ALERT: We Need Your Help For A Backstreet Boys 24th Anniversary Project!

The Backstreet Boys 24th anniversary is upon us and, as always, we are here to celebrate and reminisce together. Not only have our Boys been together that long, but we’ve also grown together. In typical What Happens On The Backstreet fashion, we’re asking YOU to participate.

Part One: We want to hear how the past 24 years of BSB has impacted you. How does Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick being together affect you? What has Backstreet meant to you? Have a really cool moment that you stands out to you as a fan? Is there something you really need to say? Fill out the form below!

We know it’s hard, but please try to keep your entries short-ish (150 words or less). 

Part Two (Optional): Send a photo to us ( with a photo of yourself / fan art / fancy drawing that includes YOUR NAME and the FIRST DATE you saw the Backstreet Boys (live) and the LAST DATE. Be creative. We will be using these in a collage as the featured photo for the post. Anything other than this in the photo will not be used.

Questions? Feel free to ask!

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What Happens In Vegas: Week 1-3 #BSBVegas

We’re only 3 weeks into the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas shows and it’s already been a wild ride! With the next set of shows kicking off on April 12th (giving everyone a minute to breathe), we thought we’d play catch up for those who haven’t had time to keep up.


Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life In The Headlines 

I put this post together for, highlighting all the best interviews, reviews, and media pieces on the Backstreet Boys in their first two(ish) weeks of the Vegas residency. Rather than repost here, I’m just going to link you there.

Nick Carter On Family Life In Vegas And First Year As Dad

Seeing Stars: Celebrity Sightings

Click the names for stories / proof!

Erik-Michael Estrada (O-Town, Dead 7)

Trevor Pennick (O-Town, Dead 7)

Joey Fatone (NSYNC, Dead 7, Nick Carter fan)

Lance Bass (NSYNC)

Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler (WWE Superstars)

Josh Gracin (Country Music Artist, Former American Idol Finalist)

Kurt Busch (NASCAR)

By The Fans

Here’s where we wanted to give you guys a chance to speak up. No one is more honest, has better reviews, stories, and more than Backstreet fans themselves. We are all ride-or-die at this point and events can often be best judged by what fans are saying. Here are some things sent to us about what happened during the March run of shows!

“March 18th was my first solo M&G and I was super excited about it. I had made temporary tattoos of the Backstreet Boys logo and the Snackstreet logo, which I was really proud of. Brian was the first Boy to greet me with a hug, which he followed with “Where are you from?” My brain legit shorted out and I completely blanked out. I’m fairly certain I said Los Angeles, but there’s also a chance I said Las Vegas….doh! When I went to give AJ a hug, he commented on my BSB logo tattoo, so I excitedly flung out my left arm to show him the Snackstreet logo…right into Brian, who was behind me. At this point, I’m just on a roll. Nick’s laughing on my right side and the camera guy’s trying to get me to give him a hug so we can take the picture. Right after we take the picture, AJ’s pointing out my Snackstreet tattoo to Kevin and Howie, so I throw my arm out again and shove Nick out of the way to get to the other two Boys. Kevin’s suuuuper zen and sweet, thanking me for coming and to enjoy the show, at which point I tell him I saw it already yesterday and that I had lost my voice at that show. Howie calls me Sweetie before giving me a huge hug. I’m about to leave when I turn around to shout out something along the lines of “Have a great show, break a leg, etc etc”…right into Howie’s ear. As soon as I walk out of the M&G area, all my senses come flooding back and I’m left thinking, HOLY HELL….what did I just say to the Boys?!? I was a complete spaz and it felt like the greatest feeling ever! HAHAHAHA Can’t wait to do it again!” – Lisa Chan (@harchester)

“At the show last Friday & Saturday (3/17 and 3/18), Kevin’s youngest son was so cute, not wanting to let him go when Kevin picked him up during the show. He was kissing his dad on the cheeks and holding on tightly. Also, from the front of the pit you’re so close you can even talk to the boys during the show plus hear what these say to each other which obviously is pretty funny most of the time. We ran into Nick and Mike at a casino so yes, that can happen.” – Alex (@allys_tweets)

“I was in Vegas 3/8-3/14 and hit up 2 concerts, Friday and Saturday. I noticed they gave out the roses, so my friend made a sign for me that stated “Howie, Can I have your 🌹”. He saw it and gave me a wink. I was sure he would come give it to me during the song but he ended up pulling a fan up on stage that night.

During IWITW, he opened his jacket and pulled out a rose bud, came back over to me, and threw me the rose. I couldn’t believe it. I absolutely love that man. He totally made my Vegas experience an amazing one.” – Samantha (@sammie_kinz87)

“My fave is Howie and when he posted that he was at he basketball game, my friends and I had to go to T-Mobile Arena to maybe get a glimpse of him. We got lucky that a man helped us and told us where to stand and wait.

After a while, Howie came out of the arena and he just laughed. He asked us if had seen his post. We got some good pictures and I got to ask him why there aren’t any songs from the IAWLT album at the concert. He said it had been cut at the last minute and there was nothing they could do about it.

The next day at the VIP, I asked Brian if I could lift him, because on that day 3 years ago he lifted me. The whole thing was funny. Kevin said that’s the first and they all laughed a lot.

