Get Ready For #BSBVegas With Us!

Awwwww yeaaahhhhh, boyyssss (If you didn’t hear that in Kevin’s voice, what are you doing with life?). We’ve made it! This week kicks off the Backstreet Boys’ first week in Vegas and we’re not sure anyone is ready for what is about to hit us…

… But we’re willing to try to be ready. ūüėČ

Each week (ish) of the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas residency, we will be updating What Happens On The Backstreet with a posts called What Happens In Vegas. In these posts, we will post different tweets, cool moments, and need-to-know things as they happen. We also want you to get involved! Details below.

The Playlist

Every good adventure should have a soundtrack. If you’re too busy to make your own, we’ve got you covered. Kristie and I took a while to compile (then toss out and compile again) songs that would bring the hype. We’ve got some BSB tunes, some 90s hits, some club mixes and, of course, a few Vegas themed.

From packing to traveling to getting ready for the show, we hope you enjoy this 100-song playlist as much as we do!

The Packing List

In all the excitement, we wanted to remind you of a few things you might be forgetting to pack:

  • Tickets (Or making sure you have the email for them)
  • Your ID (For basically everything)
  • Hair Tools (If you are traveling with friends, divide up who brings what)
  • Chargers (Phone, camera, self…)
  • Sweater / Sweatshirt (Las Vegas might be warmer than most places, but it gets chilly at night sometimes)
  • Comfortable Shoes (Most places are walking distance – save your feet for the show!)
  • Camera (Point and Shoots are allowed in the venue)
  • Deodorant (Backstreet Boys can make you sweat)
  • An Oversized Bag (For souvenirs)
  • Sunglasses (It’s always bright in Vegas)
  • Bandaids (Shoes and sequins hurt sometimes)
  • Your Sanity

If you think of anything else important, let us know!

#BSBVegas Scavenger Hunt

This is where you come in! Whether you’re with your friends, on your own, or making new friends, we definitely want to see your memories. We’ve compiled a list of photos we want to see from you while you’re in Vegas. Once you take them, send them to us / post using the hashtag #BSBVegasHunt and we will choose some of the best to feature in our weekly posts! Be creative.¬†

  • Planet Hollywood Sign
    • Whether it’s in the hotel or out, take a photo with something that says Planet Hollywood since it’s going to be home for our Boys for the next few months.
  • Backstreet Boys Advertisements
    • See an ad for the Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life in the airport or on the street? Snap a quick pic with it and send it our way.
  • Backstreet Merch
    • Whether it’s old or new, we want to see you decked out!
  • BSB Selfies
    • Happen to be lucky enough to run into a Backstreet Boy? Send those selfies!
  • Concert Going Outfits
    • Are you wearing something stellar? Is your group coordinating? Let’s see!
  • Elevator Doors
    • It’s somewhat likely that the Backstreet Boys will be plastered on the elevator doors of the Planet Hollywood hotel – be creative with commemorating that moment! Even if they aren’t, Britney is and she’s just as cool.
  • Those Drinks
    • Vegas is the best place for fun drinks! If you’re toasting with your BFFs or tossing one back before the show, give us a peek so we can share with others where to get a tasty libation.
  • Your Squad
    • Of course, we want to see all of you having the TIME of your LIFE. This one is an option to kill two birds with one stone
  • Concert Pics
    • Did you take a KILLER live pic during the show? Those are our FAVORITE!
  • VIP Laminates
    • If you’re hitting VIP before the show or the after party post show, take a fun pic with your laminate while you wait.


Have any more suggestions or maybe questions we can answer now or in the future? Let us know! You can email us by using the Contact button at the top, Tweet, or hit us on Facebook.

Kristie and I will both be in Vegas for opening week and can not WAIT to tweet live updates as well as post about it soon after. Follow our Snapchat (whothebckstreet) for photos from the shows and more!

XOXO – Sara




7 Things You Need To Know About Backstreet Boys VIP Experiences

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Boys and Girls…

We are now boarding the Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life Vegas Experience. Described by Brian Littrell as a “Backstreet Boys show on steroids” and by Howie Dorough as “a show unlike you’ve ever seen before”, we’re on the runway for this new adventure and we’re days away from taking off.

Before we enjoy the show, however, there’s the little matter of VIP meet and greet. What do you need to know? What should you expect? How can you have the best time ever? We’ve got you covered!

