Everything You Need To Know About The Animal Foundation (And Those Free Backstreet Tickets)

The Backstreet Boys are teaming up with The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas to benefit you and some sweet animals! With animals being something that both Kristie and I care deeply about, we couldn’t not work this collaboration into a post somehow. It was announced earlier this week that simply by donating $100 or more to The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, you can get Backstreet Boys tickets for a future concert in Vegas.

Allow us to pull your heartstrings a little more and give you a few more details.

What Is The Animal Foundation?

They are an organization operating the largest open-admission animal shelter in the state of Nevada, providing refuge for more than 30,000 unwanted, lost, and neglected animals per year.

Currently the shelter is at capacity, meaning they need more people to adopt these sweet animals and give them a forever home.

How Do I Give And Get Free BSB Tickets?

On June 23rd and 24th (Friday and Saturday), anyone can purchase a $100+ giftcard from PETCO or PETSMART and bring it to to Lied Animal Shelter, 644 North Mojave Road in Las Vegas, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Go to the large white tent on the property to make the transaction. You must have a receipt for proof of purchase dated between June 15 and June 24, 2017. Live Nation Las Vegas will send a ticket confirmation to the individual donor within a week of the close of the promotion. Offer is good for redemption during November and February show dates.

Tickets are limited to TWO PER PERSON, with limited quantities available.

“We try to take advantage of every opportunity we can to give back,” says Brian Littrell,  “We hope our support draws awareness to help shelter animals and increase adoptions during the summer months when animals in Las Vegas most need our help.”

I Don’t Live In Las Vegas. Can I Participate?

Unfortunately, you can not get the free BSB tickets, you can absolutely still donate! Check out these options for donating or the shelter’s Wish List on Amazon. You can also check out your local animal shelters to see what their needs are. The summer is brutal for animals and we implore you to help however you can!

Check out some of the sweet babies your donations will be helping take care of until they find their forever home!

Please share with anyone in Las Vegas — these animals ARE up for adoption!



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