That night I got Howie’s rose at the concert, I’m so happy with all my new memories from Vegas.” – Hilde Schroder

“Night two ( Friday 3/3/17) I was in Section 103, right by the left aisle (facing the stage, separation to section 104). I noticed most of the row behind me was empty, but didn’t think much of it. As they are apt to do, people kept running down to the front of the aisle to record or view their favorite song without obstruction, and the main usher kept shooing them away (some putting up a fight!). 

At some point, the people who ran down, from the row behind me, were Leigh, Howie’s wife, and her close friend. The usher sent them back pretty quickly, though she kept saying “that’s my husband!”…. I broke it to the confused folks next to me that she was indeed married to Howie. She thanked me and said “I need him to see that our dear friend is here!!” and then out of the blue told me “You’re so beautiful”!….that totally made my night. But then it got better!

Later in the concert, at some point when Howie was on the front catwalk, they ran down again and were able to get his attention. He totally made a point to sing to them and enjoyed that they were both dancing (completely forgot which song, I was distracted watching them!). Of course in a few moments, the same usher came to drag them back to their assigned seats. They resisted a bit, trying to explain, but she wouldn’t have any nonsense or special privileges, sticking firm to her job duties. Howie saw that they got in trouble and did a “tsk tsk” finger wag and a smirk; it was adorable. They finally gave in and headed back, but were happy they got their goal of getting his attention so he could see the friend made it to the concert.

Epilogue: at the After Party on Saturday, I asked Leigh for a photo and she remembered me, saying “oh you’re from the concert!” and again “I swear you’re so beautiful!!”…. I’m still blushing from her compliments!

For my second M&G photo, I had casino-themed glasses. After the pic was done, Aaron, who was right outside the photo area exit, asked to have one of the pairs of glasses (I had grabbed them all, assuming the Boys wouldn’t want them!). I said sure, why not. Drew was nearby and saw the exchange and came up and said “Wait why does he get one??” so I gave him one too. Aaron told me to wait a sec and he radio’d Keith if he wanted one; Keith looked over, and nodded, so Aaron pocketed one for him. Then I forgot if it was Keith or Aaron, but one of them said leave one for Mike. With almost all of them having one, I asked if Josh would want one. Drew said go ask him…I ran to the other side where he was managing the line to enter for photos and asked. Josh was very serious and said “No, I can’t wear that when I’m working!” I told him “But alllll the other guys have it…. You don’t wanna be left out!” He was all “Wait, what?? Um then yea” and pocketed one for later… Now I have no idea if all the glasses were ever used or just ended up in the trash and were never worn….but that was definitely a memorable 5 min with the sweetest bodyguards in the world!” – Sarah (@sv02)

And we can’t forget THIS very special fan – read the story about a 96 year old’s time in VIP!

You can read our own review here.

Things To Know

Updates on questions we’ve been asked, info we’ve acquired, etc.

  • If you have VIP Meet and Greet and choose to leave the venue after and come back, you can. Make sure your ticket gets scanned on the way out so that you can get back in.
  • The merch outside of the venue sold at The Axis store is the same as what’s sold during the show, inside the venue. It is unclear whether this merch will be sold online, but if it is, it’s likely there will be very little stock.
  • To download your VIP photos in HQ, right click > Copy URL > Replace the word “large” with the word with “original” in the URL > TADA!
  • Snacks in the VIP lounge usually include chips and candy, not dinner. Be mindful of what you need to sustain you!
  • The intro video is 12 minutes. The show is 96 minutes.
  • There doesn’t seem to be much benefit to lining up hours early for General Admission. Once you get in, a lot of people hit the bar and everyone has to go through metal detectors. Your place in line really doesn’t mean much.
  • The afterparties have changed from VIP getting a professional photo to a chance for selfies. This chance IS very high! We haven’t seen many people leave without at least one selfie with the Boys.

Did you go to the #BSBVegas show in March? Take this survey to tell us what you love and what could improve!

Have any other questions? Feel free to hit us up on social media or from our Contact page above!

45 Embarrassing (Hilarious) Things Fans Have Said To Backstreet Boys

For Backstreet Boys fans, actually meeting Brian, Kevin, Nick, Howie or AJ is the penultimate achievement. For 24 years, we have been chasing these guys across the globe, showing up to the airports and hotels and doing crazy things to win contests long before we could pay for the meet and greet experience.

However, sometimes, as much as you’ve rehearsed in a mirror, to your friends, and inside your head what you’re going to say, things come out wrong. Sometimes things just come out that we didn’t know were going to come out. Sometimes, the Backstreet Boys themselves say things we weren’t prepared for.

Knowing this happens often, we asked you guys to share some of the funniest, weirdest, or most embarrassing thing that you’ve said to a Backstreet Boy (or that they’ve said to you).

“I was at Nick’s M&G last year for my 2nd night. I saw him on my birthday in Grand Rapids and again in Chicago the next night. Mike was taking the photos. When it was my turn, Nick put his arm around me. I thought to myself, “Oh, my god. He’s touching me!”, but I actually blurted it out loud right in his face. He laughed a bit. But Mike, standing there with the camera, politely said, “I know, honey, but you still need to look at the camera.”
 – Laura Fu

“On the 20th anniversary cruise, I met Kevin the first time on Halloween night and got a picture with him. The next day was the group meeting, when I got to Kevin i just was so happy from the night before I stumbled on my words when I got to him, ” thanks for last, ya know, when we took a picture..” mumbo jumbo. After that, I felt so stupid.  Do you know how many people he did that with the night before?!” – Kym Seabolt

“First time meeting any of them was Kevin. 2003, took my parents and grandma to see him play Billy Flynn in Chicago. Did not understand how shows work and that the cast comes out after for autographs. Ran into the crowd on the way to the parking lot…my dad shoved me forward to get a picture. I was caught so of guard I blabbered something cliche like “OMG YOU WERE SOOO AMAZING UMM CAN I HAVE A PICTURE PLEASE” (insert eye roll here). Of course, Kevin was gracious enough to be genuinely flattered by the compliment.”

