What It’s Really Like To Meet The Backstreet Boys

A few weeks ago, a video went viral among fans with a young lady named Jessie receiving tickets for KTUphoria to see the Backstreet Boys. Fans shared it on every social media platform possible, hoping to catch the eye of a Boy or a member of their team to get Jessie to receive every fan’s ultimate goal….

….To meet Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie and Nick.

It wasn’t because Jessie’s video had already gained attention by the time fans saw it. It wasn’t because she has Down Syndrome. It was because every fan that watched that video knew exactly how she felt.

We know how it feels to see these Boys for the first time. We know how it is to be handed those tickets. While for many of us, it was a long time ago, people like Jessie remind us what it’s like to feel that kind of euphoria – to simply be thrilled with just a set of tickets.

The video made it’s way to AJ and Kevin who retweeted it and invited Jessie to meet and greet. On Saturday and Sunday, the videos of Jessie’s meet and greet circulated  quickly. We were all in tears. We were all in our feels.

We were reminded why we love these Boys.

We were reminded how it feels to meet them for the first time.

We were reminded that, at the end of the day, we need to stop getting so caught up in the frills and we need to get back to that magic.


Meet and Greet Video #1

Meet and Greet Video #2

Meet and Greet Video #3

If you ask any of us what it’s like to meet the Backstreet Boys, the first words that will probably come to mind are that “it depends”, “expensive”, “rushed”, and more.

Sometimes we spend so much time planning for the meet and greet and concentrating on everything we didn’t say, get, etc. afterward that we forget about those 2-3 minutes that we had everything.

If we’re being completely honest, we’d tell you that meeting the Backstreet Boys is everything we ever dreamed of when we were 10, 11, 12 years old.

We’d tell you that Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick are five of the kindest men you’ll ever meet.

We’d tell you that there isn’t one time that they haven’t welcomed us with open arms, again and again, even after 200 other fans.

We’d tell you that they try to listen to everything we say and everything we don’t when we’re too choked up.

We’d tell you that we get butterflies everytime, just like the first time.

We’d tell you that Kevin is sincere about every word he says (and you will hang on those words).

We’d tell you that if you’re nervous, Brian will put you at ease.

We’d tell you that AJ will talk to you like your old friends.

We’d tell you that Howie really is the sweetest.

We’d tell you that Nick’s smile is even better in person.

We’d tell you that every emotion we had when we saw them for the first time comes rushing back.

We’d tell you that we’re mad at ourselves everytime for not saying everything we wanted to say.

We’d tell you that every minute we spent voting for their videos on MTV, hanging their posters, begging our parents to let us stay home to watch them, following them around world was 100% worth it because after all these years, they’re still giving us something to believe in.

We’d tell you that everytime we meet the Backstreet Boys… it feels like coming home.

From fans around the world, we’re so happy that you finally got to feel the magic, Jessie. We thank YOU for reminding us how lucky we are, how lucky we’ve been, and what an amazing group of guys our Backstreet Boys really are. For all of us that couldn’t be at KTUphoria this weekend, thank you for sharing your moment with us. ❤



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