5 Translations For What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean

It seems like since the Backstreet Boys have been hot and heavy back on the scene (with media, nostalgia fans, and others), some things they have said has been taken out of context and run with. There are other things that have been said that have sent regular fans into a spiral of crazy.

As always, we’re here to help and, in this case, translate. We’re just clarifying things that have been said. We have all the faith in the Backstreet Boys and while we know that they are notorious for Backstreet Time, they have also been working hard and coming through for 24 years.

1. “We’re Working On A New Album. We Hope To Have A Single Out By End Of Year.”

What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean: The Boys are working on a new album as they have been for the past year. They have recently signed a deal with RCA record which changes the game – in a good way. They are recording in Las Vegas and LA in their down time.

What The Backstreet Boys Do Not Mean: 

– “We’re not working on a new album.”

– “We’re telling you this because it’s what you want to hear.”

– “We’ve been lying everytime we tell you about a new album with full knowledge that we’re not going to stay on the same timeline.”

2. “We’re Doing A World Tour Next Year.”

What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean:  They’re going on a WORLD TOUR next year with Vegas dates sprinkled in between.

What The Backstreet Boys DO NOT Mean:

– “We’re staying in Vegas and telling you we’re doing a world so you’ll leave us alone.”

– “We’re saying world tour, but we really mean a few places in the US only.”

3. “We Have Signed On For 53 New Vegas Dates.”

What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean: They have 53 new Vegas dates coming up, including November, January, and February (presumably). The Boys have been 1000% transparent about the fact that they will be doing Vegas IN BETWEEN tour dates.

What The Backstreet Boys Do Not Mean:

– “We’re ignoring the rest of the world and staying in Vegas.”

– “We’re lying about the WORLD tour.”

– “We’re putting off the tour until we finish Vegas.”

4. “A Tour With The Spice Girls Would Be Cool.”

What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean: Nick architect-ing with Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice on Boy Band has obviously dredged up the years old idea that the BSB and Spice Girls would collaborate on a tour together. THERE IS NO SOLID TRUTH TO THIS. Nick was asked, Nick answered honestly that it would be cool, media ran with it. If they did in the future, great. If they don’t, cool.

What The Backstreet Boys DO NOT Mean:

– “We’re never going to tour by ourselves again.”

– “We would 100% do a tour with the Spice Girls just to piss everyone off – specifically everyone who is begging us not to.”

– “Again, we’re lying.”

5. “We Love Our Fans.”

What The Backstreet Boys Really Mean: They love their fans. They love us enough to put up with screaming in their faces, uncontrollable crying, a little bit of stalking, incessant demands, unwarranted opinions, and a whole lot of things that would scare off any normal people. They get us. We get them. They’re listening, they’re working, and we are loving it!

What The Backstreet Boys Do Not Mean:

– “We’re saying this so you keep coming.”

– “We’re ignoring a bunch of you because we hate you actually.”

This post comes on the heels of a lot of things that have hit our Twitter in the past week. We love Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick and we believe in them. We are no strangers to Backstreet Time and, as working adults, we understand that things change beyond anyone’s control sometimes.

We’re asking you to please trust the process. Please trust our Boys and support them. Don’t miss out on enjoying everything they’re doing right now (it’s so much!!) worrying about what’s next. We completely understand how badly everyone wants to see the Backstreet Boys up close and personal and we have every bit of faith that they’re trying to get to everyone they can.

Be patient. Our Boys aren’t going anywhere and we can’t WAIT to celebrate 25 years with them.

2017 is only the beginning!



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