“First time I paid for a Gold VIP was 2010. Nick was sick and missed sound check so it was just AJ, Howie, Brian. I kept rehearsing thing long bit about how they’ve been a constant source of positivity in my life though various hardships etc etc…but whatever came out in reality was shocking enough to make Brian step back with a concerned look on his face and say “Ohhh….ok?” before gently grabbing me for a hug for the picture. I wish I remembered whatever I actually said.”

“We caught Kevin at a hotel in NYC the night before some tv appearance. We asked him if he had really seen our Everybody video remake since he had retweeted is. He looked at us like we were crazy and was all ‘Why would I retweet but not watch it? Of course I did!’ Awwwkward.”

“BSB vegas opening night was the eve of my Bday, so I braved bringing props. This in included hats and party blowers. While Nick was disappointed they didn’t make nosie, all of them kept hitting each other with the blowers and AJ said ‘You should have never given these to us. Bad idea. It’s like bunch of 3 year olds!!'”

“BSB vegas second night, I braved props again, but this time casino themed. Very flustered, but AJ calmed me down by observing ‘Always prepared, I like it!!'” – @sv02

“First time I saw nick was when they were shopping for clothes in a mall in Tel Aviv. We were standing behind a line, when he came out to say hello to us, and literally the first thing that came out of my mouth was “You’re SO hot!!!”. So embarrassing.” – @yael1983s

“During VIP in London at the BST event I wanted a group hug picture with the boys. I still get nervous sometimes as soon as I am close to Nick – I develop some kind of speech problems, talk to fast etc  So I said “Can we take a groud hud piture” and just stared at him in shock. He started grinning and said to the other guys – veeeeery slowly “She wants a GROUP. HUG. PICTURE.” I was a bit embarrassed but as he got to know me like that it was just a funny situation after all.” – @_xXLisaXx_

“It was on the BSB cruise 2016. It was the Movie Night and Nick was dressed as Princess Leia/Leila. I was dressed as Jack from Dead 7. Nick looked at me and said ‘Wow, you look great tonight, mini me!’ And I said ‘Well, I’m just being sexy as fuck like you.’ Then I realized what I said and wanted to bury myself.” – @kaoticgaia

“I had a speech ready for Nick. However, when I was in front of him, I just blurted out ‘Nick, crush of my life!’ I think I was loud since Brian started laughing. Nick just said ‘thank you sweetie’. When I got to Kevin, I did say what I intended to. But Nick makes me so nervous every time! Last year at his M&G in Guadalajara, Mexico, I was just sooo nervous he said ‘hi beautiful’ and I was only able to say ‘I love you’ then he hugged me and I accidentally stepped on his flip flop ! Thank God I didn’t get any toes!” – @pamluvsbsb82

 “When I met AJ I was constantly stuttering and instead of saying helped me out of a depression I said put me in and I just kept saying damnit after every time I’d say the wrong thing and I was crying and shaking. AJ was a total sweetheart though, and put his hands on my shoulder and told me to breathe.” – @believer48

“I met the Boys at a M&G in 2013, when AJ was just growing his Castro beard (it’s relevant I promise) well, I had the bright I idea to ask him if Ava (who was under a year old at the time) grabbed at it, he said yes. This for some reason prompted me to tell him that when I was an infant I used to grab my dad’s ear hair.” – @backstreetgem

“Ok, so I was at a nightclub many years ago and AJ was there because he was a friend of a friend. So my friend and I go hang out in the VIP booth where he is and I was sitting right beside him so we started chatting about completely normal things, how he likes Toronto, the weather, the club etc Totally trying my best not to fan girl out and doing a pretty good job. After a while it was time to go so I asked for a picture and after the picture I turn to him and say… ‘Isn’t it so weird that when I was 11 years old your eyes were all over my bedroom?’ He just looked at me and was like ‘hmmm,ya I guess it is’ – @valliec

“The first time @BSBSuthrnBelle and I met the Boys during the This Is Us tour, Howie was wearing silly bands during sound check. During M&G, @BSBSuthrnBelle ignores Nick (her fave), goes right for Howie and blurts out, “I love that you are wearing Silly Bandz. I am an education major.” He had no idea how to respond, of course. But from that day forward, she had been a Howie girl!” – @Blu3y3dBalla

“Back in the day (1997!), the boys came to my city and did an autograph session at a Walmart. My 2 friends and I got to the mall at 6 am to wait in line. As we passed the time, my friends were talking about how nervous they were to meet them. I was trying to be all cool and saying “guys, they’re just REGULAR people!” Cut to our time to go up to the table and as soon as I got to Nick I just blurted out “oh my gosh, I love you SO MUCH!” My friends would not let me live it down. It was definitely my most embarrassing meet and greet moment.” – @rockstar_baby

