What Happens In Vegas: Week 1-3 #BSBVegas

We’re only 3 weeks into the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas shows and it’s already been a wild ride! With the next set of shows kicking off on April 12th (giving everyone a minute to breathe), we thought we’d play catch up for those who haven’t had time to keep up.


Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life In The Headlines 

I put this post together for backstreetboys.com, highlighting all the best interviews, reviews, and media pieces on the Backstreet Boys in their first two(ish) weeks of the Vegas residency. Rather than repost here, I’m just going to link you there.

Nick Carter On Family Life In Vegas And First Year As Dad

Seeing Stars: Celebrity Sightings

Click the names for stories / proof!

Erik-Michael Estrada (O-Town, Dead 7)

Trevor Pennick (O-Town, Dead 7)

Joey Fatone (NSYNC, Dead 7, Nick Carter fan)

Lance Bass (NSYNC)

Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler (WWE Superstars)

Josh Gracin (Country Music Artist, Former American Idol Finalist)

Kurt Busch (NASCAR)

By The Fans

Here’s where we wanted to give you guys a chance to speak up. No one is more honest, has better reviews, stories, and more than Backstreet fans themselves. We are all ride-or-die at this point and events can often be best judged by what fans are saying. Here are some things sent to us about what happened during the March run of shows!

“March 18th was my first solo M&G and I was super excited about it. I had made temporary tattoos of the Backstreet Boys logo and the Snackstreet logo, which I was really proud of. Brian was the first Boy to greet me with a hug, which he followed with “Where are you from?” My brain legit shorted out and I completely blanked out. I’m fairly certain I said Los Angeles, but there’s also a chance I said Las Vegas….doh! When I went to give AJ a hug, he commented on my BSB logo tattoo, so I excitedly flung out my left arm to show him the Snackstreet logo…right into Brian, who was behind me. At this point, I’m just on a roll. Nick’s laughing on my right side and the camera guy’s trying to get me to give him a hug so we can take the picture. Right after we take the picture, AJ’s pointing out my Snackstreet tattoo to Kevin and Howie, so I throw my arm out again and shove Nick out of the way to get to the other two Boys. Kevin’s suuuuper zen and sweet, thanking me for coming and to enjoy the show, at which point I tell him I saw it already yesterday and that I had lost my voice at that show. Howie calls me Sweetie before giving me a huge hug. I’m about to leave when I turn around to shout out something along the lines of “Have a great show, break a leg, etc etc”…right into Howie’s ear. As soon as I walk out of the M&G area, all my senses come flooding back and I’m left thinking, HOLY HELL….what did I just say to the Boys?!? I was a complete spaz and it felt like the greatest feeling ever! HAHAHAHA Can’t wait to do it again!” – Lisa Chan (@harchester)

“At the show last Friday & Saturday (3/17 and 3/18), Kevin’s youngest son was so cute, not wanting to let him go when Kevin picked him up during the show. He was kissing his dad on the cheeks and holding on tightly. Also, from the front of the pit you’re so close you can even talk to the boys during the show plus hear what these say to each other which obviously is pretty funny most of the time. We ran into Nick and Mike at a casino so yes, that can happen.” – Alex (@allys_tweets)

“I was in Vegas 3/8-3/14 and hit up 2 concerts, Friday and Saturday. I noticed they gave out the roses, so my friend made a sign for me that stated “Howie, Can I have your 🌹”. He saw it and gave me a wink. I was sure he would come give it to me during the song but he ended up pulling a fan up on stage that night.

During IWITW, he opened his jacket and pulled out a rose bud, came back over to me, and threw me the rose. I couldn’t believe it. I absolutely love that man. He totally made my Vegas experience an amazing one.” – Samantha (@sammie_kinz87)

“My fave is Howie and when he posted that he was at he basketball game, my friends and I had to go to T-Mobile Arena to maybe get a glimpse of him. We got lucky that a man helped us and told us where to stand and wait.

After a while, Howie came out of the arena and he just laughed. He asked us if had seen his post. We got some good pictures and I got to ask him why there aren’t any songs from the IAWLT album at the concert. He said it had been cut at the last minute and there was nothing they could do about it.

