8 Little Lies All Backstreet Boys Fans Tell Themselves

Some of us have been Backstreet Boys fans for 24 years and some of us have been fans for 24 months. No matter how long you’ve been a fan though, you’re bound to tell yourself / your friends some of these little white lies that you’ll actually believe for 30 minutes…or years. You may not even admit it now, but at some point in your life, you’re going to say, “Yeah, WHOTB was right…”

We can bet on it.

Because we’re guilty too, of course.

1. “I’m only going to one show.”


This one is usually accompanied by a group of friends that have all decided (are lying) that they’re only going to do one show too or a group of friends that will ultimately influence you to do more. Whether it’s weeks before you go to your “only show” or in the middle of your “only show”, you’re definitely going to be buying more tickets.

The Backstreet Boys are essentially potato chips and you can’t have just one.

Especially when the potato chips look like Backstreet Boys.

2. “Ok, I’m going to 3 shows, but I’m definitely not doing VIP.”


So what you’re saying issss that you’re going to a Backstreet Boys concert multiple times and going to resist being close enough to smell them after you did so 45 times last tour? No one believes you. You don’t even believe you. “Not doing VIP” really means “I don’t know which level I’m buying” or “I am just saying that so Nick will tweet me telling me that I NEED to come to VIP but I really already bought 5”.

Most of us end up with the reasoning that life is short and VIP experiences are crack.

And if you’re not done lying to yourself by the time VIP sells out, well, everyone better stand back.

3. “Nick totally sang to me for like, 10 minutes.”


I don’t care who your favorite Backstreet Boy is, most of us have been under the Nick Carter spell at one time or another during a concert. You know those portraits in mansions and museums that feel like they’re always looking at you? Somehow, Nick is the live, thrusting version of those paintings.

You will leave the concert exclaiming how ‘OMGZ, Nick TOTALLY sang to me / stared at me / breathed on me for 10 minutes’. You will spend the next 72 hours – 6 months looking for a video of that moment. Some of us never find the moment and some of us do. Usually, those of us that do respond to it with “wait, that was it?” because it was really maybe 5 seconds. It may have been the girl beside you.

Actually, he may have just sneezed / twitched in your general direction. BUT STILL…

4. “[Favorite BSB] and I had a moment.”


Similar to #3, we hardly ever leave a BSB event without claiming our connection with our favorite member onstage. Obviously no one else saw it because they were connecting with THEIR favorite Backstreet Boy.

If all else fails, you’ll for sure claim that Howie wink during “Incomplete”.

5. “I’m never affected when I meet the Backstreet Boys anymore.”


If you’re a chronic VIP-goer or have simply lucked into meeting the Backstreet Boys multiple times, you’ve probably acted totally nonchalant about all of it to your friends at work who are in awe of your photos or your high school friends who are living vicariously. “Oh, Kevin? Yes, yes…we sip champagne and have all the conversation.”

Only you know that your insides get hot at the sight of Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie or Nick and that you want to cry a little and pee your pants at the same time.

6. “I think I’ll be okay leaving [insert BSB event] this time.”


What-the-hell-ever. PCD (Post Concert Depression) is REAL. I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, OR HOW GOOD YOUR EXPERIENCE WAS… you’re not going to be okay leaving. You’re going to want to go back. Leaving a city / venue after a BSB event feels like your mom just dropped you off at Kindergarten and all you want to do is go back home.

Nothing is okay.

But it will be once you get your hands on new BSB plans – the only antidote.

7. “I really do believe them that the album will be out at the time Kevin told us.”


We believe words the Backstreet Boys say like we believe in Santa Claus; the magic is real, but the thing… probably isn’t. However, like Santa, they always deliver. So, there’s no harm in believing this lie. It’s really only to protect ourselves and usually to combat the side effects of #6.

8. “Maybe I’m done with being a fan.”


PLEASE. Of course, there’s ups and downs to truly loving anything and being loyal, but at the end of the day…. you’re probably just PMSing. If you stuck it out with the Backstreet Boys this far, you’re in it for life.

I feel like it’s encoded in our DNA at this point, right? KTBSPA 4 Lyfe. Permanent Stain, for sure.


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