“Meeting Nick in Edmonton and I wanted a picture of him with his arms around me. So I said “can you come behind me” and he was like “can I what?!?!!!” I was so embarrassed when I realized how it sounded I couldn’t reply. I just grabbed his arms and pulled him.” – @sarahaddo1

“I haven’t said anything funny to the boys but my best friend did. It was the NKOTBSB tour. We were doing the backstage tour then it was time for our solo pics with the person giving the tour and it happened to be Brian, her favorite. It was her turn and all I hear is ‘omg brian I love you’. I don’t let her forget that i even used it when i gave my toast at her wedding.” – @babyblgur

“I asked the Backstreet Boys three years ago at a concert for Advil. It was so embarrassing. At the same time I just found out I had a death in the family. Threw a smile on my face for the photo, but just wanted Advil for the headache from crying before. I want to meet them all again for a redo. We now joke about how I asked BSB for meds. (They didn’t have any – they directed me to first aid.)” – @heather_renee86

“When I first met Kevin, I announced very loudly that I had to pee. When I first met Nick I started crying and when Brian asked why I was crying I said, “I just met Nick ” and he said, “I cried the first time I met him too” in his silly Brian way. Also, when Howie got a chance to congratulate my fiancé and I on our on stage proposal, he blurted out “Is your name really Will Ferrell!? That’s awesome!”” – Nessa Collins

When I was at a concert Brian came from the side of the stage and was singing. He stopped on the step right next to my aisle seat. I didn’t know what to say or do so I just threw my arms open wide. I must have looked like an idiot just standing there like a lil kid waiting on a hug. But thankfully Brian is sweet and gave me a hug after he sang a few lines to me. I can honestly say I don’t remember anything else about that concert after that moment.” – KellyAnn Azzollini

“I was at a concert in Chicago called Miracle on State Street that BSB was headlining. I had front row, and I drank a little too much. Nick grabbed my hand and was serenading me and I peed my pants! Well, a year later at Nick’s brunch, I told him this story. I said “Nick, you made me pee myself, and I was proud of it”. He was cracking up and he said he has done similar things.” – Shash Lynne

“At the Calgary meet and greet in 2014 they finally let the boys stand in front of the baracades to stand with us. Nick and AJ are always in the middle. I went to put my arms around them but we were up against the baracades so accidentally touched AJ’s butt. I said “whoops accidental bum graze” they started killing themselves laughing and nick started to tickle me and blamed it on AJ.” – Clarissa Givens

“I said to Brian in 2013 that was going to cry and he told me not to cry lol. In 2014 when I went on the cruise that year I walked up and Nick and AJ were having a heated debate about the definition of a dork. Conversation Goes like this:

AJ : Nick I am such a dork.
Nick: (sarcastic) do you know what a dork is? It’s a whale penis.
AJ: No, it isn’t. (to me) Hi sweetheart. (Hug)
Nick: (not paying attention to me saying hi) Look it up, dude! Define dork, AJ. Define dork. (to me) Sorry. Hi.

Another one was during the All American Tour my friend had a two minute conversation about phlegm with Nick which I wish I filmed but she told him she got sick from him in Phoenix and he asked her how much phlegm she had and how the cold started. Then they took the pic and he twirled her around it was cute.

On the European cruise, Kevin saw my shirt and made a beeline to me, kissed my cheek and insisted I hug him. Instead of asking for a selfie I said “You look so tired!” ” – @frickingkaos

“For the Nick & Knight tour, when I met Nick for the first time, he said: “hey sweetheart come over here” when it was my turn and I just said in front of him: “oh my God he’s talking to me” lol after he made a joke and I laughed and that’s when they snapped the pic after I managed to say I love you so much and thanks for the pic.” – @kaoticbsb_love

“2013 cruise – during photo session while going down the line to say hi to all of them. I ended up only making it to Kevin. He legit grabbed me in such a way where I couldn’t leave haha. So, nick and Brian never got a proper hello from me. Justin noticed this and told me I could say hi at the end but I felt awkward so I remember shouting out ‘thank you I’ll see you everywhere’.” – Janette Masson

“In 2010 during vip in Toronto when I went up to meet them Brian went to shake my hand and I told him, “Hold on.” He kind of looked at me weird and I proceeded to hand the other guys the hearts I had as I greeted them. Then after swooning when Nick smiled and winked at me I remembered I had to get back to Brian. As I was walking towards him I was like, “I get you.” He smiled and leaned down close for the photo.” – Lenore Crowder

“Taking a pic with AJ on the 2014 cruise and my BFF and I couldn’t get the flash on my camera to cooperate. So he said, ‘well that rat bastard!’ Talking about the camera.” – Ashley Bigham

“During my last meet and greet with Nick during his all American tour, Nick asked me if the girl who had gone before me in line was my sister. Me and this girl looked absolutely nothing alike so I was all flustered trying to answer and I just sort of babbled an answer to him. It was so awkward.” – Colleen Hall McDonald

“AJ asked me if my chestpiece tattoo hurt and I said no. He then told me that his hurt like hell and wondered why mine did not. So I just said ‘maybe because I have such big boobs?!’ and he just stood there – and then we laughed like crazy.” – Beate Muren

“At the Vegas M&G (my first!), I said to Kevin (my fave) – “you have always been The One…who has made all my sorrows undone”. He laughed and said “Aww, thank you!” – Jessica Jordan

“I have really long hair past my butt. During VIP, A.J said ‘omg I love your hair!’ I just blurted out thanks its all real! I felt like such a moron.” – Billie Krukowski

“Didn’t say anything weird but my friend did hold AJ’s hand and was petting him without noticing.” – Sophie Parent-Marquis

“‘I like your pants’, when I was 12, struggling for words, with Mr. AJ McLean.” – Melissa Zagyi

This happens to me pretty much every time I meet them, but one of the most memorable moments was the VIP in Zurich for In A World Like This. I had a gold VIP, so I was standing behind the platinums for the soundcheck and Q&A.

