2017: Upcoming Backstreet Boys Appearances

Backstreet is coming at 2017 at full speed and we can hardly keep up!

Recently, we updated you on everything they’ve been doing, but the BSB train is. not. stopping…TOOT TOOT! We had posted a graphic on WHOTB social media channels for everyone to stay updated on what was happening when, but at this rate, updating a post might be easier.

So here it is – a post with every CONFIRMED concert / appearance that the Boys are scheduled for as we get it. If you have questions about an upcoming event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on TwitterFacebook or the Contact Us page!

For any event where a ticket link is not provided, ticket details can be found at backstreetboys.com/events.

December 16, 2017 – All Star Christmas – Hartford, CT


Tickets – ON SALE Friday, October 27th at 10am EST

December 29-30, 2017 – New Years Weekend – Cancun, Mexico


December 29th – VIP SOLD OUT

December 30th

December 31st – FOX’s New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey (Pre-recorded performance)


The show begins at 8pm EST.


14 People Who Surprised Fans With Backstreet Boys Themed Gifts

Because the Backstreet Boys have been together for 20+ years, most of us have been fans for quite a long time. What this means is that more often than not, if the Boys are in town, on TV, in the news, turning around twice in the presence of our friends and family, they’re going to tell us about it.

Sometimes, though, those closest to us have done the kindest Backstreet-themed things for us, even if they’re not fans themselves. We gave you an opportunity a few weeks ago to tell us about the best BSB surprises you’ve ever received and give a shout out to those who have done these things for you.

We must say, we are very impressed (and super jealous)!

“My friend, Ruthie, who I met at the This Is Us tour in 2010, bought me VIP and a flight to see Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia line in Chicago in August to celebrate my up and coming wedding. It was so sweet of her and I’m super excited to make these new memories with her.” – Brittany Nicole

“I know it’s not the typical friend story. When I was younger I had an older couple that was friends with my family. Anyways they are like another set of parents to me. But long story short. They were nice enough to invite me to their house and watch the “Welcome home New Years concert back in the day. They had bought my tickets to both the Millennium tour and Black & Blue tour. I’m so grateful that have a allowed a teenage girl to live out some of her dreams and see her idols in person!” – Melissa Wiggins

“We knew a couple visiting Florida from Vancouver, whom we’d first met less than a year earlier on the first BSB cruise, so we invited them to stay with us. The wife and I were going to see the NKOTBSB show while our men hung out. When I got out of work the day they arrived, I parked in my garage and saw a piece of paper taped to the door to the house. They had surprised me with a gold VIP for the show! It was a very generous gift, and they said it was to thank us for allowing them to stay at our house. It was an amazing show and experience I’ll never forget!” – Sandra

“In 2014, my brother threw me a BSB themed surprise birthday party. It was truely a surprise! He went through all my BSB stuff and took posters and all. My birthday cake even included the first picture I took with Howie! So much fun. When I walked into my parents house they all yelled surprise and Backstreets back started playing! It was awesome and so funny at the same time. I have some cool pictures to share if you want to see.” – Yadachi Porto

“I meet Andie before the 2014 cruise. Since then we have traveled near and far for many Backstreet events. Last November she sent me a text asking what I was doing the weekend of March 10/11. I said nothing and she surprised me with tickets to both concert dates in Vegas. She was like Merry Christmas and Happy Early Birthday! I was completely shocked. We are always thinking of ways to surprise each other and this was over the top! I’m thankful for our friendship and was completely overwhelmed by her gesture.” – Ashley Robinson

“In 2011, for the NKOTBSB tour, I had planned to do my first real VIP with my friends in Orlando, but my mom had gotten sick and I lost my concert photography job due to cutbacks and wasn’t able to afford it. Thankfully my friend Sarah and several other friends got together and for my birthday (since the concert was 10 days later), got me a Gold VIP. One of the nicest things anybody has done for me!” – Karah-Leigh

