12 Vows We’ve All Made To Our Best Backstreet Boys Fan Friends

From the outside, most people would think that our deepest connections as Backstreet Boys fans would be with the Backstreet Boys themselves. They think we travel thousands of miles and spend hundreds of dollars to see Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick alone when the truth is…

Sometimes we do it for our friends.

Being fans of a group for 20+ years means always meeting new people in new places that share your zest for BSB. These people are sometimes in your town, sometimes on the other side of the country, and often on the other side of the world. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find fans that become our best friends (or our best friends become fans after we drag them to enough shows).

Either way, there are some vows that we take as best-fan-friends, whether spoken or unspoken, because the friendships we’ve made with these people are important. We’re willing to bet that you’ve promised some of the following to each other. If you haven’t, you should probably print and sign now.

1. I Promise To Hold Your Drink When Your Favorite Comes Near.


If a hand is free, the vow includes taking photo of you and your designated fave interacting / near each other.

2. I Promise To Let You Use My Phone For Selfies In The Opportunity Presents Itself.


Between the two (or three of you), there is one person with a better phone for selfies and battery life. The best of friends have a game plan for whose phone will be used for what and at least one of you is there to ensure that something with photo-taking capacity is charged.

3. I Promise To Practice Your Meet And Greet Pose With You. 


New VIP experience? That obviously means new photo with the Backstreet Boys and days/weeks/months of deciding what you’re going to do or say. Who better to rehearse it with than your best fan friend? “Ok, you act like you’re Nick!” is not an uncommon phrase amongst the two of you.

4. I Promise To Tell You The Truth About Your Outfit Options.


Near or far, you’ve seen all of each other’s concert outfit options via text, Skype, descriptive conversations and more. You’d never DREAM of letting your girl (or boy) look like a hot mess. She / he has to keep up with you, after all.

5. I Promise To Speak Up To A Backstreet Boy For You When You Can’t. 


BSB Brain take over? You speak for your BFF better than anyone and she’d do the same for you. She might not know her name to tell Kevin, but you do and by God, he’s going to know it!

6. I Promise To Keep You Fed and Hydrated.


Friends don’t let friends pass out at events. Neither one of you has time for medics.

7. I Promise To Not Let You Embarrass Yourself…Alone.


If you’re going to sing out loud off key, your friend is going to too. If you’re going to scream in Brian’s face…well…he/she might laugh at you, but won’t make you feel bad about it!

8. I Promise To Dance.


You guys definitely did NOT come to a Backstreet Boys concert to sit down! Rhythm or not.

9. I Promise To Hang Out With You In Sickness and In Health.


You traveled long distances to be together and Nick Carter got one of you got sick. You can guarantee your friend is going to nurse you back to health, stay in the room with you until event time, or hold you up and wave your arms around for you.

10. I Promise To Hypothesize and Rehash.


You guys are the only ones that share the memories you share. You’re going to soak them up like sponges and tell the stories (back and forth to each other) for years to come. There’s also the added bonus of future plans (because in the middle of rehashing, it’s inevitable that you’re going to say “Next time…”).

11. I Promise To Never Switch Boys.


You each know your BSB “line up” backwards and forwards. Whether you’re deadset on a “favorite” or not, you definitely have a preference and your BFF knows as you know hers/his. You don’t change willy nilly.

12. I Promise To Be Friends – Backstreet or Not.


After all the memories, all the events, all the dancing, embarrassment, etc., you always have each other. During those times the Backstreet Boys are taking time off, you have your best fan friends who have become simply your best friends. It started with the music and ended up with some of our favorite friendships. Sometimes, that’s all you need to have a good time (but a Backstreet Boy definitely helps).

Hey Backstreet Boys – thanks for the best friends we could ever ask for!









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