To The Backstreet Boys’ Security Team…Thank You!

In our years as Backstreet fans, there’s a group of men that has grown just as important to us as Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. Those guys are Drew, Keith, Josh, Mike, Aaron, and Q.

If you’ve been to multiple events, you’ve most likely also become friendly with one or two of them (even though they still won’t let you jump on the back of your choice Backstreet Boy). Sometimes, we have just as many stories with them as we do with the Boys themselves.

So, we asked you to share your stories with us and tell us how much you appreciate them because honestly, we couldn’t imagine a good time without them. These men are the best security team out there! After all, our Boys haven’t been taken down once and that’s quite a feat… considering, you know, us.

Before we get to words from the fans, take a minute to learn a little bit you might not have known about each of the team members (excluding Aaron – we couldn’t find anything)!

Drew Philip

Keith McGuffy

Josh Naranjo

Mike Elgani

Johnny ‘Q’ Elgani (Tribute)


“Well, what can I say about Mike? He has always been my favourite security guard since 2014 when I started doing the Nick solo tours. I have met Mike before with all the boys but never had a chance to talk to him. When I talked to him in 2014, he was such a down-to-earth and sweet guy. He reminds me of his older brother, Q, and that is why I adore Mike. It feels like he is a long time friend that you catch up with once in awhile. He always makes me feel safe and also cares when I am there. To me, he will always be my favourite bodyguard.” – Vanessa Da Silva

“I just want to say thank you for keeping the Backstreet Boys and us safe. We appreciate it.” – Anyse Gaudet

“All of them are so sweet! They are just awesome! I ran into Mike a couple of times outside the hotel and he was generous as always and I introduced him to my fiancé (Fiance’s first time seeing the boys in concert). At the after party, he came over to us and said hi (had a small conversation) then my fiancé asked him if he could give the boys our wedding invitation and he was so nice about it and he told us that he’d give it to Kristy! So it was really nice of him to do that for us! Josh was very friendly at the M&G line, giving the proper directions how to approach the boys! He kinda calmed my nerves lol – I was nervous at the M&G! BSB security team are awesome! They do such a great job keeping the boys safe!” – Alexandra Sotomayor

“The Backstreet Boys security team is amazing! Every time I see Mike he always comes over and gives me a hug! Always friendly and respectful! I feel safe around him and appreciate all his hard work to keep everyone happy and safe!!!!” – Angela Nicole Milioto

“They are the greatest people about the crew! They are the best! My favorite security crew is Mike! Is the best of best! But Q was the number one!” – Tony Rodriguez

“I love all the security, but one of my faves is Keith. We were inside a hotel in Brussels, Belgium where the guys were and he came down. We started talking to him and stood there for a while. He stood next to the elevator the whole time, when he said bursting out laughing, I freaking missed the elevator for four times now. How is that possible? Will come back later, really have to go now. We had to laugh too, cause we never realized that!” – Denise de Koning

“When I was in Vegas this past March, I was joking around with Josh over his choice of sports teams. We were on completely different ends of the sports spectrum and he then proceeded to tell one of the other security guards to give me a hard time. He was a great sport about it (no pun intended) and it was nice to interact with him that way!” – Becky Clarke


“I really love and respect BSB security team! They always very sweet to us. When my friend who isn’t good at English was getting nervous before M&G, Q kept telling her, “Don’t worry. You can enjoy it ,so relax and smile.” BSB security team is the BEST in this world!” – Hisae

“I met Mike for the first time in San Diego during Nick’s All American solo tour in 2016. While waiting for my turn to meet Nick during the M&G, I noticed Mike standing by and holding fans’ purses and jackets as they went forward to meet Nick. When my turn came, he asked for my bag and I handed it to him and he kindly asked, “How are you doing?” My focus, which had been on Nick completely for the past few minutes, was momentarily diverted to this polite gentleman asking how I was. I replied with, “Very well, thank you Sir!” It was a brief moment, but Mike immediately became a real person in my eyes, not just Nick’s intimidating bodyguard.