“My BSB sister Elin Jakobsen has given me very cool gifts. I’m a Brian girl. The last gift was a T-shirt saying: ‘It’s a Brian thing. You wouldn’t understand.’ And for my 40th Birthday party, she gave me the Show’Em movie and a beautiful heartfelt letter with a picture of shirtless Brian from the Show’em music video.” – Sylvi-Ann Haugen

“My best friend invited me to a “brides day” before I got married. It was just about the the two of us – a walk down on memory Lane. After a whole day of fun girl activities we sat down and watched old concert tapes all day. She always liked the boys but was not a huge fan and at that time my fangirl was pretty much sleeping – but that day? It got me hooked all over again. So much that I made a Journey song to my wedding song (there are these old concert recordings where Nick sings ‘Open Arms’).” – Jessica

“My friends threw me a BSB themed birthday party. There were cups that said BSB, cake had BSB written on it, BSB decorations and I even had a BSB birthday crown. It was awesome.” – Noora

“When I was 13, my friend Elsbeth surprised me with an invitation to go with her to a Backstreet Boys concert. Into the Millennium tour. This was my first concert ever and the boys just stole my heart immediately. So, thank you Elsbeth for taking me. It changed my life.” – Nele

“It’s my Godfather who did something awesome for me. I was in 7th or 8th grade. He told me for every A I got in my report card, he would give me $100. Little did he know, I was a straight A student  When he realized he would owe me like $1000, he called a friend who called a friend who called a friend, and surprised me with 3rd row floor tickets for the next Bsckstreet Boys concert ️It was the first time I got that close at the time.” – Anne

“My best friend Shiran made me for my birthday a book that called ‘Once Upon A Backstreet Time’. Inside the book there are all the experiences that relate to the Backstreet (shows, tweets, meet and greet, cruise, after party etc.).” – Efrat

“One of my really close friends, who’s basically like family, was supposed to go to the IAWLT tour with me in 8/13. We had accidentally purchased tickets on different days. We just ignored it because there were other people coming to both shows anyway, so days/weeks pass, and she calls me to tell me she can’t make it because of an emergency. So she gave me the ticket to my VERY first BSB show EVER! And, I got to see them TWICE that weekend, and at AGT (the two shows were in Jersey.) THANKS YIRIA!” – Deyanira Santana

“My best friend, Jeff, told me he had a surprise for me that would make me love the boys even more. I had no idea what it could be. When I saw him next he handed me a clear container with all the action figures from Burger King in it! I squealed and fangirled and laughed. He said “wait there’s more!” And then his mom came in with something big concealed by a blanket, when she removed the blanket it was a framed poster from the millennium era. Then I noticed the signatures and I legit screamed. Apparently his other best friend was at a garage sale, saw the stuff and told Jeff about it knowing I loved bsb so he bought them and Jeff paid him back. The poster is hanging on my wall as a reminder of how awesome my best friend is.” – Dani

8 Things Most Likely To Happen In A Photo Of The Backstreet Boys

Ever since the days of yore – and by yore, we mean Tiger Beat and J14 – we have been staring at photos on the Backstreet Boys here, there and everywhere. We put them on our walls, we put them in frames, we put them on pillows and slept with them…

…Oh you didn’t? Ok, liar.

The point is that, for 24 years, we’ve been watching the Boys pose for photos and we’ve observed a few things. A few things that hardly ever change and maybe we have a few questions. Just like they say “Hi, we’re the Backstreet Boys” in perfect unison, they also fall together in a photo like BSB Tetris blocks. Allow us to point a few things out for you!

1. Tall Ones In The Center, Please.

The standard Backstreet pose usually begins with the 6 Foot And Over club in the center and the other Boys (Howie, Brian and AJ) mixing it up to either side. Sometimes the giants get a Boy in between them if they’re feeling especially frisky that day. Mark our words, Kevin and Nick will never flank the ends on purpose.

We have to say though, we appreciate the effort for aesthetic. It helps our eyes flow…or something.

