45 Embarrassing (Hilarious) Things Fans Have Said To Backstreet Boys

For Backstreet Boys fans, actually meeting Brian, Kevin, Nick, Howie or AJ is the penultimate achievement. For 24 years, we have been chasing these guys across the globe, showing up to the airports and hotels and doing crazy things to win contests long before we could pay for the meet and greet experience.

However, sometimes, as much as you’ve rehearsed in a mirror, to your friends, and inside your head what you’re going to say, things come out wrong. Sometimes things just come out that we didn’t know were going to come out. Sometimes, the Backstreet Boys themselves say things we weren’t prepared for.

Knowing this happens often, we asked you guys to share some of the funniest, weirdest, or most embarrassing thing that you’ve said to a Backstreet Boy (or that they’ve said to you).

“I was at Nick’s M&G last year for my 2nd night. I saw him on my birthday in Grand Rapids and again in Chicago the next night. Mike was taking the photos. When it was my turn, Nick put his arm around me. I thought to myself, “Oh, my god. He’s touching me!”, but I actually blurted it out loud right in his face. He laughed a bit. But Mike, standing there with the camera, politely said, “I know, honey, but you still need to look at the camera.”
 – Laura Fu

“On the 20th anniversary cruise, I met Kevin the first time on Halloween night and got a picture with him. The next day was the group meeting, when I got to Kevin i just was so happy from the night before I stumbled on my words when I got to him, ” thanks for last, ya know, when we took a picture..” mumbo jumbo. After that, I felt so stupid.  Do you know how many people he did that with the night before?!” – Kym Seabolt

“First time meeting any of them was Kevin. 2003, took my parents and grandma to see him play Billy Flynn in Chicago. Did not understand how shows work and that the cast comes out after for autographs. Ran into the crowd on the way to the parking lot…my dad shoved me forward to get a picture. I was caught so of guard I blabbered something cliche like “OMG YOU WERE SOOO AMAZING UMM CAN I HAVE A PICTURE PLEASE” (insert eye roll here). Of course, Kevin was gracious enough to be genuinely flattered by the compliment.”

“First time I paid for a Gold VIP was 2010. Nick was sick and missed sound check so it was just AJ, Howie, Brian. I kept rehearsing thing long bit about how they’ve been a constant source of positivity in my life though various hardships etc etc…but whatever came out in reality was shocking enough to make Brian step back with a concerned look on his face and say “Ohhh….ok?” before gently grabbing me for a hug for the picture. I wish I remembered whatever I actually said.”

“We caught Kevin at a hotel in NYC the night before some tv appearance. We asked him if he had really seen our Everybody video remake since he had retweeted is. He looked at us like we were crazy and was all ‘Why would I retweet but not watch it? Of course I did!’ Awwwkward.”

“BSB vegas opening night was the eve of my Bday, so I braved bringing props. This in included hats and party blowers. While Nick was disappointed they didn’t make nosie, all of them kept hitting each other with the blowers and AJ said ‘You should have never given these to us. Bad idea. It’s like bunch of 3 year olds!!'”

“BSB vegas second night, I braved props again, but this time casino themed. Very flustered, but AJ calmed me down by observing ‘Always prepared, I like it!!'” – @sv02

“First time I saw nick was when they were shopping for clothes in a mall in Tel Aviv. We were standing behind a line, when he came out to say hello to us, and literally the first thing that came out of my mouth was “You’re SO hot!!!”. So embarrassing.” – @yael1983s

“During VIP in London at the BST event I wanted a group hug picture with the boys. I still get nervous sometimes as soon as I am close to Nick – I develop some kind of speech problems, talk to fast etc  So I said “Can we take a groud hud piture” and just stared at him in shock. He started grinning and said to the other guys – veeeeery slowly “She wants a GROUP. HUG. PICTURE.” I was a bit embarrassed but as he got to know me like that it was just a funny situation after all.” – @_xXLisaXx_

