FAN #BSBVegas FAQ: You Asked, We Answered

We’ve done a few posts about what to expect during the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas run, but we’ve since received messages, DMs, and the like asking more specific questions that we may not have addressed before.

So, in an effort to put everything in one place, we’re taking your questions via Email, Facebook and Twitter and putting our answers here. We will be taking them until the end of time and updating this post so if you have any questions (or tips that you wish you would have known), sent them our way!

—- FAQ —-

“Are they gonna have programs of the show?”

No. They haven’t, so it’s unlikely that they will.

“Are you allowed to bring anything for the boys (gifts, props, stuff to sign, etc.) at the show or the AP?”

Autographs and props are not permitted during VIP Meet And Greet before the show. You must leave your belongings on a table behind the VIP photo backdrop, so bringing a gift is risky. Personally, we wouldn’t advise it.

The afterparty is really up to you and how lucky you get. Again, we wouldn’t suggest a gift unless, perhaps, it can go in a pocket. The crowd is such that it would end up getting lost and, really, it’d be an inconvenience to carry around. That being said, the AP is a more lax scene where autographs are allowed (again – luck) — but BYOS (bring your own sharpie).

“Is there soundcheck or an opening number for the show?”

No. There’s no fan-allowed soundcheck and no opening act. There is, however, a 12-minute BSB mix that opens the show that EVERYONE is obsessed with.

“What’s the dress code?”

There’s not one. People wear everything from dresses to jeans.

“Are cameras allowed?”

Yes. NO DETACHABLE LENSES THOUGH. Cameras with detachable lenses will be taken and you will have to pick them up at the end of the show.

“Will Backstreet Boys keep their residency in Vegas for a long time?”

The residency is ending on April 27th – catch ’em while you can!

“Are you able to get close to the boys at all if you do an after party and you’re in GA?”

It really depends on the night, the crowd, etc. Is it possible? 100%.

Most people that have had luck getting close to the Boys at an AP with a GA ticket have left the concert early and booked it to Chateau to get a spot up close to their section. We will say that the Boys try their hardest to get to everyone who is trying to get to them. It can’t hurt.

“Does anyone know why the PIT tickets have seat numbers on them?”

Strictly for ticketing purposes. Normally the number is for the venue to keep up with number of people in the pit. There ARE NO SEATS in the pit. It is general admission, standing room only.

“What time should I get there? We have pit tickets but not VIP… VIP gets first entrance into the pit correct?”

Those with Beat The Line GA tickets get in first. VIP and GA have generally been allowed to line up at the same time.

Check out our GA “When Should I Line Up?” timeline below. This is strictly our informed opinion and for PIT ONLY. If you have seats, don’t worry about lining up until doors open.


“Where should I go to get the most action from [insert Backstreet Boy]?”

To the concert and to the afterparty. 🙂

The honest answer is that the Boys really try to divide themselves up evenly. There’s obviously the AIHTG spots in the 200s (covered in another FAQ post) and the VIP tables that are optimum spots for face-touching, hand-holding, and sweat, but as far as picking sides for pit — it’s pretty even.

If you HAVE to have an answer, we’d say Brian and Howie on the left and Nick and AJ on the right. Kevin is more centered and catwalk action, but Kevin being Kevin…he’ll try to reach whoever he can.

“Where is the Backstreet Boys merch store?”

At the beginning of the residency, the shop was The Axis Store and it was located to the left of the theater (if you’re facing out from the venue). It has since moved to the opposite side. If you find Zappos Theater, you’ll find the shop.

Merch can also be purchased inside the venue once the doors open for the show.

“Can we take our phones into VIP Meet and Greet?”

You can take your phone into the lounge before the actual meet and greet, but not into the area with the Boys.

“Where does VIP Meet and Greet take place?”

Inside Zappos Theater. Once you line up at the designated time (you’ll get an email 24-48 hours ahead of time with all the details, but you can also find an updated list here), you’ll check in at a table and get drink tickets. Once you check in, you’ll be directed to the upstairs of the venue, where there is a bar, a photo booth and a fun lounge with snacks, games, and seating while you wait for the Backstreet Boys. To avoid having to stand and wait any longer than you have to, you line up when your group is called to line up for the meet and greet portion.

Once your meet and greet is over, you are free to leave and come back or wait inside the venue for theater doors to be open.

Read More About All Things Basic BSBVegas Here


Seating: “If you can afford the good seats (table, pit, close rows, etc), go for it! The way the Axis is setup, it can be hard to see if you’re short and buy seats far back. There are screens, but they do different things during the show (not sure if this is a spoiler) and won’t always be showing the boys. So it can be hard to see if you’re like me and in row X at 4’11”

HOWEVER whether you are up close and personal or viewing tiny versions of the boys, the entire show is spectacular and can truly be enjoyed from any seat. I personally just wished I knew what my view would’ve been beforehand as I would’ve shelled out for a closer spot.”

Getting Around: “If you are going to be spending any amount of time in Vegas and on the strip. I suggest a buspass. My friend and I got the RTC app on our phones and paid 20 bucks for a three day pass that will get you on any bus going up and down the strip. You can even get to the Fremont Street Experience that way as well.”

Concert Prep: “The part about eating is very important. I haven’t seen the Boys in Vegas yet, but the venue I saw Nick at for All American was GA only and we made sure to take turns holding each other’s places in line so we could eat. Cause there isn’t much seating and in the pit there was zero seating.

Edit: Also, wear comfy shoes. It’ll make all the difference when you’re halfway through the show after standing for hours.”

General Admission: “Note to those of you who cannot stand 8+ hours. They will NOT let you sit down in line. (OK maybe if you are the first ones in the 12pm-2pm hours for a bit). Once more people arrive and there is a line formed, they will NOT let you sit down. There is a little bar in the middle of the waiting area with stools, but if you go there, you will be out of line. About an hour before they let you in, you will get wristbands (different colours for each side). Then you go through metal detectors and get your tickets scanned. Then they try to make you take pics with your friends and a backdrop. Then there is another barricade. Then VIP and GA people are let in (sometimes at the same time). Then you line up against a wall for another half an hour or so, then you go in. (Hoping that no one tries to rush past you on the stairs) However that being said, the pit areas are very roomy and you can pretty much see from anywhere.”




2 thoughts on “FAN #BSBVegas FAQ: You Asked, We Answered

  1. Going back again in November for my birthday was so hoping to get vip seating for some reason last year 2017 was able to purchase just 2 seats right up front… tried to do that again this year and now says I have to buy all 6 seats. Needless to say I’m so disappointed and heart sick that I can’t spend my birthday prbly the last time/chance I’ll have to do something like this again the way I spent it last year! I did the meet and greet last year can’t do it this year and only decent seating option left were platinum…. still thrilled, blessed and thankful to be going… just had my hopes up it could be better than last year. Regardless…. just getting a chance to see them again with how long I have enjoyed them/ their music is 💯 worth it rt there!!

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