At some point during the Q&A, I got to ask the Boys a question – one I’ve asked before, but never got a satisfactory answer to, which was “What questions would you ask the fans if you had a chance to interview them?”. Howie answered, asking everyone, “How do you pay for all of the concerts and VIPs?” I no longer had the microphone, and Justin had moved on, so I said, offhand and completely joking, “I sell my body.”

Little did I remember that my voice tends to carry sometimes. Nick heard me, and repeated it to Brian, and then they both looked at me. I was busy trying to crawl through a hole in the venue’s floor. I’m still mortified, because I think Nick took me seriously for a minute.” – Vanessa Court-Payen

“Howie saying ‘Hola Brazil!’ to us on the cruise everytime he saw us at and we still don’t understand why he said that cause we aren’t Brazilian.” – Yvonne Flores

Now, we will share our own… 🙂

“The first time I met them in 2008 when I was 19, I didn’t know that my brain was going to turn to mush. I wanted to show them how long I’ve been a fan for so I brought a picture of me from when I was a kid wearing a BSB shirt. And instead of explaining that I said “this is my first time meeting you guys and and here is a picture of me…” they said “aww ohhh okay!” And maybe seemed to get the point? but like I was so nervous I didn’t even know what I was doing or saying so who knows.

In Nick’s meet and greet on solo tour, he told me I smelled good, and I replied with ‘thanks! I sprayed.’ What I obviously meant to say was “I sprayed perfume before I came here” of something like that but the rest of the words never came out. We continued to have a conversation about perfume though, but I was too busy laughing at the fact that I sounded like a skunk.

At one of Nick’s lunches, someone was telling him that “they don’t know where they would be without bsb…” and I blurted out– “well, I would be rich…” and everyone just looked at me and started bursting out laughing  …it’s true though!” – Kristie

“I had an individual meet and greet with BSB in Vegas then we went in for a group photo with another VIP. Kristie and I were talking to Nick when he shocked us by remembering who I am and reciting a tweet I sent out the night before (that he hadn’t acknowledged at all). That’s when I called Nick Carter a stalker, to which he laughed and said he reads everything. This whole conversation left a listening Kevin confused, by the way.

Last year, Nick also said ‘I’m a fan of your work’ and I responded with ‘I’m …a fan of…yours??’. What even.

AJ also spent 5 minutes once telling me and a friend how he wanted eyes tattooed on his elbows that closed and opened when he moved his elbows.” – Sara

“Kristie: *shares candy with Nick*

Sara: “Be careful – she has diseases.

Nick: “No more than I do!!!”

Thanks to everyone for sharing (and for never taking yourselves too seriously)!

12 Vows We’ve All Made To Our Best Backstreet Boys Fan Friends

From the outside, most people would think that our deepest connections as Backstreet Boys fans would be with the Backstreet Boys themselves. They think we travel thousands of miles and spend hundreds of dollars to see Kevin, Brian, Howie, AJ and Nick alone when the truth is…

Sometimes we do it for our friends.

Being fans of a group for 20+ years means always meeting new people in new places that share your zest for BSB. These people are sometimes in your town, sometimes on the other side of the country, and often on the other side of the world. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find fans that become our best friends (or our best friends become fans after we drag them to enough shows).

Either way, there are some vows that we take as best-fan-friends, whether spoken or unspoken, because the friendships we’ve made with these people are important. We’re willing to bet that you’ve promised some of the following to each other. If you haven’t, you should probably print and sign now.

1. I Promise To Hold Your Drink When Your Favorite Comes Near.


If a hand is free, the vow includes taking photo of you and your designated fave interacting / near each other.

2. I Promise To Let You Use My Phone For Selfies In The Opportunity Presents Itself.


Between the two (or three of you), there is one person with a better phone for selfies and battery life. The best of friends have a game plan for whose phone will be used for what and at least one of you is there to ensure that something with photo-taking capacity is charged.

3. I Promise To Practice Your Meet And Greet Pose With You. 


New VIP experience? That obviously means new photo with the Backstreet Boys and days/weeks/months of deciding what you’re going to do or say. Who better to rehearse it with than your best fan friend? “Ok, you act like you’re Nick!” is not an uncommon phrase amongst the two of you.

4. I Promise To Tell You The Truth About Your Outfit Options.


Near or far, you’ve seen all of each other’s concert outfit options via text, Skype, descriptive conversations and more. You’d never DREAM of letting your girl (or boy) look like a hot mess. She / he has to keep up with you, after all.

5. I Promise To Speak Up To A Backstreet Boy For You When You Can’t. 


BSB Brain take over? You speak for your BFF better than anyone and she’d do the same for you. She might not know her name to tell Kevin, but you do and by God, he’s going to know it!

