previous week from the world of BSB (and our posts for the week).

This one is coming a little early — but there was so much this week and we’re not even through!!

Here are the highlights from August 19th-23rd:

Did You Learn Something Funny From The Backstreet Boys? Share It With Us!

In the 24 years that the Backstreet Boys have been around, most of us have gone through a few different stages of life. Whether it be a word you didn’t know when you were younger until a Backstreet Boy said it or how to book your own trips, we’ve all learned something that you wouldn’t normally learn from a boyband.

So, we’re asking you — have you learned something funny / weird / unexpected from a Backstreet Boy?

Happy Birthday, Howie D.

At the end of Summer, when kids are going back to school and Fall is upon us, Howie D. gives us one more reason to celebrate before the season’s end.

It’s been 44 trips around the sun for the spiciest (and arguably the quietest) of the Backstreet Boys and each year he just keeps getting better. While Howie keeps a pretty low profile when offstage, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t continually made a huge impact on us. The man gets better with age – google his photos RIGHT NOW! We can’t wait for at least 44 more years with Howie. What a fox!

Happy Birthday… to the stealthiest Backstreet Boy we know.

Happy Birthday… to the man who has proven that he can sleep literally anywhere.

Happy Birthday… to the man who stays low key but makes huge contributions.

Happy Birthday… to the man who made winking cool.

Happy Birthday… to the best party crasher.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us how to party all night.

Happy Birthday… to the man who apparently created the beat for “The Call”.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is always willing to stop for a fan and live up to his “Sweet D.” name.

Happy Birthday… to the man who puts up with Nick’s antics the most.

Happy Birthday… to the man who shows up to nearly every event, whether it be a BSB event, a wedding, a vow renewal, or a red carpet premiere.

Happy Birthday to the husband, the father, the brother, the son, the giver, the Latin lover, the hip shaker, the Backstreet Boy — our Howie Dorough!

We couldn’t imagine the Backstreet Boys without you. Thank you for giving us your all 110% of the time. We appreciate you more than you know.


7 Things You Need To Know From The Backstreet Boys ‘CMT Crossroads’ Taping

In the beginning of August, I was lucky enough to attend the taping of CMT Crossroads with the Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line and believe me when I say, you do NOT want to miss this show on TV on August 30th! As always, anything I gather from events will be given to you guys and this is no exception.

Like country music or not, you have to admit that it’s nice to see the Boys accepted and respected by so many different genres and proving, once again, that they’re capable of being successful in anything they try when they do it just right. With a #1 country single and their first time collaborating with another artist, we’d say they’re faring pretty well.

Now, about CMT Crossroads….

(FYI – Apologies for the grainy pics and videos. I only had my phone because my intention was to live in the moment, but…. 🙂 )

1. Florida Georgia Line and The Backstreet Boys Sound Even Better Together Live.


You may watch the BSB + FGL performances on TV or online and think “meh, I’m only here for Backstreet”, but man… these 7 men sound really great together (and we’re not just saying that)! The five voices of the Backstreet Boy gave a smoother sound to Florida Georgia Line hits, while the country duo’s vocals gave a totally different vibe to Backstreet classics (in a good way).

You really have to see them live to fully appreciate it though. Fingers crossed it comes through on the CMT Crossroads episode! We also kind of hope that there are more opportunities to see the two groups together in the future (or at least the BSB dipping their toes into the country scene).

We will warn you though, hearing BK and Tyler sing parts of the Boys’ songs took us a little off guard, but they did alright for a couple of country boys!

2. This Is A Brotherhood.

Better than the way they sound is the way they interact. While Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard “couldn’t believe” they were sharing the stage with the Backstreet Boys still, Kevin, Brian, AJ, Nick and Howie were vocal about how they were fans of FGL music before the two groups collaborated.

While they’re fans of each other, they’ve always formed quite a leveled brotherhood. Watching them interact onstage and work out vocals almost felt like we were in their livingroom, watching seven friends having a good time. There’s nothing better than music that flows from an easy collab and this is DEFINITELY what that is.