2. Bent-Legged Kevin Richardson.

Kevin was the first member of Six Foot And Over and we assume that’s where he picked up his bent knee habit. Back in ’93, he was literally the hulk over the tiny, pubescent Backstreeters, so we have no doubt that he might have bent to shrink. Check photos – Kevin is almost always guilty of a bent-knee-lean-back-like-a-G pose.

Or it could just be something he picked up from being a supermodel.

We’re not kidding – Check #3.

3. SOMEONE Will Always Have A Massive Arm Span.

Someone snaps a photo and suddenly, one or more Backstreet Boys have a massive arm span that spread across 5 of them. Haven’t you ever looked at your VIP photo and you weren’t sure whose arm is whose? It’s all those group hugs and reaching at concerts.

Guys, we’ve stretched their arms out like the elastic in old underwear!

4. ….But A Short Attention Span.

Finding a photo with all five Backstreet Boys looking in the same direction on a red carpet or a candid-but-posed pose is like finding a unicorn. How many times have you uttered, “Aw man! This would be a great picture if ___ wasn’t looking the wrong way”? Lots.

3 year olds.

Backstreet Boys 'Larger Than Life' after party, Las Vegas, USA - 01 Mar 2017

5. The Point.

Kevin, Brian, Nick, AJ and Howie point so much that it will make you want to snap their fingers off. Perhaps it’s to remedy #4 (not working) or perhaps it’s just a cool-boyband move, but whatever it is, you can almost always expect those hands to creep up and out.

Let’s be real, if it’s not Kevin doing it, none of the others are listening anyway.

6. Mixed Emotions. 

Even harder than nailing the one direction (HA!) is getting every Backstreet Boy to look like they are feeling the same emotions at the same time. It’s a beautiful day when every Boy looks like they’re having a good time. Seriously guys, you can smolder or you can smile, we’re cool with both… but decide beforehand. Decide if it’s a wedding or a funeral or sexytime.

This also goes for VIP photos. If you have something you want everyone to do…good luck. There’s usually one that didn’t hear you (…Howie).


7. There’s Always That One…

This is kind of the same as #6, but this is the moment when you find the PERFECT photo…

…Every Backstreet Boy has it goin’ on…

Except ONE. OF. THEM.


And it’s usually the least croppable. #BackstreetWorldProblems

8. We’re Always Going To Think It’s The Best One Ever.



Although we may observe the above items in photos, we never get a new photo of the Backstreet Boys and think it’s not better than the last. Kind of like parents. THOSE ARE OUR BABIES, Y’ALL. Wanna see wallet size pics? We got ’em! Bent leg, eagle arms, weird emotions and all.


10 (More) Suggestions For Backstreet Boys Cruise Themes

Before the 2016 Backstreet Boys Euro Cruise, we presented new potential cruise themes that we’d love to see in the future. Unfortunately, none of our suggestions were actual chosen themes, but we can always dream!

With the cruise next year already being sold out (WHAT?!) and being the 25th anniversary, there’s no option but for it to be the best yet. We’ve come up with 10 more ideas for themes in hopes that if the Boys are lacking ideas, they’ll stumble upon this little post. Cross your fingers!

1. 90s Night


This really doesn’t need an explanation as 95% of us were there for the 90s. We know the style, we know the music, we know the 90s was the best decade ever and we want the excuse to relive it any chance we get. Grab your scrunchies. your daisy dresses, your Friends dvds and let’s do this!

2. Make Believe Night 


A play on the BSB song of the same name, here’s your chance to play make believe like you did as a child. Princes and princesses, aliens and unicorns – let your imagination run!

We really just wanted an excuse to infuse some aliens into the cruise, honestly.

3. FantaSea Night


Get your minds out of the gutter unless you find pirates sexy – we won’t judge! We propose that FantaSea Night consist of all things sea-related – pirates, wenches, and mermaids, oh my. We’re dying to see the BSB Pirates Of The Carribean style and a mermaids-allowed theme is the perfect excuse to buy the rainbow highlighter we’ve been eyeing!