6. I Promise To Keep You Fed and Hydrated.


Friends don’t let friends pass out at events. Neither one of you has time for medics.

7. I Promise To Not Let You Embarrass Yourself…Alone.


If you’re going to sing out loud off key, your friend is going to too. If you’re going to scream in Brian’s face…well…he/she might laugh at you, but won’t make you feel bad about it!

8. I Promise To Dance.


You guys definitely did NOT come to a Backstreet Boys concert to sit down! Rhythm or not.

9. I Promise To Hang Out With You In Sickness and In Health.


You traveled long distances to be together and Nick Carter got one of you got sick. You can guarantee your friend is going to nurse you back to health, stay in the room with you until event time, or hold you up and wave your arms around for you.

10. I Promise To Hypothesize and Rehash.


You guys are the only ones that share the memories you share. You’re going to soak them up like sponges and tell the stories (back and forth to each other) for years to come. There’s also the added bonus of future plans (because in the middle of rehashing, it’s inevitable that you’re going to say “Next time…”).

11. I Promise To Never Switch Boys.


You each know your BSB “line up” backwards and forwards. Whether you’re deadset on a “favorite” or not, you definitely have a preference and your BFF knows as you know hers/his. You don’t change willy nilly.

12. I Promise To Be Friends – Backstreet or Not.


After all the memories, all the events, all the dancing, embarrassment, etc., you always have each other. During those times the Backstreet Boys are taking time off, you have your best fan friends who have become simply your best friends. It started with the music and ended up with some of our favorite friendships. Sometimes, that’s all you need to have a good time (but a Backstreet Boy definitely helps).

Hey Backstreet Boys – thanks for the best friends we could ever ask for!








What Happened In Vegas: A #BSBVegas VIP and Concert Review

As soon as we found out when the Backstreet Boys would be taking over Las Vegas, we were aware that we, too, would have to take over the same week. No way were we going to miss this epic occasion and definitely no way could we wait weeks before seeing it!

So here we are, ready to tell you everything you need to know (and maybe some things you didn’t)! Normally, our posts are pretty objective and while we’ll try to stay that way here, some things we can’t help but weigh in with our own opinions.

If there’s anything we don’t cover, definitely hit us up to ask!

VIP Meet And Greet

The Pre-Show VIP Lounge

Once upon a time, Backstreet fans going to VIP meet and greets were SO over waiting in lines for hours on end. Wonderful Union listened to them and BOOM! The birth of the pre-show VIP exclusive lounge.

Upon arrival, we were fairly quickly checked in, given our lanyards (which change photos every night), two drink tickets and directed upstairs. We were then lined up to get drinks from the bar (also exclusively for VIP goers since there was no one else in the venue). For those asking what drinks are offered, everything from water to wine to champagne to ale to soda. If you consume liquids, you are covered. Also, you don’t HAVE to wait here if you don’t want. You can definitely bypass and come back.

While you’re waiting, you can take your photo with friends in front of a snazzy looking Red Carpet-esque background. This is the perfect opportunity to get those pre-BSB jitters out!


After getting our drinks (which you CAN take into the venue with you if you’re still drinking them by them), we moved into the lounge. From the photos above, you can see that it’s a totally chill club-like atmosphere. There are glow colored light orbs, a snack table, cool seating with oversized games to play while you wait.

There’s also a REALLY cool photobooth (put together by our favorite BSB photog, Justin Segura). There will be a line of people waiting to jump inside so if you want to bypass and chill with friends, we definitely had time after the meet and greet to snap our pics! You  don’t want to miss it though. It comes complete with head-size BSBmojis on a stick (that we really want to own), props and fantastic lighting (seriously – I need that light in my life).

 These photos from the photobooth will come to you via text or email and ready for you to share online! Don’t worry if you don’t get them immediately – the wifi is spotty in the hotel. We got ours after we already got home… 24 hours later. What a nice parting gift!

Meet and Greet


You can chill in the lounge until you line up for the photo. At our VIP experiences, we were lined up all at once. Since then, they’re trying out dividing everyone into groups so not everyone has to line up at once and you get more time to utilize the lounge while you wait, which is actually a really good idea (especially for those in fancy shoes).

Simply speaking from our own experience and observing others, the actual act of meeting the Boys is what you make it. We saw people go in with props, hats, ideas, etc. for their photo and we saw people go in, take a photo and come straight out. From the time Kristie went on Friday until we both went on Saturday, things were being worked out to make for a smoother experience.

The Boys were as kind as they always have been. Brian came out from behind the screen (where photos were being taken) to goof around and seemingly put everyone at ease, then he welcomed every person with a hug. Every. Single. Person. It was Brian, AJ, Nick, Kevin and Howie… for those of you who would like to know order ahead of time. Each of them took the time to hug everyone and at least say a little something. We definitely had time for some conversation.

We didn’t feel rushed at all – which is HUGE for VIP. A sold out meet and greet has around 150 and everyone seemed to be satisfied with the time they got. No one yelled at us to keep moving and everyone was insanely friendly.

Note: if you are someone that brings gifts to the Boys for shows, don’t. You will be made to check your bag upon entry into the venue and retrieve it later. Save the room in your luggage for merch!

Also, there is no group option for meet and greet. We used one of our individuals for a photo with all of us (which IS allowed).

Following meet and greet, we were sent back into the lounge where, as I said above, we had time to snap some shots in the photobooth.