“It was on the BSB cruise 2016. It was the Movie Night and Nick was dressed as Princess Leia/Leila. I was dressed as Jack from Dead 7. Nick looked at me and said ‘Wow, you look great tonight, mini me!’ And I said ‘Well, I’m just being sexy as fuck like you.’ Then I realized what I said and wanted to bury myself.” – @kaoticgaia

“I had a speech ready for Nick. However, when I was in front of him, I just blurted out ‘Nick, crush of my life!’ I think I was loud since Brian started laughing. Nick just said ‘thank you sweetie’. When I got to Kevin, I did say what I intended to. But Nick makes me so nervous every time! Last year at his M&G in Guadalajara, Mexico, I was just sooo nervous he said ‘hi beautiful’ and I was only able to say ‘I love you’ then he hugged me and I accidentally stepped on his flip flop ! Thank God I didn’t get any toes!” – @pamluvsbsb82

 “When I met AJ I was constantly stuttering and instead of saying helped me out of a depression I said put me in and I just kept saying damnit after every time I’d say the wrong thing and I was crying and shaking. AJ was a total sweetheart though, and put his hands on my shoulder and told me to breathe.” – @believer48

“I met the Boys at a M&G in 2013, when AJ was just growing his Castro beard (it’s relevant I promise) well, I had the bright I idea to ask him if Ava (who was under a year old at the time) grabbed at it, he said yes. This for some reason prompted me to tell him that when I was an infant I used to grab my dad’s ear hair.” – @backstreetgem

“Ok, so I was at a nightclub many years ago and AJ was there because he was a friend of a friend. So my friend and I go hang out in the VIP booth where he is and I was sitting right beside him so we started chatting about completely normal things, how he likes Toronto, the weather, the club etc Totally trying my best not to fan girl out and doing a pretty good job. After a while it was time to go so I asked for a picture and after the picture I turn to him and say… ‘Isn’t it so weird that when I was 11 years old your eyes were all over my bedroom?’ He just looked at me and was like ‘hmmm,ya I guess it is’ – @valliec

“The first time @BSBSuthrnBelle and I met the Boys during the This Is Us tour, Howie was wearing silly bands during sound check. During M&G, @BSBSuthrnBelle ignores Nick (her fave), goes right for Howie and blurts out, “I love that you are wearing Silly Bandz. I am an education major.” He had no idea how to respond, of course. But from that day forward, she had been a Howie girl!” – @Blu3y3dBalla

“Back in the day (1997!), the boys came to my city and did an autograph session at a Walmart. My 2 friends and I got to the mall at 6 am to wait in line. As we passed the time, my friends were talking about how nervous they were to meet them. I was trying to be all cool and saying “guys, they’re just REGULAR people!” Cut to our time to go up to the table and as soon as I got to Nick I just blurted out “oh my gosh, I love you SO MUCH!” My friends would not let me live it down. It was definitely my most embarrassing meet and greet moment.” – @rockstar_baby

“Meeting Nick in Edmonton and I wanted a picture of him with his arms around me. So I said “can you come behind me” and he was like “can I what?!?!!!” I was so embarrassed when I realized how it sounded I couldn’t reply. I just grabbed his arms and pulled him.” – @sarahaddo1

“I haven’t said anything funny to the boys but my best friend did. It was the NKOTBSB tour. We were doing the backstage tour then it was time for our solo pics with the person giving the tour and it happened to be Brian, her favorite. It was her turn and all I hear is ‘omg brian I love you’. I don’t let her forget that i even used it when i gave my toast at her wedding.” – @babyblgur

“I asked the Backstreet Boys three years ago at a concert for Advil. It was so embarrassing. At the same time I just found out I had a death in the family. Threw a smile on my face for the photo, but just wanted Advil for the headache from crying before. I want to meet them all again for a redo. We now joke about how I asked BSB for meds. (They didn’t have any – they directed me to first aid.)” – @heather_renee86

“When I first met Kevin, I announced very loudly that I had to pee. When I first met Nick I started crying and when Brian asked why I was crying I said, “I just met Nick ” and he said, “I cried the first time I met him too” in his silly Brian way. Also, when Howie got a chance to congratulate my fiancé and I on our on stage proposal, he blurted out “Is your name really Will Ferrell!? That’s awesome!”” – Nessa Collins

