Let’s Take A Backstreet Minute…

In the middle of a Wednesday, the Backstreet Boys social media accounts unleashed this one minute video, presumably to remind people that they will be back on the Vegas stage one week from today.

…But it did so much more.

With everything going on – events, ticket sales, VIP packages, what we’re doing and who we’re going with – we quickly seem to forget how lucky we are. [NOTE: I know I’ve written something like this before, so this will be brief.]

For 60 seconds, we are taken into a world that the Backstreet Boys and their team live everyday that they’re in Vegas. From wardrobe to management to dancers to crew members to every single person involved in this production, they give 100% to make sure that we have an amazing experience for a few hours out of 24 hours in a day (or a few days). There’s so much behind-the-scenes that takes so many humans and we, as fans, take so much for granted. So, we’re taking this Backstreet minute to be insanely grateful.

We may complain about this or that from time to time, but as Backstreet Boys fans, we have it so good.

We have a band that has stuck it out for 24 years, good times and bad.

We have a band that has a team that works as hard as we work to get to the events.

We have a band that works on things until they are perfect, even if we’re begging them to hurry.

We have a band that works hard to put every bit of themselves into what they put on stage.

We have a band with members are above-and-beyond kind to others.

We have a band that welcomes all of us with open arms, no matter how they’re feeling.

We have a band that never disappoints.

We have Kevin Richardson.

We have Howie Dorough.

We have Brian Littrell.

We have AJ McLean.

We have Nick Carter.

And if that doesn’t make your day / week / year, I don’t know what will.

As long as there is music, we’ll be coming back again. And again. And again. Just to say thank you.




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