4. Heroes and Villains


Not all heroes wear capes – but they probably will on the cruise! For those who aren’t into the superhero lifestyle, pick the villain of your choice and play it up. It’ll be even more fun if one of the Boys just happens to be your arch nemesis for the night – we smell an awesome photo op!

This is also a good one for planning with a group of your friends and being creative by making your own superhero!

5. Royal Ball


If a formal night is what you’re looking for, this theme is for you! “We could be kings and queens” ring a bell? Grab your crowns, tiaras, and glass slippers (except don’t) and get on board for this theme. What’s better than Prince Charming? Five of them in the form of Nick, Brian, AJ, Kevin and Howie. No one can resist a suave looking Backstreet Boy (or finding another use for that formal dress you purchased years ago).

Think you can’t get drunk in a ball gown? Whatever. Cinderella was obvious drunk to leave that shoe behind.

6. Hoedown Showdown


C’mon y’all! Everyone loves a good Southern night (or at least love Kevin and Brian) and it’s a pretty simple theme. Grab your jeans, your plaid, your boots, cowboy hats and git it!

Are you REALLY going to turn down a cowboy-themed-Backstreet Boy? Really?

Disclaimer: This is NOT because I’m from Nashville (or I’d call it honky tonk night).

7. Backstreet Festival


Couldn’t make it to a summer music festival and wear all those trendy festival clothes? Into the Woodstock look? Literally just want to wear a bikini top (uhh..with bottoms) and be in theme? This one is for you. Imagine a Coachella vibe where it’s strictly Backstreet. We haven’t decided how the Boys would dress for this one, but we promise it’ll be better than Fyre Fest! (Look it up.)

8. Fiesta En Fuego


It’s not lost on anyone that we will be on the boat on May 5th AKA Cinco De Mayo. To avoid the risk of potentially being offensive yada, yada, yada…we present Fiesta En Fuego! Literally, a party on fire. We’re thinking fiery colors (red, orange, etc.), a little “Hot, Hot, Hot”, and a whole lot of margaritas. Also, can someone come around passing out tacos or…?

9. Gatsby Night


A little party never killed nobody, says a song from the Great Gatsby remake. Anyone that has read or watched Gatsby knows that Jay Gatsby was known for his lavish parties and we can perfectly envision such a party on the cruise. Grab your 1920s garb (flapper dresses, beads, feathers, etc.) and look for the green light across the water!

10. Wonderland


Falling down the rabbit hole will never be as fun as it will be when your friends AND the Backstreet Boys are involved. We love the idea of replicating a wacky Wonderland on the cruise and painting the roses red! There’s plenty of wild characters and costuming to choose from.

Oh, and we’d like to petition to see Kevin as the Queen of Hearts and Nick as Alice, of course.

Or maybe Kevin should be the caterpillar? OK. We really need this theme.

Which theme suggestion is your favorite? Have one of your own? We want to hear it all!

Have A Friend Who Has Surprised You Backstreet Style? Talk To Us!

There’s nothing better than hitting a Backstreet event with your best friends or having a friend that doesn’t necessarily share your love for the Boys but surprises you with Backstreet-themed things anyway! We wanted to give you a chance to publicly give your friend a shout out to let them know how much you appreciated it or to make us all jealous that you have such awesome friends.

Whether it’s buying you tickets to an event or baking you a Backstreet cake, tell us about something that warmed your fangirl heart!

5 Updates On What The Backstreet Boys Are Doing Right Now

The Backstreet Boys have been on a break from their Vegas shows since the end of April, but it has been an anything-but-restful break. Instead of our planned Vegas April happenings review, we’ve decided to instead catch everyone up on all of the things Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick have been working on, attending, and ultimately, killing (in the best way).

1. AJ McLean To Voice New Disney Character In Lion Guard


After seeing AJ’s [literal] killer performance in Dead 7 last year as Johnny Vermillion, we had no doubt that we’d see him back on the screen soon. But Disney?! We wouldn’t have predicted it, but we are 100% about it.

