Backstreet Dads: Some Of The Sweetest Things The Backstreet Boys Have Said About Fatherhood

A few years ago, we did a Father’s Day series of posts on each Backstreet Boy (except for Nick because we’re not psychics all the time 😉 ). This year, we decided to keep it simple and post a few of the sweetest words and advice that Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick have shared about their children and about being fathers. If this doesn’t melt you, we don’t know what will!


We’ve written multiple times about how much we love seeing these Boys with their children, so we won’t go back into it. All we have to say is that we are SO proud of the fathers that each of these men have become and we can’t wait to watch Maxwell, Mason, Lyric, Ava, Baylee, Holden, James and Odin grow up and become everything their parents work so hard to instill in them.

Shout out to our own fathers who have taught us so many things, but also bought us Backstreet Boys tickets, listened to their music with us, and driven us to concerts before we could do for ourselves.

Last but not least, the fathers who are husbands of fans, those who keep the kids on the weekends we need a roadtrip with the girls, the times we NEED to cruise with the Backstreet Boys, and those who find a sitter and come along for the ride – you the real MVP!

Happy Father’s Day!


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