3. Nashville Loves The Backstreet Boys.

With the exception of NKOTBSB in 2011, the Backstreet Boys have not been together onstage in Nashville since the Black and Blue tour in 2001. Sure, Nick has been a resident (which he made sure to remind everyone during the taping) and they’ve recorded here on the DL (to most Nashvillians), but doing CMT Crossroads proved to Tennesseans that Backstreet has still got everything they had years ago.

Girls around us couldn’t contain their excitement (“OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!”), multiple people around us couldn’t believe how well they aged (“Damn, they still look good!”), and others shared their whispered memories of seeing Nick around in the town of Franklin, where it was filmed (we won’t share those 😉 ).

The audience sang along louder to “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” than any other song that night and the atmosphere was ELECTRIC. We, the people of Nashville, can only hope that the Boys come back soon.

4. BSB Does Country REALLY Well.

Obviously, Kevin and Brian were shoe-ins for the country scene, but Howie, Nick and AJ are SHOCKINGLY good at getting that twang just right. While some country music lovers love to argue that the FGL sound isn’t really country, it’s far more southern than anything the Backstreet Boys have ventured to work on before. We’re not saying the Boys should go straight country, but it bodes well for them to have friends in low places. Just watch the video of “Cruise” below!

(Points if you got that Garth Brooks reference)

5. A Live Band Is Everything.


UGGGGGGGGGGGGH. Shout out the Tyler Hubbard on the piano and the band that played behind both groups all night. We really really really really really miss a live band backing the Backstreet Boys.

6. They’re All Perfectionists.


Of the eight songs they performed (we’ll let you be surprised which ones), they performed the majority of them twice. While they did a little man-huddle to discuss whether or not to redo a few, it seemed like someone had a little final say. We’ll let you guess that one too. HINT: He’s on our side and even Tiger Beat listed him as a perfectionist in 1998. 🙂

But they were polite and asked if we minded. Of course NO ONE minded. Except maybe the Boys onstage who kept reiterating how hot it was. Pretty sure that was their own fault, if you know what I mean (haha – I’m so lame).

They’re also such perfectionists that the lyrics to all the songs were scrolling on a screen in the back. We know ALL the tricks!

7. We Can’t WAIT To See It On August 30th.


The whole thing was SO good and it went by SO quickly! It felt like the party was just getting started during the last song and people milled about after BSB + FGL left the stage, wondering if it was okay to start an “Encore” chant. I, for one, can not WAIT to relive it on August 30th on CMT at 10/9c. I also can’t wait to hear what everyone else thinks!

NOTE: It will only air on CMT, but will most likely be online shortly after. Watch our social media for links.

Check out my videos below and photos here!

A post shared by Sara (@saracatherine89) on Aug 2, 2017 at 7:37am PDT

There’s also THIS sneak peek!

What’s Happening On The Backstreet: August 8 – 18, 2017

We asked on Twitter if you’d want weekly update posts to help you keep up with what is literally happening on the Backstreet — because these five are BUSY!

You said yes and here we are. These posts will come weekly (I’ll try, at least…) – usually on the weekend – and will not contain new content, but will try to include everything you might have missed from the previous week from the world of BSB (and our posts for the week).

Here are the highlights from August 8th-18th:

APPEARANCE ALERT: Backstreet Boys will perform on Boy Band finale next week (Thursday 8/7c)

Girl Power: A Shout Out To The Wives Of Backstreet

8 ‘Boy Band’ Finalists: Who Are They?

FACT OR FICTION: #BSBVegas Backstreet Boys VIP Meet & Greet Edition

‘Backstreet Boys’ + ‘Backstreet’s Back’ Albums Celebrate 20 Years Since Release

BSB ‘Smooth Tour’ Meet and Greet Chicago Photos

BSB Chicago Afterparty Photos

NEW: Nick Carter Fan Club Membership Package

FACT OR FICTION: #BSBVegas Backstreet Boys VIP Meet & Greet Edition

The summer of BSB Vegas may be over, but the Backstreet Boys are only getting started! The shows have proven to be ACTUALLY larger than life – sequins, silver boots, 50 shades-ish wardobe and all.