1.¬†You’ll Get An Email With Details 24-48 Hours Prior To Your Event.


Many of you have asked if there’s been a timeline posted for when everything is going down and whatnot. The answer is no. Everyday is different and subject to change based on what’s going on. The Boys and Wonderful Union want you to have the best experience possible (I promise) and for that reason, they send out times to meet and where 24-48 hours prior to your event to be sure.

Make sure you add to your address book to make sure your itinerary doesn’t go to spam! ¬†Worried about printing it out? Don’t. All you have to have is your ID… and your cute self, duh.

2. Like The Concert, This Is An All New Meet And Greet Experience. 


Wonderful Union has really been trying to listen to fan suggestions and tailoring the latest VIP meet and greet experience to meet and greet all of our VIP expectations.

So forget everything you knew.

For now, clean your VIP slate and get excited. There’s a VIP Preshow lounge! Access to drinks and snacks! Merch being shipped so you don’t have to guard it all night! Limited number of people! ALL FIVE BACKSTREET BOYS! Who knows what else might happen?

Will you still have to show up and wait for a bit before the meet and greet actually starts? Probably. It’s a great time to catch up with friends and share good times with people you’ve never met. We promise you — it’s worth the wait.

3. Go With The Flow.


Like we said, forget everything you know. Enjoy it as it comes and please, don’t sabotage your own experience.

You paid for this experience. You earned this experience. Your friends have done the same. If you go in with a positive outlook, things will inevitably be better. Be the type of person everyone wants to go with and don’t let last minute changes stress you out. At the end of the day, YOU’RE GOING TO MEET THE BACKSTREET BOYS! Yay!

Again, everything you may go through will end up TOTALLY worth it. Also, be mindful that this is new for everyone and sometimes kinks need to be worked out.

4. …But Have A Plan.


Like I said, you paid for this, you have waited so long for this (I don’t care how many times you’ve done it – you’re definitely counting down) and you don’t want to leave with regrets. So don’t!

You only get so much time with Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick so you definitely want to make the most out of it. If there’s something you REALLY want to say, get it in your head more than 2 minutes before you meet them. If you’re only there for a hug (er, handshake) and a photo, that’s cool too. Just have it in your head and make a mental plan! It’s a lot less stressful.

Also, don’t get crazy. Mental planning cuts out the “wtf am I saying” moments and the excessive drooling that might happen. ūüôā

5. Take Care Of Yourself.


So you’ve gotten your email, you’ve gotten your mental plan, you’re totally breezy and going with the flow….

…but you totally forgot to eat and be a human.

We know nerves and emotions run high on show days and you may not FEEL like eating (my biggest fault), but do you feel like passing out in front of the Backstreet Boys? Trust us, the medics will NOT be as hot.

6. Ask Your Friends.


If you’re not going the first week, definitely ask your friends that went what all went down and what to expect (but again, every night is different, see #3).

Kristie and I will both be in attendance on opening week and we will definitely be updating WHOTB ASAP on all the happenings. There’s also this post with pro tips from Backstreet Boys VIP addicts to help you prepare yourself.



Your countdown is at zero, you’re in an amazing city with your favorite band and the excitement is in the air! Stop worrying and have the best time EVER. You deserve it.

If you haven’t purchased your BSB VIP yet, buy them here. They ARE selling out and they’re not restocking. If they are sold out, you will NOT be able to pay at the door.

If you have a question or problem with VIP, please contact Wonderful Union here.

Happy Birthday, Brian Littrell

We’ve celebrated February 20th every year as another year we’re blessed to have Brian Littrell in our lives. As everyone knows, his life has been one small miracle after another from the very beginning and we’re insanely lucky to be celebrating his birthday. For many of us, his being alive has changed our lives in one way or another, if even just for a small moment.

Now, we celebrate Brian turning 42 (what?!) and we can only hope that we’re lucky enough to have 42 more years with him.

Happy Birthday… to the man whose life has been a miracle.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is living proof that when life knocks you down, it’s best to get back up and carry on.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us that faith is everything.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us it’s possible to be someone important and remain down to earth.

Happy Birthday… to the man who makes us want to learn how to do handstands.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is always willing to be kind to fans.

Happy Birthday… to the man who took the time to hug every fan onstage during Platinum VIP during the IAWLT tour.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is always putting others first.

Happy Birthday… to the family man.

