Staying Grateful: Remember When We Couldn’t Even Meet The Backstreet Boys?

Remember when we didn’t have the opportunity to meet the Backstreet Boys at events?

Remember when we had to wait outside of venues, hotels, airports and busses for even a glimpse of Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie or Nick?

Remember when we were happy just to get a wave from one of them?

Now, we have been given the opportunity to meet each of them, say a few words, HUG THEM…. And some of us are consistently complaining about what didn’t happen and short it lasted.

We are in an air conditioned space, everyone looks cute, and some of the Backstreet Boys even recognize you… but you’re mad that you didn’t get their addresses to mail them Christmas cards or that they didn’t have time to film a video for your mom who couldn’t make it.

Your 10-year-old self would be shaking and never washing her hands again, but your 20-year-old+ self is ticked off that Nick didn’t say exactly what you wanted him to say? Let that sink in.

They’re happy to meet us! They play our photo games, they say all the nice things, they really try… and some of us leave with nothing to focus on besides what didn’t happen.

At some point, some of us got so caught up in the hype, stopped counting the number of times you’ve met the Boys, started focusing on what you weren’t getting….and lost the magic and the appreciation that you’re meeting them – that you’re an inch from them – at all.

In losing that grateful feeling, some of us have also lost the ability to be rational when it comes to meeting / seeing them. We’re so scared to miss an opportunity that some of us will quite literally push and shove our fellow fans into each other and into the Boys.

Guys… what are we doing?

We’re grown. We have jobs, families, adulty things and we’re pushing and shoving human beings (our FRIENDS) into each other and into the Backstreet Boys. We can complain all day about how we “wouldn’t get time with any of them” unless we do push and shove, but how do we know until we ALL sit down and try?

Respect each other. Respect Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie and Nick.

Of course, we should be excited. Of course, we should be hype and make them feel the love. We shouldn’t act like zoo animals at feeding time. Step back and think – you don’t like the people pushing into you, so how do you think they feel?

The Backstreet Boys are not toys. They are not to art pieces in a museum. They are living, breathing human beings that have stuck together for 24 years to MAKE MUSIC and PERFORM. Yes, they spend more time with us now that we’ve all grown older, but it’s not something they HAVE to do.

We are lucky.

Those of us who get the opportunity to meet them on multiple occasions are lucky. Those of us who have only met them once are lucky. Those of us who haven’t met them at all but are still fans are lucky in the fact that they have a band that’s loyal to their fans.  It doesn’t matter how much money you did or did not pay.

We’ve made the choice to be a fan. We’ve made the choice to go to an event or pay for VIP. We can choose to be happy and make the best of it or we can choose to poison ourselves and sabotage future experiences by being ungrateful and acting like lunatics.

I think we all know what the better choice would be.

Next time you hug Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian or Nick, remember how lucky you are in that moment. Remember how grateful your younger self would be that you’ve stuck it out this long.

Next time you’re at a Backstreet Boys event, don’t push and shove to get to them. Trust them. If nothing else, we have the chance to show the world WHY the Boys are so great and why we are fans – why aren’t we doing it? Why are we acting like we’re starved for their attention? Get it together, friends.

And don’t forget to breathe it all in because you never know what tomorrow holds.

We can make changes – but it HAS to start with us. All of us.

Let’s do it!


3 thoughts on “Staying Grateful: Remember When We Couldn’t Even Meet The Backstreet Boys?

  1. Amen!! Thank you for writing this!! I think so many of us get caught up in the “what we didn’t get” and not on how lucky we are. I see fans who feel bad because they haven’t met the guys and I see other fans just take it all to another level. I save up so I can treat myself to BSB awesomeness, but I also know I can’t do everything and I’m okay with that. I do what I can, I enjoy my experiences and I savor the great memories I have made with these 5 bunch of dorks!


  2. I have been lucky enough to do a couple VIP’s and I am grateful for that opportunity. No I can’t attend every event BSB have, But I do what BSB events I can with what I do have. It’s not a competition to see what fan can spend the most money on events. Your still a fan even if you just listen to their music and support them. That’s all that really matters.


  3. Thanks for writing this!! Goodness yes, sometimes the fans do get rowdy. I met them twice this year in Vegas (I’m late I know) and the first night the crowd was more clam, but the second night was insane. The fans kept pushing and pushing to get towards the Boys and they were overtly rude. I don’t know why people think it’s okay to grab their faces in order to get their attention. (Ie. a girl had Howie’s face in her hands while she was talking to him.) I really want to know what he was thinking at that moment. Personal space people!


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