….And freak out about meeting all of our Boys. Because that never gets old.

The Show


We’ll admit… we judged the show by the setlist before we saw the show. It’s void of anything from IAWLT and, as expected, is made up of mostly hits and singles with a few surprises (“Undone” and “Darlin'”, anyone?). For anyone wanting a timeline, the show started around 9:10ish and is 96 minutes long (thanks venue guy).

We’re happy to say that WE. WERE. WRONG. (Ok, I’m never REALLY happy to say that, but in this case…)

Here’s where we will do our best not to spoil too much for those who want to be completely surprised. Some of the things we loved the most (scroll past if you don’t want to know ANYTHING):

  • The 12 minute opening megamix video that can be found here and the way the Boys appear onstage (WHAT?! Did NOT see that coming!)
  • Kevin joining in on “Undone”.
  • The way the Backstreet Boys collectively sound the same live as they do on the albums. Obviously, this is nothing new, but for some reason, it is very striking inside the Axis theater.
  • We never expected “The Call” to be SO sexy! Wow.
  • Something about AJ and Kevin rapping during “Get Down” really hyped us.
  • The thought of dancers added to the show wasn’t something we were always crazy about, but they really DO add to the show.
  • Brian. Littrell. Seriously, whatever he has been doing for his voice and whatever the group is doing to help is working. So much so that the first night either of us were there, we found ourselves in inevitable tears and cheering just a little bit louder.
  • There’s a few ballroom moves (that we’re pretty sure Sharna Burgess had a hand in) that left us remembering how much Nick deserved that Mirrorball Trophy, but whatever. We also forgot that Kevin was ballroom trained until we saw those moves! Seriously though, all of the choreography is ON point.
  • The wardrobe…whew!
  • The whole production!

There’s also not a bad seat in the house. Let us show you!

Table Seating

These photos were taken from a table on the right side facing the stage. The view is probably the best you can get because there is NO ONE in front of you and the longer-armed Backstreet Boys can reach you pretty well. For those of you that have purchased a seat at a VIP table that included a bottle of champagne, please be aware that the bottle does not arrive until mid show. Pace yourselves! Being in the front means everyone can see you, including the Backstreet Boys. You don’t want to get sloppy.

Section 104, Row A

These photos are from section 104, row A, directly behind the second row of tables. It’s definitely a good spot if you want to see the whole stage and have a seat. When the Boys come to the “second stage”, we had a completely unblocked view of whoever was in front of us at the time. It was, however, hard to see anyone at the other end of the second stage. They all go back and forth though, so you get a chance to see everyone!

SPOILER: AJ walked right down our aisle in front of us while going back to the stage during “All I Have To Give”. When I say in front of us, I mean that he could literally step on our feet.

General Admission AKA The Pit

To be honest, being in the pit was our last night and we were tired. We were almost dreading it (the standing, not the show) after having seats and great views.

We’re here to tell you that as soon as the show started, we regretted ever regretting it. Besides the benefit of possible getting a hand touched or being seen / serenaded by Kevin, Brian, Howie, Nick or AJ, there’s just an energy in the pit that you can’t get from anywhere else in the venue. You’re IN the stage. You’re IN the show. You have no choice but to dance your heart out and feel good about it. There was also plenty of room to move around if you didn’t squeeze yourself into a small spot.

It also makes for great people watching when you turn to face the audience.

Overall, we are not lying when we tell you that if you treat yourself to ANYTHING in 2017, this should be it. The whole experience was one that we would repeat and, even though it’s only been a week since we were there, we’re ready to go back this instant!

As we stated in a previous post, this show would not have been nearly as great if it weren’t for each individual Backstreet Boy bringing something to the table or the fans who showed up, screamed loudly, and sang along to every word. Vegas is for all of us and, if you can, get yourself there to enjoy it.

Special thanks to Wonderful Union (you know who you are) for listening to us and pulling this together and continuing to listen and continuing to change things until it is ultimately perfection!

Did we leave anything out? Do you have questions? Want more photos? We have thousands. Hit us up via Twitter, Facebook, or email and we’ll tell you all the truths you need to know. Also, check out our BSB Vegas FAQ.

…. And don’t forget to share your experiences with us! Next week, we’ll start our weekly “What Happens In Vegas” posts highlighting everything that happened for the week and we want to include you guys.

XOXO. – Sara and Kristie

#BSBVegas: The One With All The Backstreet Boys

Fresh off a flight from Vegas, we’re still reeling from all the amazing things we saw going down this past weekend, the first week of the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas residency.

In short, wow.

While we are working on a review of VIP, the show itself and all of the ins and outs, we felt it was most important to start out with, our favorite, a deep appreciation for each of the Backstreet Boys themselves. Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick poured every bit of themselves into perfecting this show and it shows. It shows in their performances and in their faces when you tell any one of them how incredible it really is.

So before the next blog, where we get into the technical side, we want to take a minute to really talk about each of them. Sometimes in the big production of things, we forget that these guys are five human beings doing their jobs. They thank us for showing up, but we can never thank THEM enough for showing up for 24 years.