But let’s get down to what you’re here for – Backstreet Boys VIP Meet And Greet.

As with every BSB event / appearance / situation / day they’re alive, there are questions, there is excitement, and there are rumors. We’re here to debunk what we can! We’ll start with rumors we’ve heard and we encourage you to send in anything you need to know if it’s FACT OR FICTION.

If you haven’t already, please read our posts about all things BSB Vegas here, including FAQ, VIP vs Afterparty, and our personal review from Vegas VIP + Show.

“You can purchase VIP Meet and Greet on backstreetboys.com and once they’re sold out, they’re gone.”


While the safest place to buy Backstreet Boys VIP meet and greet has ALWAYS been at their official website, we can officially confirm that if VIP is sold out, there will NOT be more added at the door. So, GET YOURS EARLY!

Bonus: If you’re a fan club member, you get first dibs on VIP. Join here!

“I heard there’s a VIP Meet and Greet with added perks like backstage tour and soundcheck….and it’s cheaper!”


Several people have asked about this one. The saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” is the only thing true here.

I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did…. you’re not getting backstage unless you know the Boys or their family personally (and by personally, I don’t mean via social media). As for soundcheck, no one is allowed in during the Vegas run except for the Boys, their team, and their family. 

What IS included is a sweet VIP lounge where you can sometimes hear the Boys running through soundcheck, grab some snacks (THIS IS MONUMENTAL – THE BOYS HAVE NEVER FED US!), and take some fun pics with friends while you wait.

If you’re concerned that you have purchased an invalid VIP meet and greet, please verify with Wonderful Union or shoot us an email. You can also always ask the person you purchased from to send you a confirmation from WU.

“VIP is rushed and not worth it.”


This is really a personal opinion and if you don’t want to purchase VIP, you 1000% don’t have to. However, you M I G H T experience FOMO.

Personally, while we both went the first week and there were kinks to be worked out, we believe that it is the best VIP experience yet. It’s clear that the team listened to us (within reason) and tried to make the overall atmosphere VIP, which we really appreciated.

The time with the actual Backstreet Boys is what you make it. I, for one, have never been cut off when I’m saying something that I want to say. It is quick, but obviously so…they’ve got 100 more people to get through. HOWEVER, I think you could spend 15 minutes with the Backstreet Boys and still feel like it was a blink because, let’s face it, sometimes we black out. In our opinion, VIP is just long enough not to be awkward and say something stupid 🙂

Plus, if you said everything the first time, what would you say the next time? Because you know you can’t just do it once.

“The Backstreet Boys give the best hugs ever!”


Anyone who has been to VIP can tell you that this IS the reason they want to keep going back. You think electric blankets are great? Wait until you have a Howie, Nick, Brian, Kevin or AJ wrapped around you! Unfortunately, you can’t buy those at WalMart.

“We’re NEVERRRR getting the VIP posters, are we?” 


Backstreet time. No one involved in the poster-mailing process wants anyone to wait. No need to get angry – you WILL get it. Having to nail down five men to sign posters when they’re not in a bus or venue all day to force a Sharpie into their hands can be hard work. Consider it a holiday gift!

Have another question / rumor regarding BSB Vegas VIP? Email (whothebackstreet@gmail.com) or Tweet Us!

8 ‘Boy Band’ Finalists: Who Are They?

Most of us watching Boy Band started out watching because of our familiarity with the architects – Timbaland, Emma Bunton and, of course, our Nick Carter.

As weeks rolled on though, a lot of us became invested in the performances, the boys, and who would ultimately form the perfect boyband – landing a record deal and a lot of exposure.

The time has come for the semi finals and with only two episodes left, we want to remind you a little bit about the eight boys who are left standing, five of which will be members of the next great boyband!