Happy Birthday… to man who has inspired us to be who we are and make no apologies.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is always ready to make someone laugh.

Happy Birthday… to the man who gives us a heart attack every time he jumps from heights.

Happy Birthday… to the reason we can’t say things like “gotta go” or “alright” like a normal person.

Happy Birthday… to one hell of a fighter.

Happy Birthday… to the Backstreet Boy, the father, the husband, the singer, the performer, the friend, the giver, the brother, the cousin, the son, the human.

Happy Birthday, Brian

We are beyond thankful that you answered the call in 1993 and that we’ve been able to share 24 of your 42 years on earth. We couldn’t imagine the Backstreet Boys (or life) without you.

Thank you for continuing to inspire us.

There Are Five Backstreet Boys (And We Love Them All)

Since 1993, there have been five Backstreet Boys.

When Kevin left in 2006, there were still five Backstreet Boys.

There always will and continue to be five Backstreet Boys.

It’s time for some real talk.

In light of a recent comment Brian made about politics, many of you have expressed hurt feelings, uncertainty and disagreement with his opinion… and that’s okay. Your feelings are valid. Your opinions are valid, just as his are.

What’s not okay – what is never okay – is hatred.

For years, we, as fans, have supported the group. We’ve supported and rallied around each Boy in their struggles and darker periods. We’ve enjoyed the best of times and we’ve gotten through the worst of times. We’ve had victories and upsets.

For nearly 24 years, we have supported and loved Brian Littrell through heart surgery, through a solo career, through vocal issues, and more.

Are we really going to let a site like TMZ ruin our outlook of someone that we know better than to think that he¬†really¬†hates anyone? We’ve spent years learning everything about him and I would think that we know his heart better than that. He’s spent those years being kinder than he ever had to be to many of us.

I am not asking you to agree with his opinion. I’m not asking you to agree with any of the Backstreet Boys on any of their opinions – that is, obviously, a personal decision.

I’m only asking you to remember the past 24 years.

I’m asking you to be mindful that different opinions make the world go round. It’s okay to agree and it’s okay to disagree. It’s okay to disagree with someone, but still be supportive as well.

I’m asking you to remember that there are and always will be five Backstreet Boys and all five of them have made a significant impact on our lives. The five of them remain a family, regardless of opinions, regardless of anything, because they know how to move past things and love beyond differences.

In the grand scheme of things, we were never fans because of anyone’s beliefs. We are fans because of five guys coming together to entertain, to make music, and to share their stories that have ultimately inspired us in many ways.

Moving forward, I implore you to remember why you became a fan of all five guys. I ask you to love more when it seems to be the hardest and to be supportive, despite conflicting opinions.

Vegas is coming! It’s time to get excited. It’s time for a clean slate and new memories. We need ALL of us to make this a success for ALL of them.

What Happens On The Backstreet has been and always will be continually supportive of Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick. We hope you’ll join us.

7 Things Any Backstreet Boys Fan Going To Vegas Is Going Through Right Now

Well, here we are. We’re in the homestretch of what we’ve been preparing for since a few Backstreet Boys weren’t supposed to tell us that a Vegas residency was happening.¬†Remember when Nick told everyone it was happening then kept lying throughout the All American tour but was really bad at lying?

Anyway, we’ve made it! Kind of. We thought the waiting was the hardest part, but the closer we get, the more we realize this whole process has brought about a range of emotions we didn’t know we had.

1. STILL Deciding On Which Dates We’re Going.¬†


We started out VERY sure which dates we were going to go see our Boys in Vegas.

Until we started texting our friends… who seemed to be either undecided or spread out on the dates they were going.

WE LITERALLY HAVE TO MAKE VERY BLATANT DECISIONS ABOUT WHICH FRIENDS ARE MORE FUN. Or which friends were most likely to be the least drama in the whole tedious process.

2. We’re In A Love / Hate Relationship With Group Chats.


We’re so happy to have Backstreet-Boys-loving friends. We’re even more excited that we get to share experiences with them in Vegas.

HOWEVER, keeping up with group chats are hard! Sometimes it’s like a Backstreet Boy entering an FC chat in 1999 in there!

And just how many texts are you being left out of? What is group chat etiquette? Who really knows?

3. Which Events Do You Choose?! 


VIP Meet And Greet.