I met Josh that day too, who was doing double duty: checking fans in AND playing photographer! I realized they were just some sweet, down to earth guys who happen to also be big and strong and keep our Backstreet Boys out of harms way. Thank you BSB Security, you are most appreciated!” – Jennifer Samuel

“Absolute best team around! We are so lucky to have them as part of the Backstreet family. Drew, Mike, Josh, Keith, and Aaron – THANK YOU.” – Andrea

“The BSB security team have become like a 2nd family; not just to the boys but to us as well . We’re just as excited to see Mike, Drew, Josh, Keith and Aaron as the boys. And they get get excited to see us too haha! Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing when security knows who you are but. I appreciate all their hard work and dedication to the boys, and all the sacrifices they had to make. Over the course of 24 years the bodyguards became more then just someone who works for the boys, they became family and it makes all the difference.

Mike is the man lol Afterall, he was trained by the best. He’s always a joy to talk to and is more then happy to hold your stuff while you take your picture. During my Nick and Knight meet and greet he was asking if he could hold anything and i said “you could hold me” playing around and he came over and gave me the biggest hug! During the All American Tour last year, a weird creepy guy got into the venue and I’m like um Micheal go take of him and he went and kicked him out lol My evil twin Jen chatted him up for a bit while me and my Twinny Steph were getting selfies with nick. He told Jen he would have stayed longer but “someone was hungry” as he was holding a big bag of food.

Josh is from Jersey like me, his hometown not too far from where I live. I actually saw him at work a few weeks ago but I didn’t say anything to him. Josh is a sweetheart. For the All American show in Phoenix he saw I was from jersey and I got scolded for not bringing him bread from Calandras Bakery, a famous bakery from where we live. I told him I’d be going to the jersey show and I’d bring him some then. So while waiting for sound check to start at the NJ show, I found him and went and gave him the bag of bread I got. I have never seen someone get so happy over a loaf of bread before! About halfway through the show he came over to where I was standing(I was up front). He told me “this is for hooking me up” and handed me something. When I looked at what is was I couldn’t believe it. It was a ticket for a selfie with Nick! I still think it was so awesome of him to do that. I found him after the show and thanked him.” – Ashley Darpino

“I love them all, but Mike has surely been the most amazing one to me, and that’s because his brother Q (AJ bodyguard) would always look out for me at shows and VIPs, make sure I was okay and having fun. I saw BSB in KC during IAWLT tour and they talked about Q and I bailed my eyes out I just couldn’t hold it in. Mike saw me and came over to comfort me, told me it was okay and toxhave fun that’s what Q would want. I told him thank you so much, I smiled, gave him a hug. It was such a small geasture that I will never forget. (I even cried as I typed this) RIP Q and thank you Mike, Keith, Drew, Josh, and Aaron for all your hard work! Xoxo.” – Shay

“I had talked to Q a week before he passed away. BSB was in Chicago for Miracle on State street, and we were all hanging around the buses. That was the time that I peed myself. Hahaha. I told Q, and he was like it’s our little secret. I was telling him how much of an angel he was, and I thanked him for watching over our guys. I’m so appreciative of how friendly, caring, and compassionate he was to not only the guys, but to the fans. I miss him greatly. He always went above and beyond to try to have the guys get close to us while remaining safe. He’ll be forever missed!!!” – Shannon V.

“This team is amazing. Honestly, they make every experience so much better. They’re kind, helpful, and genuinely care about the safety of not only the boys, but us too. While I truly love them all, I actually have a Drew specific story that stands out in my mind.

On the 2014 BSB Cruise, Brian came along the rope barrier during one of the night parties. I got a picture with him and then did my best to bend and move so others could get a pic too. There was a lot of chaos and pushing and those ropes aren’t exactly strong. At one point, Drew saw me struggling a bit to stay balanced and actually grabbed my arm and helped hold me up. It may not seem like much, but the added concern for my safety and those around me (he proceeded to ask everyone to back up and calm down) was so appreciated. We made quick eye contact and I thanked him before he went on to keep doing what he does best for others down the line.