The next day at the VIP, I asked Brian if I could lift him, because on that day 3 years ago he lifted me. The whole thing was funny. Kevin said that’s the first and they all laughed a lot.

That night I got Howie’s rose at the concert, I’m so happy with all my new memories from Vegas.” – Hilde Schroder

“Night two ( Friday 3/3/17) I was in Section 103, right by the left aisle (facing the stage, separation to section 104). I noticed most of the row behind me was empty, but didn’t think much of it. As they are apt to do, people kept running down to the front of the aisle to record or view their favorite song without obstruction, and the main usher kept shooing them away (some putting up a fight!). 

At some point, the people who ran down, from the row behind me, were Leigh, Howie’s wife, and her close friend. The usher sent them back pretty quickly, though she kept saying “that’s my husband!”…. I broke it to the confused folks next to me that she was indeed married to Howie. She thanked me and said “I need him to see that our dear friend is here!!” and then out of the blue told me “You’re so beautiful”!….that totally made my night. But then it got better!

Later in the concert, at some point when Howie was on the front catwalk, they ran down again and were able to get his attention. He totally made a point to sing to them and enjoyed that they were both dancing (completely forgot which song, I was distracted watching them!). Of course in a few moments, the same usher came to drag them back to their assigned seats. They resisted a bit, trying to explain, but she wouldn’t have any nonsense or special privileges, sticking firm to her job duties. Howie saw that they got in trouble and did a “tsk tsk” finger wag and a smirk; it was adorable. They finally gave in and headed back, but were happy they got their goal of getting his attention so he could see the friend made it to the concert.

Epilogue: at the After Party on Saturday, I asked Leigh for a photo and she remembered me, saying “oh you’re from the concert!” and again “I swear you’re so beautiful!!”…. I’m still blushing from her compliments!

For my second M&G photo, I had casino-themed glasses. After the pic was done, Aaron, who was right outside the photo area exit, asked to have one of the pairs of glasses (I had grabbed them all, assuming the Boys wouldn’t want them!). I said sure, why not. Drew was nearby and saw the exchange and came up and said “Wait why does he get one??” so I gave him one too. Aaron told me to wait a sec and he radio’d Keith if he wanted one; Keith looked over, and nodded, so Aaron pocketed one for him. Then I forgot if it was Keith or Aaron, but one of them said leave one for Mike. With almost all of them having one, I asked if Josh would want one. Drew said go ask him…I ran to the other side where he was managing the line to enter for photos and asked. Josh was very serious and said “No, I can’t wear that when I’m working!” I told him “But alllll the other guys have it…. You don’t wanna be left out!” He was all “Wait, what?? Um then yea” and pocketed one for later… Now I have no idea if all the glasses were ever used or just ended up in the trash and were never worn….but that was definitely a memorable 5 min with the sweetest bodyguards in the world!” – Sarah (@sv02)

And we can’t forget THIS very special fan – read the story about a 96 year old’s time in VIP!

You can read our own review here.

Things To Know

Updates on questions we’ve been asked, info we’ve acquired, etc.

  • If you have VIP Meet and Greet and choose to leave the venue after and come back, you can. Make sure your ticket gets scanned on the way out so that you can get back in.
  • The merch outside of the venue sold at The Axis store is the same as what’s sold during the show, inside the venue. It is unclear whether this merch will be sold online, but if it is, it’s likely there will be very little stock.
  • To download your VIP photos in HQ, right click > Copy URL > Replace the word “large” with the word with “original” in the URL > TADA!
  • Snacks in the VIP lounge usually include chips and candy, not dinner. Be mindful of what you need to sustain you!
  • The intro video is 12 minutes. The show is 96 minutes.
  • There doesn’t seem to be much benefit to lining up hours early for General Admission. Once you get in, a lot of people hit the bar and everyone has to go through metal detectors. Your place in line really doesn’t mean much.
  • The afterparties have changed from VIP getting a professional photo to a chance for selfies. This chance IS very high! We haven’t seen many people leave without at least one selfie with the Boys.

Did you go to the #BSBVegas show in March? Take this survey to tell us what you love and what could improve!

Have any other questions? Feel free to hit us up on social media or from our Contact page above!


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