6 Days Of Kind Backstreet Boys Tweets – Join Us!

Let’s go back to the years between 2009 and 2011. The Backstreet Boys were headed from This Is Us to NKOTBSB. While Kevin wasn’t with the Boys at the time, all five were on Twitter, actively connecting with fans and making the most of the new social media platform.

Flash forward to 2017 and we’re down to one Backstreet Boy tweeting regularly with most of the others laying low. There’s even some of us who have scaled back dramatically on our tweeting. Twitter sometimes becomes a place where it’s easy to say mean things, become greedy, jealous and let ourselves get sucked into a world of not-so-nice feelings.

We want to change that… as much as we can – at least for a week.

After reading about Ed Sheeran recently leaving Twitter because of Lady Gaga’s fans coming after him and Lady Gaga asking fans (and everyone) to “work harder to be kinder”, we decided that this is OUR chance to all work together to work harder to be kinder.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

  • All next week, we’re dedicating each day to kind things and a different Backstreet Boy. While our ultimate goal is to bring each one of them slowly back to social media, it is really just our hope that they see the kind words and that they feel loved.

They should feel loved everyday, you say? We’re sure they do, but there’s something         magical that happens when everyone sends a lot of kindness in one direction.

  • The only rule is that you tweet NOTHING rude. If someone gets tweeted, be happy for them. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing. We’re only asking that you TRY. Being nice, while being honest, can really change your day. We promise.

Which Day Are We Tweeting Which Backstreet Boys?

Check out the tweet schedule below. Use the hashtags and we’ll try to RT throughout the day.

Monday, July 10th: Kevin — #KindTweetsForKevin

Tuesday, July 11th: Howie — #KindTweetsForHowie

Wednesday, July 12th: Brian — #KindTweetsForBrian

Thursday, July 13th: Nick — #KindTweetsForNick

Friday, July 14th: AJ — #KindTweetsForAJ

Saturday, July 15th: Anyone Involved With BSB Anything (Wives, WU, BSB Team, etc.) —                                          Including your friends! #BSBKindTweets

Let’s do this, Backstreet Army! We have nothing to lost and everything to gain. Spread the love and good feelings. ❤



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