So, thank you to Drew & the entire team for looking out for the boys and all us fans as well. Our experiences are so much safer and fun (seriously the jokes sometimes are too great) with all of you around!” – Rebecca B.

“Q was awesome with us in the M&G photo on the BSB Cruise 2013. I will never forget that! At first, I was a little scared of Keith but when I met him, I felt comfortable. He’s such a nice person! Thanks Keith for take care my Kev.” – Jennifer

“Where to begin? Mike it’s the best!! First in 2011 he got me inside the hotel in Brasília so I could get autographs, second in 2013 when I ran into Nick at 4am wandering around the cruise ship and he couldn’t take a picture at that time, Mike promised me he would do it on the next day, so as soon as I saw them next day I said he promised me and while everyone else was fighting over pictures Mike was holding onto me saying to Nick to take a picture with me… and for last last year on my bday I went to a Nick’s concert in Vancouver and asked if I could get a video of Nick wishing me happy bday and kissing my cheek and Mike helped me with that. He’s such a sweetheart and I just love him for being the way he is. Mike, you’re the best!!” – Renata Motta

“Johnny “Q” Elgani. Protecting our Boys from the very beginning.️ He became more then just a guard, he became family. He watched them grow up and watched their families grow as his did. He was there through it all, the ups, downs, highs and lows. A very special and close bond grew and strengthened btwn the guards and the boys and eventually they became part of the family. and not just for the one boy but for all 5, and each other. One of the reasons the boys have lasted 24 years is from the people they surround themselves with. A very small, close group created a big family always looking out for each other. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty we knew that everything would turn out ok because our boys were taken care of. Having gone through just as much as the boys and never backing down, he truly was the 6th Backstreet Boy. He will forever be watching over them like he always has and will continue to share his love and light. We miss you everyday Q, it’s not a backstreet party with you. Thank you for loving them as much as we do. Never stop smiling.” – Ashley Darpino

” Mike is amazing. He always treats me and my friends with nothing but love and respect. He never forgets us and even managed to find us on the NKOTB cruise. We love Mike!!” – Julie

“This was our little tribute to Q during the IAWLT Tour. And a little shout out to the security team (and Justin!) for helping us out wunnamedith it. That’s me beside Nick, my sister Erica is in the middle, and my friend Krystal between AJ and Kevin.

We really wanted to do something and this just seemed like a perfect way to do it. We are so lucky to have the absolute best guys in the business with our Boys. The Backstreet family is really something special.” – Andrea Bove

“The Boys that protect our Boys are amazing. They are just as down to earth and sweet… they may look scary, but their bark is harsher than their bite.

Q – so sweet…, one of the first of the security guys that I got to interact with. In 2012, I had just moved to NYC and they were doing promotional stuff for Kevin returning, their Christmas song, etc. All of a sudden there were chances to interact with them outside of the concerts. Q was always a good sport, hanging out outside of a hotel when AJ did one of his many smoking breaks. He even played along and joined in various funny face pictures I asked for ( Hearing of his passing was so sad. I ended up using one of my VIP pics after the fact (

Keith – What to say about the guy that dutifully protects and is best friends with Kevin!? Best memory with him was my first cruise in 2013. I tried for what seemed like hours to get Kevin’s attention to get a picture with my attempted recreation of the Jekyll / Hyde Everybody costume. Mike saw me and told them (so grateful!); it was so crowded, that to my surprise, Kevin had Keith pull me up on the Lido Deck stage…then promptly forgot about me for about 45 min!! Kevin, of course, was being good about taking as many selfies as he could and got a bit lost in the crowd… was awesome to be able to hang out with Keith!!
I’ve gotten a few memories with Mike, though a funny one was when I tried my “snapchat hack” with him. I had had Brian and Nick already sign photos with them….he somewhat refused, then did this:” – sv02

We couldn’t love and appreciate these guys more!

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