Love The Backstreet Security Team? Tell Us!

We go all across the world to see the Backstreet Boys and we tell them every chance we get how thankful we are for them, how much we love them, etc. Sometimes we get a little too loving…

…and that’s where the BSB security team comes in.

If you’ve been to ANY Backstreet event, you’ve most likely seen Mike, Drew, Josh, Keith and Aaron looming nearby. If you’ve been to multiple events, you’ve most likely also become friendly with one or two of them (even though they still won’t let you jump on the back of your choice Backstreet Boy). Sometimes, we have just as many stories with them as we do with the Boys themselves.

They’ve become part of the family and they’ve kept Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick safe and sound throughout the craziest of crazy… so it’s time they get their own appreciation post.

We asked you before for your help, then things went wild so now, we’re asking again. Send your words of appreciation for this team or your stories about any of them (Q included) and we’ll use it in an upcoming post! 



One thought on “Love The Backstreet Security Team? Tell Us!

  1. Mike is so amazing while there was no ultimate VIP for KC for nick there was a mess up and he let us purchase it. Not only that but he put the eye drops in his eyes to show me it was ok….( Those who know the story know what happened 😋) love u Mike thanks for putting up with us and always taking care of us and our boys!


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