AJ will be playing a blind golden mole named Kuchimba… who also thinks he’s a ninja. He also, of course, has a fantastic singing voice. Read more about the role and how it came to be here.

2. Those Guys From The Viral “Back To The 90s” Video Were Invited To Vegas.


If you haven’t seen this nostalgia-heavy video yet, WATCH IT ASAP!

After the video became a viral sensation, everyone wanted to talk to this faux-boyband, including AJ. Check out what happened in the video below!

3. Nick Carter Became BFF With Steve Aoki.


No one that showed up to see EDM superstar Steve Aoki at Omnia Nightclub in Vegas a few weeks ago expected to also see a Backstreet Boy.

Yet there he was. Nick Carter joined Steve for a hot mix of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and well… just watch the videos (and the post on nickcarter.net). We’re super jealous of anyone that was there (and we really hope it happens again)!

(Sorry for all of the parentheses :))

4. The Boys Return To Wango Tango!


The Backstreet Boys reemerged together to play 93.3 Summer Kick Off in Chula Vista, CA on Friday, where they obviously killed it…. and impressed every One Direction fan who threatened to sue 1D if they came back without choreography and hoped that 1D’s return would be as bomb as Backstreet’s.

Now… to Wango Tango the next night… our Boys SHUT. IT. DOWN.


Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick brought a sample of their current Vegas show to the SoCal stage and were honestly the highlight of the night, but we could be a little biased. This was their first time on the festival’s stage in 10+ years and they couldn’t have made us prouder (or made us want to go back to Vegas) more. Thanks to WeirdWorldChile for capturing the live stream below!

Tell us you aren’t obsessed.


The Boys spent a good bit of time talking to media outlets on the Red Carpet about a new album, a new tour (IT’S HAPPENING, NAYSAYERS), babies, and how weird BSB would be without Howie D. We’ve put them all in one place just for your enjoyment.




KIIS FM Interview

5. The Backstreet Boys at ABC Upfront + Nick Joins Boyband

When all five Backstreet Boys flew into New York on Monday, we knew something was up (that was probably none of our business, but…you know…). We knew that Nick was appearing in-studio with Good Morning Footballbut WHAT ELSE?

We’ll tell you what else.

These sneaky sneakers performed as entertainment at ABC Upfront, an event that previews / announces / gives insight to all upcoming shows on ABC network for the upcoming year. If you’re asking us to TELL YOU WHY, we will.

ABC is premiering a new reality competition this Summer entitled Boy Band, where male contestants will compete for a chance to join a band and sign a record deal. Why are we telling you this? Because our very own Nick Carter is joining Baby Spice (Emma Bunten) as a judge… er, “architect”. Similar to The Voice, these architects will mentor the gentleman and have say in who competes before America gets a chance to vote.


As soon as we have more details about the show, we will post. For now, you can start supporting by following their Twitter account.

For now, enjoy clips of the Boys performing at Upfront!






Is this enough news for you!? Take it all in, fan-mily. It’s a GREAT time for the Backstreet Boys, but it’s never lost on us how lucky we are that they are still out there doing these amazing things for themselves and for us.

In conclusion, these are the things we have to look forward to:

  • AJ in Lion Guard (and maybe releasing his solo album but…)
  • Nick on Boy Band
  • The rest of BSBVegas (and a possible extension)
  • A world tour (Do not fight me on this – it IS happening)
  • Their 10th album
  • The acoustic album they keep mentioning
  • A few more festivals
  • A few conventions if you have a Nick or AJ preference
  • Taking over the world with the Backstreet Boys… like we’ve been working on for 24 years.
  • BSB Cruise 2018

As always, we’ll keep up so you don’t have to!

Oh, and also, Zac Efron loves the Backstreet Boys. WHAT?!

Shout Out To All Backstreet Loving Moms

On this (U.S) Mother’s Day, we wanted to take a quick moment to shout out to EVERY Backstreet momma, for everything you do.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Backstreet-loving moms who take their kids to concerts with them, who take their children to meet the Boys you admire so much, who share those memories with their babies – they will appreciate it when they’re older.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mamas who are teaching their kids all the words to the Backstreet Boys songs before they can even speak clearly – the Backstreet army continues to grow!