Brady Tutton


Age: 15

Location: Wisconsin

Twitter Handle: @bradytut

  • Classically trained opera singer
  • Had a stutter as a child
  • Has had a few roles in different TV shows

Chance Perez


Age: 19

Location: California

Twitter Handle: @ItsChancePerez

  • Dad to two-year-old Brooklyn
  • Certified EMT and training to become a firefighter
  • Got a love of music from his dad, who passed away when he was 8

Drew Ramos


Age: 19

Location: New York

Twitter Handle: @DrewRamosNYC

  • Sang in subways to try to make money
  • Along with being in a boyband, he wants to make a living that will get his mom, who raised him, out of a not-so-great neighborhood
  • Can do a Prince impersonation

Jaden Gray


Age: 16

Location: California

Twitter Handle: @RealJadenGray

  • Sings in a choir
  • Youngest of six
  • Spends time volunteering when not singing

Marcus Pendleton


Age: 16

Location: Tennessee

Twitter Handle: @K_marzzz_

  • Role model to 3 younger brothers and takes care of the house alongside his mom
  • Loves Michael Jackson and performs in an annual tribute show in Nashville
  • Believes in spreading positivity through music

Michael Conor


Age: 17

Location: Ohio

Twitter Handle: @michaelbmoc

  • Rapper and Violinist
  • Can solve a rubik’s cube in one minute
  • Has the least experience performing

Mikey Jimenez


Age: 17

Location: California

Twitter Handle: @RealMKY

  • Started singing to customers in his family’s hair salons
  • Wants to buy a house for his mom and grandma
  • Wasn’t allowed to pursue music until he graduated high school and is missing his graduation to be on the show

Sergio Calderon, Jr.


Age: 16

Location: California

Twitter Handle: @sjrcalderon

  • Gave up soccer scholarship in college to pursue music
  • Has a twin brother who also sings, but decided to pursue soccer
  • Speaks Spanish, English and French


  • The boys will be performing solo instead of in groups
  • America has until Friday at 11:59PM PST to vote – ALL COASTS CAN VOTE online and via text message!
  • The next week, the final BOYBAND will be revealed and will be performing their first single

Catch up on past performances and more here. Who are your picks?

Girl Power: A Shout Out To The Wives Of Backstreet

When most of us were younger, we dreamed of being married to a Backstreet Boy. Obviously we were pre-teens and had no idea what marriage entailed, but we knew that we’d give anything to touch Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick or AJ and marrying one of them sounded like an even better deal.

Fast forward 20+ years later and all five have gotten married and many of us have found our own significant others. Let’s be real, the majority of you reading this are women and we love nothing more than women supporting and showing love for other women. With that being said, we are also constantly working / posting to make sure that not only do our Boys get shown the gratitude they deserve, but everyone that works and sacrifices to make the Backstreet Boys “happen”.

The wives are no exception. While we try to keep posting about these ladies to a minimum, simply because they didn’t sign up for constant exposure just because they fell in love with someone, we thought it was time for another (read our “Why We Are Thankful…” post here) — and this time we asked you to share!

Before we get into the things people sent us (stories, kind words, etc.), let us introduce the lesser informed readers to the people we’ve been referring to – not as wives, but as five individual women who have their own identities.

Kristin RichardsonKristin

  • Former Rockette and back up dancer for Cher
  • Photographer
  • Actress
  • Met Kevin while working at Disney World and was with him pre-Backstreet
  • Mother to Mason and Max
  • Has been very open about fertility struggles in order to help other women
  • Life of the party





abc6c905f1709d808d544adecf44a537Leighanne Littrell

  • Owner of Wylee by Leighanne Littrell
  • Actress (Met Brian while of the ALAYLM set)
  • Mother to Baylee
  • Constantly interacting with fans
  • Known for throwing amazing parties
  • Knows how to take a really great selfie







Leigh Anne Dorough


  • Former film exec and real estate broker
  • Met Howie while working as the BSB webmaster
  • Mom to Holden and James
  • The most private of the 5
  • On point with her style
  • Known to close down the afterparties with Howie








