There Are Five Backstreet Boys (And We Love Them All)

Since 1993, there have been five Backstreet Boys.

When Kevin left in 2006, there were still five Backstreet Boys.

There always will and continue to be five Backstreet Boys.

It’s time for some real talk.

In light of a recent comment Brian made about politics, many of you have expressed hurt feelings, uncertainty and disagreement with his opinion… and that’s okay. Your feelings are valid. Your opinions are valid, just as his are.

What’s not okay – what is never okay – is hatred.

For years, we, as fans, have supported the group. We’ve supported and rallied around each Boy in their struggles and darker periods. We’ve enjoyed the best of times and we’ve gotten through the worst of times. We’ve had victories and upsets.

For nearly 24 years, we have supported and loved Brian Littrell through heart surgery, through a solo career, through vocal issues, and more.

Are we really going to let a site like TMZ ruin our outlook of someone that we know better than to think that he really hates anyone? We’ve spent years learning everything about him and I would think that we know his heart better than that. He’s spent those years being kinder than he ever had to be to many of us.

I am not asking you to agree with his opinion. I’m not asking you to agree with any of the Backstreet Boys on any of their opinions – that is, obviously, a personal decision.

I’m only asking you to remember the past 24 years.

I’m asking you to be mindful that different opinions make the world go round. It’s okay to agree and it’s okay to disagree. It’s okay to disagree with someone, but still be supportive as well.

I’m asking you to remember that there are and always will be five Backstreet Boys and all five of them have made a significant impact on our lives. The five of them remain a family, regardless of opinions, regardless of anything, because they know how to move past things and love beyond differences.

In the grand scheme of things, we were never fans because of anyone’s beliefs. We are fans because of five guys coming together to entertain, to make music, and to share their stories that have ultimately inspired us in many ways.

Moving forward, I implore you to remember why you became a fan of all five guys. I ask you to love more when it seems to be the hardest and to be supportive, despite conflicting opinions.

Vegas is coming! It’s time to get excited. It’s time for a clean slate and new memories. We need ALL of us to make this a success for ALL of them.

What Happens On The Backstreet has been and always will be continually supportive of Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. We hope you’ll join us.


2 thoughts on “There Are Five Backstreet Boys (And We Love Them All)

  1. Yes! Say it girl! 👍👏 If you truly love someone and that’s what fans say about their idols, you do it beyond differences. I don’t agree with Brian (neither do I with AJ who seems to have the totally opposite opinion)but he did without knowing so much for me, helped me through my darkest times, is one of my biggest inspirations and that overweights the differences. It’s kind of like a marriage. You don’t get divorced because you disagree in one small point.


  2. Here here. What I have found unreal in this BSB fandom, this is…all the hatred. Brian and AJ stand on two different sides for this view, and yet they come together, work together, are still a family….shouldn’t that show us something? Teach us something? I have my views, I dislike some of what they have said and done, but that does not mean I would ever turn my back on them, or this fandom. We are a family, just as much as they are!

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