Happy Mother’s Day to the mommies who take care of their babies day in and day out and treat themselves to a night out with the ladies (or husband) to a BSB concert or a vacation on the cruise – YOU DESERVE IT!

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms who used the Backstreet Boys’ music to get them through the loss of or hardships with their babies on earth – we hope the music is healing your heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to our mamas who raised us to be strong, confident women, who took us to Backstreet Boys concerts growing up, who sang along with us in the car and recorded shows the Boys were on while we went to school – where would we be without them?

Happy Mother’s Day to Kristin Richardson, Rochelle McLean, Leigh Dorough, Lauren Kitt-Carter, and Leighanne Littrell, who sometimes have the hard task of playing both parental roles while their husbands are away, who have raised their babies into sweet young children, who share their lives with us – you are more than appreciated.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom on the Backstreet Boys’ team who are sacrificing time with their babies to ensure that every event and appearance runs flawlessly (especially you, Jenn Sousa)!

Happy Mother’s Day to Kevin, Brian, Nick, AJ, and Howie’s mamas — we can’t imagine a world without these Boys existing.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies! We hope you get all the love you deserve and more.

A Bunch Of Tweets About Moms and Backstreet Boys

Let’s be real. Many of us grew up hoping and praying (and sometimes succeeding) that our mom would love the Backstreet Boys as much as we did. Some of us, in our time as fans, have actually become moms.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we gathered some of the best mom-themed tweets about the Backstreet Boys. From blasting the Boys to going to concerts to generally hilarious mom-things to say, here’s a friendly reminder that our moms will always be the perfect fans.

For more Backstreet mom love, check out 15 Moms Who Had No Chill About The Backstreet Boys or 10 Fans Share Stories About Their BSB Loving Moms




8 Little Lies All Backstreet Boys Fans Tell Themselves

Some of us have been Backstreet Boys fans for 24 years and some of us have been fans for 24 months. No matter how long you’ve been a fan though, you’re bound to tell yourself / your friends some of these little white lies that you’ll actually believe for 30 minutes…or years. You may not even admit it now, but at some point in your life, you’re going to say, “Yeah, WHOTB was right…”

We can bet on it.

Because we’re guilty too, of course.

1. “I’m only going to one show.”


This one is usually accompanied by a group of friends that have all decided (are lying) that they’re only going to do one show too or a group of friends that will ultimately influence you to do more. Whether it’s weeks before you go to your “only show” or in the middle of your “only show”, you’re definitely going to be buying more tickets.

The Backstreet Boys are essentially potato chips and you can’t have just one.

Especially when the potato chips look like Backstreet Boys.

2. “Ok, I’m going to 3 shows, but I’m definitely not doing VIP.”


So what you’re saying issss that you’re going to a Backstreet Boys concert multiple times and going to resist being close enough to smell them after you did so 45 times last tour? No one believes you. You don’t even believe you. “Not doing VIP” really means “I don’t know which level I’m buying” or “I am just saying that so Nick will tweet me telling me that I NEED to come to VIP but I really already bought 5”.

Most of us end up with the reasoning that life is short and VIP experiences are crack.

And if you’re not done lying to yourself by the time VIP sells out, well, everyone better stand back.

3. “Nick totally sang to me for like, 10 minutes.”


I don’t care who your favorite Backstreet Boy is, most of us have been under the Nick Carter spell at one time or another during a concert. You know those portraits in mansions and museums that feel like they’re always looking at you? Somehow, Nick is the live, thrusting version of those paintings.

You will leave the concert exclaiming how ‘OMGZ, Nick TOTALLY sang to me / stared at me / breathed on me for 10 minutes’. You will spend the next 72 hours – 6 months looking for a video of that moment. Some of us never find the moment and some of us do. Usually, those of us that do respond to it with “wait, that was it?” because it was really maybe 5 seconds. It may have been the girl beside you.