Rochelle.PNGRochelle McLean

  • Make Up Artist
  • Admitted boyband fan
  • Is big on friends being basically family
  • Amazing about sharing real life on social media
  • Mom to the the only girls in the group – Ava and Lyric
  • Always up on the latest
  • Fangirls with the best of us












Lauren Kitt-CarterLauren-Kitt-3-1410974770

  • Fitness guru
  • Former fit competitor
  • All about the green life
  • Has lived all over the world + speaks multiple languages
  • Mom to Odin
  • Quiet but kind
  • Great sense of humor




Oh… and have we mentioned that all five of them are friends?? What a support system!

It’s no surprise that when we asked you to share your stories and kind words for Lauren, Leigh, Leighanne, Kristin and Rochelle that you all came through. The time they have taken for fans, that they didn’t have to, has been insurmountable. Take a minute and enjoy these tidbits from fans about the Backstreet wives:

“In 2008, my friend, one of her friends, and myself made a random trip from Indiana to Bloomington, IL (my 2nd BSB show – my first was a couple weeks before at the Indiana State fair). We got there and Leighanne and Baylee were outside walking their dog. They talked to everyone and were super nice!!” – Megan

“Although I have never met Rochelle, I have been a BSB / AJ fan since the beginning (my 30 yr old and 28 year old got me hooked years ago). I feel Rochelle deserves recognition and a huge thank you for being a beautiful, kind mother and wife. I have never been so happy for anyone as I was for AJ when he married Rochelle. I do believe she has a huge impact on where he is and who he is today and I couldn’t be happier or prouder. As the mother of a child in recovery, I know the daily struggles. I always look forward to photos and stories from the girls and I admire Rochelle as well as all the BSB wives, for having the patience and dignity to deal with us crazy fan girls. Thank you Rochelle.” – Veronica Wilson

“Back in 2011, when the Lauren hater minions were going strong, I got the chance to talk to her on the cruise for about 15 minutes after the boys’ concert since she and Eddie sat behind me (yes, I had horrible seats in the very back). We talked about a few things and I asked her how she dealt with all the haters because I’ve dealt with my own share of online drama and she shared some words that have kind of stuck with me. Since then, we’ve seen each other a few times and I even got to interview her for my old job when “I Heart Nick Carter” came out. She always seems to remember our conversation. Nick picked a good one.” – Karah-Leigh

“I am sharing some kindness, I just thank Lauren for coming into Nick’s life and brightening it up. Making him have a reason to smile when something’s in his life weren’t that great. Showing him the love he needed. So happy on their little family!! Odin is precious!” – Kristin Luna

“I remember on the first BSB cruise, back in 2010, a friend of mine asked Leigh D. if she could hold James for a photo, and she agreed with a smile and gave her (in that moment he was just a baby) the boy in her arms. Anybody could think how crazy of her giving her son to a couple of fans (knowing fans’ hysteria) but she wasn’t worried and you could tell she wasn’t faking it. I really appreciated that from her. It showed her kindness and humility. I will never forget that. Thank you and keep being such a humble person, Leigh!” – Rosie

“My best friend and I took her daughter to her 1st concert, BSB of course. The Wylee trailer was there and we got to meet Leighanne inside. There were so many people crammed in there, all trying to meet her. Some were there to shop, but mostly to see her. She tried so hard to greet and interact with everyone that came through, though you could tell she was a little overwhelmed with being a BSB wife and running her business. She did notice our little fan, who was 6 at the time and made sure to talk to her. B didn’t understand at the time who she was, and why we were so excited to meet her, but she had fun anyway. Leighanne took the time to stop what she was doing and take a picture with just about anyone who asked, between ringing up sales and helping people try on dresses and put outfits together.” – Amanda

“During one of the tour dates a friend asked Nick if he and Lauren would be ok with taking a picture with me and friend after leaving the hotel. When they left Nick was with Lauren (they were not married or had Odin yet) and a lot of fans were just getting too close for comfort while they walked to their car. Nick remembered us and came over with Lauren telling everyone that he promised to take a picture with us. We were super thrilled since we wanted a picture with the both of them but she stepped out of the picture saying and seemed a little shocked when we kindly asked her if she could be in the picture as well. She was super sweet to us and even seemed hesitant since she didn’t know what to expect from us but it was great getting to meet her there.