We will never stop being grateful for this guy’s return. While we loved the Unbreakable and This Is Us albums and tours, something about having Kevin there makes everything feel more complete. We absolutely couldn’t imagine the Backstreet Boys hitting Vegas in the way that they are without him. In VIP meet and greet, he makes sure that you don’t leave without hugging him and to look you in the eye while you’re talking, genuinely caring about what you have to say. On stage, he’s all about the perfection. He’s a visual pleasure – hitting every dance move with a crispness. Seriously, you can’t take your eyes off of him.



Ever the gentleman, Howie brings every bit of sweetness to the stage that he usually does….plus some hot!! Sweet D. has definitely only gotten better with age, as has everything about him. We really enjoyed his dance moves and the fullness that he gives to the collective voice of the group. Our favorite part of watching the shows, though, was the watching him interact with his wife in the audience. While other wives were there as well, it’s rare that we get a glimpse of the Doroughs together. Boy! Were they cute! The look on Howie’s face when he caught his wife singing along in the audience was something we were so happy to witness.



We’ve been praying and rooting for Brian since he spoke out about his ongoing vocal issues in 2015. While it is something he is still working on, anyone that didn’t previously know about it before entering the venue last week, wouldn’t have known. He. Sounded. So. GOOD. (Editors Note: So good that the first night, I cried.) We’re absolutely thrilled that “Darlin'” was brought back to showcase just how beautiful his voice has always been. There is also something to be said about the way he welcome EVERY SINGLE PERSON into the VIP meet and greet with open arms and seemed to try to put everyone at ease. We will never get enough of Brian Littrell.



AJ has always brought the right about of funk to the Backstreet Boys and Vegas is no exception. Always the one to walk on the line of what you should and shouldn’t say or do, he kept us on our toes. Then, there’s that voice. No one sounds like AJ McLean and we’re so lucky that he’s ours and that for the past 24 years, we’ve gotten to enjoy that gentle raspy voice live. Oh, and if you weren’t feeling comfortable in VIP after that Littrell hug, AJ will definitely make sure to make conversation that makes you feel like you’ve been best friends forever.



Oh, Nick. This is one man that leaves it all on stage. He is 110% all in on every performance and on fire from start to finish. His vocals are strong and fill the venue with sound that will make you feel some sort of way. We also have to mention that his Dancing With The Stars stint might be the reason his dancing is ON POINT these days, especially in dances like “The Call”. As for VIP, he’s working really hard at remembering people and there’s always something to be said for any artist that makes an effort.

Want to know what goes down in BSB VIP and our full review of the first week of shows? Stay tuned! (As soon as we recover…)

++ If you share these photos, please credit us or do not tag as your own. Thanks! ++

A Quick #BSBVegas FAQ (VIP, Show, & Afterparty)

The Backstreet Fever is taking over Vegas and we couldn’t be more thrilled to finally see them take over The Axis theater stage. Last night was a night of firsts – first show, first VIP and first official BSB afterparty. Naturally, everyone has a lot of questions!

While we intend on putting together a fully detailed review / suggestion / photo blog after we both return this weekend, here are a few answers to what seem to be the most asked questions. Please note that all of this has been confirmed by the appropriate people and/or people that were there last night.

1.Are cameras allowed? 

Yes. Contrary to what Planet Hollywood and the box office will tell you when you call / email / tweet, POINT AND SHOOT CAMERAS ARE ALLOWED. Cameras with a detachable lens will be taken and be available for pick up at the end of the show.

2. Who Gets Into Pit (General Admission) First?

As of last night, everyone was lined up in the following order – VIP (1st), Early Entry (2nd), Regular GA (3rd). However, people with regular GA still got a good spot in the pit as it is a small space. Please note – this is ALL standing. You do NOT have a designated spot in GA.

3. Are Drinks Allowed Into The Pit?

Of course. While you may not want to give up your spot to get a drink or run to the restroom, drinks are definitely allowed.

4. What’s Included In VIP?

A meet and greet with the Backstreet Boys and a VIP exclusive lounge with a bar, photobooth, and more to ensure a good time with friends! Please note that last night (3/1) was the first night and that the meet and greet experience is only going to get better. Hugs from each BSB though – what could be better??

Please note that VIP experiences are all different and the time spent with the Boys varies. It’s best to go in with an open mind.

5. How Many People Were In VIP?

Around 150 – it was sold out.

6. Can You Leave VIP After You’re Done?

It’s not likely that you’ll want to. By the time the VIP process is done, it’s time for doors to open. Every night is different though.

UPDATE: We did see one or two people leave to go to dinner and get their ticket rescanned to come back in. If you have an actual seat, there’s no benefit to being let in early. Make sure you get your ticket scanned before you leave though.

7. Can You Buy VIP At The Door?

If VIP is sold out, no.

8. How Long Is The Show?

12 minute long intro video, 96 minute show. Usually starts around 9:10 pm.

9. The Boys Go Into The Audience For AIHTG. Which Sections?

Nick: 200 – 201
Brian: 202
Kevin: 203 – 204
Aj: 205 – 206
Howie: 207 – 208

10. Do You Have To Leave The Show Early To Get A Good GA Spot For The Afterparty?

No. Leaving early isn’t really beneficial. Chateau is a 5 minute walk from Planet Hollywood and the Boys will take longer to get there than you will.

11. Is The Chateau Dress Code Enforced? 

Not really, but we wouldn’t recommend showing up in something as casual as flip flops.

We will be updating this post as there are more questions! We will be live tweeting / snapchatting from Vegas all weekend – @whothebckstreet. Can’t wait to see you guys there!