Which nights do you do what? Can you live with the FOMO? What do you have time for? Is this actually going to kill you? Which bank should you rob? How many lies are you going to tell your significant other? What are your friends doing? Better get back to that battlefield group chat.

4. We Keeping Adding ALL THE THINGS.


#3 is really irrelevant because after hours of panicking, the tickets eventually go on sale and our credit card numbers magically enter themselves for purchases. So weird how that happens. So weird how more dates keep getting added to the time we’re in Vegas.

Seriously, such a mystery.

5. What Do We Even Wear? 


Another endless convo probably happening in the group chat. Do you dress up? Do you wear jeans? Do you wear camo ala Nick Carter? Do you change for all the events you’re now probably in debt for? Can you even afford clothes?

Oh, and what about shoes?

And what about your hair?

And what about your entire life up until this point? It’s all spiraling out of control, to be honest.

6. Everyday is A Battle Against Those Who Do Not Understand.


As Backstreet Boys fans in 2017, we are used to constantly rolling our eyes at friends and family members who insist that they “just don’t know” how we see them so much.

Well, we don’t know how you talk so much, Linda, but here you are.

It’s almost as annoying as those who have not understood for years but suddenly want to join us in Vegas since the BSB were on an episode of The Bachelor and OMGZ AJ IS STILL SO HOT.

7. But Mostly, We’re Just Through-The-Roof Excited!¬†


The Backstreet Boys keep telling us via social media that we’re not ready and we keep wondering how they know so much!

How can we be ready for more amazing times with the five of them? How can we be ready for more days and nights with some of our best friends?

Honestly, just thinking about it makes us feel like throwing a party so we can only imagine how we’ll feel actually being there.




Dear MTV, Tell Me Why… The Backstreet Boys Don’t Have A Michael Jackson Vanguard Award

The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, formerly known as simply the Video Vanguard Award and Lifetime Achievement Award, was introduced in 1984 during the MTV Video Music Awards. The honor is given to artists that have contributed to the impact MTV has had on pop culture, acknowledging their body of work.

A few recipients of this award have included David Bowie, Madonna, The Beatles, George Michael, Janet Jackson, Bon Jovi, Beastie Boys, U2, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Most recently, the award has gone to Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Beyonce and Rhianna.

Somehow, the Backstreet Boys have been skipped over. From a fan perspective, we didn’t vote for them to be #1 on TRL everyday from for them to be looked over now.

Dear MTV, the Backstreet Boys deserve this honor. Hear us out.

Since 1993, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick have not stopped.

They’ve had court battles, life threatening surgeries, and personal battles all in the public eye.

They’ve grown up, gotten married, and had babies.

They’ve continued to work hard, to tour the world, to make music, to produce music videos long past the times of TRL and regular on-air video play, and connect with fans long past the time that the general public supported them the most.

They have each other’s backs and they have ours. They’ve never been bitter that they don’t get the fair amount of attention that their individual and collective talents deserve. They carry on because this is in their blood, because they love what they do, because they are a family.They remain five of the most humble guys that are still making music.

They are, and continue to be, the best selling boyband of all time.

Facts are facts.

Any appearance by the Backstreet Boys as recently as 2016 have garnered major attention from those who seem to have “forgotten” why they loved these Boys. Even those who aren’t fans can’t seem to deny the talent put before them.

If it comes down to music videos, please note that videos like “I Want It That Way” and “As Long As You Love Me” have 270+ million and 100+ million views on VEVO. That’s only in the past 7 years. Oh, and the “Everybody” video, directed by Joseph Kahn, who is now one of the biggest directors in the industry.

Also, like we mentioned, you can’t talk about TRL without talking about the Backstreet Boys. You can’t forget how they shut down Times Square on multiple occasions. You can’t forget the time they ran MTV on the day¬†Millennium¬†was released. You can’t forget the numerous VMA awards and performances in the US and Europe.

You can not deny the impact that the Backstreet Boys have had on MTV. You can’t deny the impact that MTV has had on the Backstreet Boys.

With the Backstreet Boys Las Vegas residency coming up, we feel like it’s the perfect time to bring them back to the forefront and give them the recognition that their 24 years of hard work deserves.

Don’t let us down, MTV. Don’t let the Backstreet Boys down.

Fans: In case this post is not enough, please sign this petition to let MTV know how many people think the Boys deserve this honor. Let’s get this!