I am sure she gets most of the crap out of all the wives and she handles it like a trouper! And for that she has all of my respect. I love how much she loves Nick and Odin and how supportive and defensive she is of him.” – Linda

“Back in 2011, the Backstreet Boy’s came to Chicago for their NKOTBSB tour. I happened to see Lauren walking Igby (Nick’s pup). I stopped her, and asked if she could please give Nick my twitter name. She said sure, he’s actually in that bus right now. She pointed to his bus. Then she said, wait here a little while, and I’ll have Nick come out to say hi!!! She walked back to the bus, and not even 5 minutes later… Nick actually tweeted me saying “Igby says hi, and I hope you and your friends enjoy the show”. I flipped out! I couldn’t believe that she actually gave it to him. Then about 45 minutes later, my two friends and I were standing near the bus. The venue already let people in. Nick suddenly walked out of the bus, and came towards us!!!!!! That was my first time ever meeting him. I have Lauren to thank for that! I felt that she went above&beyond to make my dream come true.” – Shannon V.

“My Lauren story is actually from when my brother in law went to Vegas in April 2017. He is a big poker player so he was sitting at a table playing with a few people, including Lauren. He had no idea who Lauren was. They played for about 2 hours together. They laughed, they talked, they had a few drinks, my bro-in-law said she was really nice and down to earth. So anyways, she eventually got up and went to join a man at another table. My bro-in-law glanced over and realized that man was Nick Carter! Knowing that I am a HUGE Carter girl, he walked over to talk to Lauren. He told her how much of a fan I was, and even showed her my Facebook picture (a pic-collage of all my pictures with Nick). He asked if she could ask Nick for a picture with him for me. Lauren then took my bro-in-law’s phone and said “ahh that’s cute.” And turned to Nick, showed him my picture and asked if he recognized me. Nick took his phone and said, and I quote, “absolutely we see her around!” (Oh my God he knows who I am!!!!!) And immediately accepted a photo with him.

So thank you Lauren. I know some fans haven’t made life easy for you in the past but you are truly an amazing person. Thank you for accepting us fans, for being kind to us, for sharing your husband with us and most of all for making Nick so happy !

And thanks to Leighanne, Leigh, Rochelle and Kristen for also sharing your men with us fans! We love you And I really hope to meet some of you in Vegas in February.” – Anne

“I met the Backstreet wives except Rochelle (I hope I can meet her someday). I’m Nick girl so I met Lauren many times and we talked in Japanese whenever we met. I can tell her Japanese pronunciation is so great, it was fun to talk in Japanese like we shared secret conversation when we were in US. LOL. She always talked to us in our language is sweet I thought.

Kristin is my woman crush actually,I’m big fan of her!
When I met her at IAWLT tour after party in Vegas, she asked my favorite and I answered “Nick but I’m big fan of you”, she said “Aww thank you” and hugged me!

I met her again at DEAD 7 premiere in LA at April 2016 – she was there with Kevin. I found her after the movie and asked to take pic with her (At first Kristin, after that Kevin…sorry I’m Kristin girl), she was super nice like always! We got pic with Kevin too but in a second after it, he saw and asked us we need pics with him…we were just surprised because we did in a few seconds ago. Kristin saw our surprised faces and said to him, he already did that and “You know they are big fan of BSB from Japan!”… It was funny, it sounded like he should know us, why he didn’t…we never expected it though. LOL. Even before their leaving the theater, she found us in the crowd and called out us, “Have a safe flight!” I could melt…how nice was she! I really heart her.

