Shout Out To All Backstreet Loving Moms

On this (U.S) Mother’s Day, we wanted to take a quick moment to shout out to EVERY Backstreet momma, for everything you do.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Backstreet-loving moms who take their kids to concerts with them, who take their children to meet the Boys you admire so much, who share those memories with their babies – they will appreciate it when they’re older.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mamas who are teaching their kids all the words to the Backstreet Boys songs before they can even speak clearly – the Backstreet army continues to grow!

Happy Mother’s Day to the mommies who take care of their babies day in and day out and treat themselves to a night out with the ladies (or husband) to a BSB concert or a vacation on the cruise – YOU DESERVE IT!

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms who used the Backstreet Boys’ music to get them through the loss of or hardships with their babies on earth – we hope the music is healing your heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to our mamas who raised us to be strong, confident women, who took us to Backstreet Boys concerts growing up, who sang along with us in the car and recorded shows the Boys were on while we went to school – where would we be without them?

Happy Mother’s Day to Kristin Richardson, Rochelle McLean, Leigh Dorough, Lauren Kitt-Carter, and Leighanne Littrell, who sometimes have the hard task of playing both parental roles while their husbands are away, who have raised their babies into sweet young children, who share their lives with us – you are more than appreciated.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom on the Backstreet Boys’ team who are sacrificing time with their babies to ensure that every event and appearance runs flawlessly (especially you, Jenn Sousa)!

Happy Mother’s Day to Kevin, Brian, Nick, AJ, and Howie’s mamas — we can’t imagine a world without these Boys existing.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies! We hope you get all the love you deserve and more.


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