Actually, he may have just sneezed / twitched in your general direction. BUT STILL…

4. “[Favorite BSB] and I had a moment.”


Similar to #3, we hardly ever leave a BSB event without claiming our connection with our favorite member onstage. Obviously no one else saw it because they were connecting with THEIR favorite Backstreet Boy.

If all else fails, you’ll for sure claim that Howie wink during “Incomplete”.

5. “I’m never affected when I meet the Backstreet Boys anymore.”


If you’re a chronic VIP-goer or have simply lucked into meeting the Backstreet Boys multiple times, you’ve probably acted totally nonchalant about all of it to your friends at work who are in awe of your photos or your high school friends who are living vicariously. “Oh, Kevin? Yes, yes…we sip champagne and have all the conversation.”

Only you know that your insides get hot at the sight of Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie or Nick and that you want to cry a little and pee your pants at the same time.

6. “I think I’ll be okay leaving [insert BSB event] this time.”


What-the-hell-ever. PCD (Post Concert Depression) is REAL. I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, OR HOW GOOD YOUR EXPERIENCE WAS… you’re not going to be okay leaving. You’re going to want to go back. Leaving a city / venue after a BSB event feels like your mom just dropped you off at Kindergarten and all you want to do is go back home.

Nothing is okay.

But it will be once you get your hands on new BSB plans – the only antidote.

7. “I really do believe them that the album will be out at the time Kevin told us.”


We believe words the Backstreet Boys say like we believe in Santa Claus; the magic is real, but the thing… probably isn’t. However, like Santa, they always deliver. So, there’s no harm in believing this lie. It’s really only to protect ourselves and usually to combat the side effects of #6.

8. “Maybe I’m done with being a fan.”


PLEASE. Of course, there’s ups and downs to truly loving anything and being loyal, but at the end of the day…. you’re probably just PMSing. If you stuck it out with the Backstreet Boys this far, you’re in it for life.

I feel like it’s encoded in our DNA at this point, right? KTBSPA 4 Lyfe. Permanent Stain, for sure.

Disney Rewritten: A Backstreet Fangirl

For a lot of us, Backstreet Boys concerts are our own personal Disney World. We grew up on Disney songs as much as we did BSB songs…. so it’s time to combine the two.

Depending on the reception, we will be doing a few Disney Rewritten posts here and there. What is this, you ask? We’re changing the words to songs featured in classic Disney movies to fit our Backstreet style of life. Let us know what you think!

The Little Mermaid seemed like a perfect place to start…

“A Backstreet Fangirl”

(To the tune of “Part Of Your World”)

Look at this merch,

Isn’t it neat?

Wouldn’t you think you think my collection’s complete?

Wouldn’t you think this fangirl

Surely has everything?


Look at this album,

Stories untold,

How many tickets can one credit card hold?

Looking around Facebook, you think,

Sure, she’s done everything


I’ve got concerts and VIPs a-plenty,

Afterparties and cruises galore,

Selfies? I’ve got twenty!


But who cares?

No big deal

I want more


I wanna be where the BSB are,

I wanna see, wanna see them dancin’

Thrusting around on that – what’s that word again?

Oh – Stage!


Pushing and shoving, you don’t get too far

Patience required for photos, selfies

Waiting in lines for – what’s that word again?


There where they meet, there where they greet

There where life just feels so complete

Wish it was free, but I’ll always be

A Backstreet Fangirl


What would I give if I could live out in a tour bus?

What would I pay to spend a day in Backstreet land?

Bet’cha the band would understand

If I had a bunch of questions

When’s the album? When’s the tour?

Can I hold your hand?


And ready to know what their people know!

Tweet them all day and get some answers

What’s ‘Spotlight’ and why didn’t you – what’s the words?

Release it?


When’s it my show?

Wouldn’t I love, love for my countdown to be to zero?

Call me crazy,

But I love BSB

I’m a Backstreet Fangirl


See you tour,

I’ll always want more,

Love, Backstreet Fangirl