12 Thoughts We Had During The ‘Boy Band’ Premiere

It finally happened.

The United States has gotten their head in the game to bring in heavy hitters and create a new boyband to take over the universe…at least for a little while. However, Nick Carter is not messing around – he stated in the premiere that he is looking for a successful “band of brothers” and what Nick wants, Nick gets. We can’t wait to see who the fab five turn out to be.

While you can read up-to-date recaps of interviews, episodes and more on nickcarter.net, we will be offering a lighter fan-side of things similar to our DWTS thoughts posts. As always, you can read our thoughts every Thursday LIVE via Twitter (@WHOTheBckstreet).

1. It Hit Us Hard That We Aren’t 16 Anymore. 

Sure, we go to Vegas acting like we’re still teenagers, but when faced with boys that are ACTUALLY 14-19 years old, we realized how old we are, how illegal it is for us to have feels and why our moms were all about Kevin and Howie.

GIVE US SOME 24 YEAR OLDS STAT! Who is going to be the dad?! Who’s going to give “the look”? This is important.

2. We Wonder If These Contestants Would Pay Us To Read Nick’s Face For Them.

There wasn’t one Backstreet Boys fan watching who couldn’t tell exactly what Nick was thinking just by looking at his face, even if his mouth said something nicer than his expression.

3. These Boys Look A Lot Older At 14-15 Than Nick Did At 14-15.

What are these boys eating that their skin is so smooth, their hair is so great and their growth is so…grown-like? I mean, Nick was cute and all, but some of these boys are already hot. Please see #1.

4. How Long Until The Architects Collaborate?

We’re SUPER excited to see a new boyband come together, but any 90s girl is staring at Nick and Emma between performances, still wishing on every star for a BSB + Spice Girls tour. Then TIMBALAND?! The man behind a TON of recently popular songs on the radio? Excuse us while we mop up the drool at the thought of that collab.

5. Is Anyone Else Watching This Trying To Fit These Boys Into Backstreet Roles?

We pegged Sergio as a Nick/Howie mix and Cameron as a Kevin, banging his box and having a football background. How can we not try to find someone that fits OUR perfect boyband mold?


One 1D fan tweeted on the night of the premiere asking why they would make these boys dance when boybands “don’t do that anymore”. PUH-LEASE. Give me a boyband that doesn’t dance that’s still together though? I’ll wait.

The boys that dance together, stay together.

Or something like that.

7. Don’t Care Who You Are, Where You’re From, What You Did…As Long As You Sing and Dance Together. 

Whether we agreed with the top 18 or not, we have to admit that as soon as they hit the stage and worked the crowd, we were in our element. And so were they! We can’t wait to see more performances.

8. Nick’s Great At The Constructive Criticism! 

….Even when it’s not the nicest. For example, “you have to have talent to be in a boyband”. ZING! But in the nicest way.

9. Those War Room Scenes Are INTENSE.

CONFLICT! CONFLICT! CONFLICT! Legit the scariest part of the show. We don’t like anyone to get their feelings hurt or not get their way.

10. The Nick + Sergio Bromance Is Real.

And when we tweeted about it, Nick liked it. Move over, Howie. Seriously though, we can’t blame him. Sergio Calderon is a huge stand out and we can only hope he makes it to the end.

Or that he ends up in Nick’s next movie.

11. We Did NOT Expect Timbaland To Have Moves.

That “Everybody” dance though… (Watch here)

12. We Can’t Wait To See Where This Goes!

Like we said, super excited to see a new boyband and the different opinions about different singers (we definitely had them). As the journey continues, our thoughts will get more in depth…and we’re going to have stronger opinions.

Miss the first episode? Watch it here.



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