Whenever I met them, they are so nice to us always than they have to be really.
I’m so glad they’ve been happy married each of them for so long.
I’m sure their support makes the Backstreet boys to stay on the music scene still and keep going to the future.” – Jun

“I met Leigh D. in 2007 on the DLF cruise. They got married just one week before the DLF cruise. I was going to go to the room for M&G but I got lost in the ship. When I turned back , there were Howie and Leigh! They got lost too! lol.. There I could have mini M&G.

I gave her present and Howie told me it was her first present after she turned to “Dorough”. Leigh was really gorgeous and easy to talk to. She is so sweet and charming and smart! After that Leigh took us to right place for M&G. Howie and I just followed her! Of course I became her fan!” – Hisae

“On 2013 Cruise, thanks to Brian’s wife, Leighanne, I got to have Brian’s autograph on my Rolling Stone pants down cover flag Hahaha. I have mobility problems so I can’t stand all night long on first row. I was calling on Brian but he didn’t hear me. Leighanne did and called her hubby to sign my flag…so thanks to her I talked to Brian and he signed my flag. I will always be grateful to Leighanne for that magical moment.” – Silvina

” I was lucky enough to meet Lauren when I was an extra on Dead 7. She was so down to earth and nice. She came and chilled with the extras. It was nice to talk to her casually about random things that didn’t include BSB. She even posed for photos. I love Lauren and appreciate her kind heart. She and Nick are perfect for each other!” – Amanda Behringer

” I just love how their wives are so loving and supportive of the men. I love Lauren because she and Nick do not let negativity get in their way of living their lives, Leigh because she’s the nicest sweetest person ever, Leighanne because she’s also the nicest, Rochelle because she’s a great wife and mother, and Kristin because she’s a good actress, loving wife and amazing mother of two. They’re all great wives and mothers. Love them all and their men!! So much!!” – Camille Guillot

“I had met Brian, Nick and AJ in 2010 and I had designed my own BSB butterfly tattoo and the guys autographed around it. Well in 2011, I met Leighanne for the first of many times and I showed Leighanne my butterfly and she loved it! She said it was unique and very girly. And would be an awesome logo on a bag or hat or something. She then took a picture of it to run the idea by the guys!! She tweeted me later that night, but nothing came of it. But it was still an awesome experience that maybe, just maybe they’d remember me. I know she does every Ive seen her thereafter.” – Kym Seabolt

“I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Leighanne several times over the years. She’s super sweet and a lot of fun! I met Leighanne for the first time at a Wylee event before a This Is Us concert. While Baylee ran around drawing pictures, pouring water, and selling us fans items (seriously, too cute), Leighanne took the time to explain her line, show us products, and just generally chat. She was so friendly and approachable, talking to her was like talking to a good friend. She even took pictures with fans!

I’ve seen her at several Wylee events, cruises, and concerts since then and she is always so kind. She gets so excited when she sees fans (especially if you’re rocking some Wylee attire!) and she’s notorious for hugging and snapping pics with everyone.

Leighanne – thank you for being such a joy to talk to and spend time with! Looking forward to seeing you at many more future events!” – Becca

“I met Leighanne on the second leg of the In A World Like This tour. It was June 14, 2014. The guys were in Pennsylvania and Leighanne had brought out the Wylee trailer on the road. I had just met the guys and wanted Brian to sign my poster, so I thought the best place to wait was in the Wylee trailer. Well, Brian was so busy that I didn’t get him to sign my poster, but I did get Leighanne to sign it. She was so sweet about it and made me feel extremely special. It is amazing how much these ladies know how we react to either meeting them or the guys. I appreciated Leighanne taking the time to sign my poster. The same poster is now framed and is hanging on my wall with a place of honor. So, I just wanted to thank Leighanne for being so kind and gracious to all of us Backstreet Fans! Love you Leighanne and Brian!” – Ashley

“I respect all the girls but Lauren is my favorite. I’m so happy Nick has met this wonderful lady to share his life with and that, by the way, we got to know/meet this sweet lady. She is an amazing, loving and caring human being. I love her strength, her kindness, her strong personality, her cleverness, her patience, her humility, the deep respect she has for all living beings, her dedication and consistency when it comes to something that fascinate her, her sense of humor, the amazing mum that she is, and so on … And no need to say that she is super stunning. Nick is a very lucky man to share his life with such an amazing lady.