When I was at a concert Brian came from the side of the stage and was singing. He stopped on the step right next to my aisle seat. I didn’t know what to say or do so I just threw my arms open wide. I must have looked like an idiot just standing there like a lil kid waiting on a hug. But thankfully Brian is sweet and gave me a hug after he sang a few lines to me. I can honestly say I don’t remember anything else about that concert after that moment.” – KellyAnn Azzollini

“I was at a concert in Chicago called Miracle on State Street that BSB was headlining. I had front row, and I drank a little too much. Nick grabbed my hand and was serenading me and I peed my pants! Well, a year later at Nick’s brunch, I told him this story. I said “Nick, you made me pee myself, and I was proud of it”. He was cracking up and he said he has done similar things.” – Shash Lynne

“At the Calgary meet and greet in 2014 they finally let the boys stand in front of the baracades to stand with us. Nick and AJ are always in the middle. I went to put my arms around them but we were up against the baracades so accidentally touched AJ’s butt. I said “whoops accidental bum graze” they started killing themselves laughing and nick started to tickle me and blamed it on AJ.” – Clarissa Givens

“I said to Brian in 2013 that was going to cry and he told me not to cry lol. In 2014 when I went on the cruise that year I walked up and Nick and AJ were having a heated debate about the definition of a dork. Conversation Goes like this:

AJ : Nick I am such a dork.
Nick: (sarcastic) do you know what a dork is? It’s a whale penis.
AJ: No, it isn’t. (to me) Hi sweetheart. (Hug)
Nick: (not paying attention to me saying hi) Look it up, dude! Define dork, AJ. Define dork. (to me) Sorry. Hi.

Another one was during the All American Tour my friend had a two minute conversation about phlegm with Nick which I wish I filmed but she told him she got sick from him in Phoenix and he asked her how much phlegm she had and how the cold started. Then they took the pic and he twirled her around it was cute.

On the European cruise, Kevin saw my shirt and made a beeline to me, kissed my cheek and insisted I hug him. Instead of asking for a selfie I said “You look so tired!” ” – @frickingkaos

“For the Nick & Knight tour, when I met Nick for the first time, he said: “hey sweetheart come over here” when it was my turn and I just said in front of him: “oh my God he’s talking to me” lol after he made a joke and I laughed and that’s when they snapped the pic after I managed to say I love you so much and thanks for the pic.” – @kaoticbsb_love

“2013 cruise – during photo session while going down the line to say hi to all of them. I ended up only making it to Kevin. He legit grabbed me in such a way where I couldn’t leave haha. So, nick and Brian never got a proper hello from me. Justin noticed this and told me I could say hi at the end but I felt awkward so I remember shouting out ‘thank you I’ll see you everywhere’.” – Janette Masson

“In 2010 during vip in Toronto when I went up to meet them Brian went to shake my hand and I told him, “Hold on.” He kind of looked at me weird and I proceeded to hand the other guys the hearts I had as I greeted them. Then after swooning when Nick smiled and winked at me I remembered I had to get back to Brian. As I was walking towards him I was like, “I get you.” He smiled and leaned down close for the photo.” – Lenore Crowder

“Taking a pic with AJ on the 2014 cruise and my BFF and I couldn’t get the flash on my camera to cooperate. So he said, ‘well that rat bastard!’ Talking about the camera.” – Ashley Bigham

“During my last meet and greet with Nick during his all American tour, Nick asked me if the girl who had gone before me in line was my sister. Me and this girl looked absolutely nothing alike so I was all flustered trying to answer and I just sort of babbled an answer to him. It was so awkward.” – Colleen Hall McDonald

“AJ asked me if my chestpiece tattoo hurt and I said no. He then told me that his hurt like hell and wondered why mine did not. So I just said ‘maybe because I have such big boobs?!’ and he just stood there – and then we laughed like crazy.” – Beate Muren

