7 Things Any Backstreet Boys Fan Going To Vegas Is Going Through Right Now

Well, here we are. We’re in the homestretch of what we’ve been preparing for since a few Backstreet Boys weren’t supposed to tell us that a Vegas residency was happening. Remember when Nick told everyone it was happening then kept lying throughout the All American tour but was really bad at lying?

Anyway, we’ve made it! Kind of. We thought the waiting was the hardest part, but the closer we get, the more we realize this whole process has brought about a range of emotions we didn’t know we had.

1. STILL Deciding On Which Dates We’re Going. 


We started out VERY sure which dates we were going to go see our Boys in Vegas.

Until we started texting our friends… who seemed to be either undecided or spread out on the dates they were going.

WE LITERALLY HAVE TO MAKE VERY BLATANT DECISIONS ABOUT WHICH FRIENDS ARE MORE FUN. Or which friends were most likely to be the least drama in the whole tedious process.

2. We’re In A Love / Hate Relationship With Group Chats.


We’re so happy to have Backstreet-Boys-loving friends. We’re even more excited that we get to share experiences with them in Vegas.

HOWEVER, keeping up with group chats are hard! Sometimes it’s like a Backstreet Boy entering an FC chat in 1999 in there!

And just how many texts are you being left out of? What is group chat etiquette? Who really knows?

3. Which Events Do You Choose?! 


VIP Meet And Greet.



Which nights do you do what? Can you live with the FOMO? What do you have time for? Is this actually going to kill you? Which bank should you rob? How many lies are you going to tell your significant other? What are your friends doing? Better get back to that battlefield group chat.

4. We Keeping Adding ALL THE THINGS.


#3 is really irrelevant because after hours of panicking, the tickets eventually go on sale and our credit card numbers magically enter themselves for purchases. So weird how that happens. So weird how more dates keep getting added to the time we’re in Vegas.

Seriously, such a mystery.

5. What Do We Even Wear? 


Another endless convo probably happening in the group chat. Do you dress up? Do you wear jeans? Do you wear camo ala Nick Carter? Do you change for all the events you’re now probably in debt for? Can you even afford clothes?

Oh, and what about shoes?

And what about your hair?

And what about your entire life up until this point? It’s all spiraling out of control, to be honest.

6. Everyday is A Battle Against Those Who Do Not Understand.


As Backstreet Boys fans in 2017, we are used to constantly rolling our eyes at friends and family members who insist that they “just don’t know” how we see them so much.

Well, we don’t know how you talk so much, Linda, but here you are.

It’s almost as annoying as those who have not understood for years but suddenly want to join us in Vegas since the BSB were on an episode of The Bachelor and OMGZ AJ IS STILL SO HOT.

7. But Mostly, We’re Just Through-The-Roof Excited! 


The Backstreet Boys keep telling us via social media that we’re not ready and we keep wondering how they know so much!

How can we be ready for more amazing times with the five of them? How can we be ready for more days and nights with some of our best friends?

Honestly, just thinking about it makes us feel like throwing a party so we can only imagine how we’ll feel actually being there.





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