I had the chance to meet her once in Paris in 2014, one of the best day of my life. Even if I was so shy and I think I was soooo stupid in front of her, lol, it’s a memory I will cherish forever. She was nothing but kind and sweet to me and my husband. I spent all the after-party talking to her, totally forgetting the boys behind me and the fact I was supposed to party with them. I feel blessed and lucky I got to spend this time with her. She has been a true inspiration for me the past years. She helped me in so many ways. She helped me to believe in myself too, and was always there to encourage me and give me up-lifting words. She is one in a million and I wish nothing but the best for her. I’ve learnt a lot from her and she keeps inspiring me every day. I don’t know if our roads will cross again one day (*fingers crossed*) but one thing is for sure : she will always have my support, respect and admiration!” – Aurelie

Rochelle sent me a DM on Twitter when my mom died recently and that really touched my heart. She’s always been so kind to me and hopefully one day I will get to thank her in person.” – Angie

“I met Leighanne for the first time in June and I’ve gotta say, she is such a sweetheart! She wanted to chat about the show and if I enjoyed it and how long I’ve been a fan and where did I live etc. and then she just chatted about some random stuff and I actually had NO idea who she was. I don’t really keep tabs on the wives and the guys private life, so I didn’t know who she was. I know Brian introduced her by pointing in her general directions but still, nope! Totally oblivious haha but after she left, someone mentioned who she was and I couldn’t believe she didn’t introduce herself as Brian’s wife:) she’s a fantastic person. I really enjoyed chatting with her.” – Rachel

“I met Leighanne Littrell on the walk of fame when the boys got their star and she had stopped I don’t know how many times to take pictures she was about to go meet Brian and I asked her if I could take her picture she graciously stopped for me and I utter something on the lines of “ohh I missed Baylee” she went and got Bay so I could take his pic and then she asked me if I wanted one of both and duh! of course I said yes and after ALL that she event took the time to talk to me and other girls and she wouldn’t stop thaking us for being faithful fans she is awesome. On that same day (obviously), I met Kristin and Rochelle and even though it was hot and sunny and Ava was months old she stopped for a few pics and hen she apologized because she wanted to take the baby out of the sun and Kristin was pregnant with Max and it was hot as hell they were gracious enough to stop meet, greet and take pics with all of us screaming crazy fans.” – Carol

I have always really liked Rochelle – of all the wives, I have the most in common with her (temperament, politics, taste in men- haha). But I’ve always been intimidated by how beautiful she is. Pre- and post- babies, she is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen. It is rare that you see Ro at events; she seems to prefer to be in the background. I saw her at the documentary premiere in LA and awkwardly asked for a photo. She was so sweet, as I know she finds it strange that fans of her husband want to know her. I must’ve told her 3-4 times within 45 seconds how beautiful she was; those were the only words that came out. Despite how ridiculous I must have sounded, she made my night. I’m so glad she picked AJ!
The first time I really got to spend some time with Leighanne was before a show on the first leg of IAWLT. The Wylee trailer was inside the gates, and we had early entry tickets. For about 15-20 minutes, I shopped and tried on dresses (per Leighanne’s suggestions) with just my mom and my sister, and Miguel, who was there to dress me in all of the appropriate accessories. Leighanne’s positive, happy personality is contagious, and she made us feel like friends rather than strangers. (Just as she has every time since then.) I adore being around her, and I’m so glad she is part of our Backstreet family!” – Brittany Bumgarner

Thanks for holding it down, ladies, for being inspiring, for being kind, and for sharing your lives (and your husbands) with us. ❤

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You said yes and here we are. These posts will come weekly – usually on the weekend – and will not contain new content, but will try to include everything you might have missed from the previous week from the world of BSB (and our posts for the week).

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