“At the Vegas M&G (my first!), I said to Kevin (my fave) – “you have always been The One…who has made all my sorrows undone”. He laughed and said “Aww, thank you!” – Jessica Jordan

“I have really long hair past my butt. During VIP, A.J said ‘omg I love your hair!’ I just blurted out thanks its all real! I felt like such a moron.” – Billie Krukowski

“Didn’t say anything weird but my friend did hold AJ’s hand and was petting him without noticing.” – Sophie Parent-Marquis

“‘I like your pants’, when I was 12, struggling for words, with Mr. AJ McLean.” – Melissa Zagyi

This happens to me pretty much every time I meet them, but one of the most memorable moments was the VIP in Zurich for In A World Like This. I had a gold VIP, so I was standing behind the platinums for the soundcheck and Q&A.

At some point during the Q&A, I got to ask the Boys a question – one I’ve asked before, but never got a satisfactory answer to, which was “What questions would you ask the fans if you had a chance to interview them?”. Howie answered, asking everyone, “How do you pay for all of the concerts and VIPs?” I no longer had the microphone, and Justin had moved on, so I said, offhand and completely joking, “I sell my body.”

Little did I remember that my voice tends to carry sometimes. Nick heard me, and repeated it to Brian, and then they both looked at me. I was busy trying to crawl through a hole in the venue’s floor. I’m still mortified, because I think Nick took me seriously for a minute.” – Vanessa Court-Payen

“Howie saying ‘Hola Brazil!’ to us on the cruise everytime he saw us at and we still don’t understand why he said that cause we aren’t Brazilian.” – Yvonne Flores

Now, we will share our own… 🙂

“The first time I met them in 2008 when I was 19, I didn’t know that my brain was going to turn to mush. I wanted to show them how long I’ve been a fan for so I brought a picture of me from when I was a kid wearing a BSB shirt. And instead of explaining that I said “this is my first time meeting you guys and and here is a picture of me…” they said “aww ohhh okay!” And maybe seemed to get the point? but like I was so nervous I didn’t even know what I was doing or saying so who knows.

In Nick’s meet and greet on solo tour, he told me I smelled good, and I replied with ‘thanks! I sprayed.’ What I obviously meant to say was “I sprayed perfume before I came here” of something like that but the rest of the words never came out. We continued to have a conversation about perfume though, but I was too busy laughing at the fact that I sounded like a skunk.

At one of Nick’s lunches, someone was telling him that “they don’t know where they would be without bsb…” and I blurted out– “well, I would be rich…” and everyone just looked at me and started bursting out laughing  …it’s true though!” – Kristie

“I had an individual meet and greet with BSB in Vegas then we went in for a group photo with another VIP. Kristie and I were talking to Nick when he shocked us by remembering who I am and reciting a tweet I sent out the night before (that he hadn’t acknowledged at all). That’s when I called Nick Carter a stalker, to which he laughed and said he reads everything. This whole conversation left a listening Kevin confused, by the way.

Last year, Nick also said ‘I’m a fan of your work’ and I responded with ‘I’m …a fan of…yours??’. What even.

AJ also spent 5 minutes once telling me and a friend how he wanted eyes tattooed on his elbows that closed and opened when he moved his elbows.” – Sara

“Kristie: *shares candy with Nick*

Sara: “Be careful – she has diseases.

Nick: “No more than I do!!!”

Thanks to everyone for sharing (and for never taking yourselves too seriously)!

One thought on “45 Embarrassing (Hilarious) Things Fans Have Said To Backstreet Boys

  1. lol these were so funny !!! One that comes to my mind is in the Bahamas i told Kevin this cruise was to celebrate my 40th birthday and he said well happy birthday when is the exact date again cuz ours is close. And i said it’s tomorrow !!! … then i paused and we both looked at each other with a funny look because my birthday is the day after Kevins which was 3 weeks prior and i said to him ummm i dunno why i just said that lol and he looked at me with a funny look and said ya .. i was just gonna say TOMORROW??? …… yes im an idiot.. then walked away lol


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