Happy Birthday, Nick Carter

January 28th has been circled on many of our calendars since we were young. Every year Nick Carter turned older was another year we hoped that time would stop enough for us to catch up, grow up and marry him.

As the years have rolled on, we’ve kept the date on our calendar circled… but it isn’t for the same reasons anymore (for most of us anyway). It’s because as we’ve grown with Nick, we feel like he’s family. It’s because in the age of social media, he’s wished as many of us a happy birthday as we have to him. So…

Happy Birthday… to the man who goes above and beyond for his fans.

Happy Birthday… to the man who never stops working.

Happy Birthday… to the man who never lets us down (and apologizes profusely if he does).

Happy Birthday… to the man who has never held our crazy against us (and halfway enjoys it).

Happy Birthday… to the man who always asks our opinions to make every experience the best.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us that everyone makes mistakes and that all you have to do is get back up.

Happy Birthday… to the man who never understands how much he means to us.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us the power of positive thinking.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us that your past does not define your future.

Happy Birthday… to the man who inspired us to make changes in our lives.

Happy Birthday… to the man who showed us that you don’t have to be blood related to be family.

Happy Birthday… to the man who is truly passionate about everything he loves.

Happy Birthday… to the man that who taught us to never think we couldn’t achieve anything we wanted to do.

Happy Birthday… to the Backstreet Boy, the performer, the singer, the dancer, the husband, the father, the brother, the author, the friend, the football enthusiast, the hard worker, the dreamer, the human being.

Happy Birthday, Nick.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and continue to do without even knowing it.

We’re forever grateful. YOU’RE the best.


Join Us For The #BSB2017 Project For ALL Backstreet Boys Fans

After receiving such an overwhelming response to our last post about why you’re still a Backstreet fan in 2017, we are inspired to take it a step further and personalize it, unify everyone, and really visually show up for the Backstreet Boys.

On February 1, 2017, we’re asking you to take part in a social media project with us. Here’s how:

  1. Create a photo like the one below. Include a photo of yourself or with the Boys and text about why you’re a fan. (We like to use PicMonkey for simple edits/collages)
  2. Your text must start with “Hi, I’m _____” and end with “And I’m A Backstreet Boys Fan. No matter what.”
  3. Post your photo on February 1st with the hashtag #BSB2017 on your Twitter, Instagram, etc. We want to see social media light up with fans and support for our Boys exactly one month before they hit the Vegas stage! Let’s show the world what we’re made of.


Have questions? You can hit us up on Twitter, FB, or from the Contact page!

Yes, It’s 2017 And I’m Still A Backstreet Boys Fan

“You still like the Backstreet Boys?”

We get the question a lot. Sometimes we simply answer yes and sometimes we get really passionate in answering (especially when someone talks about how she or he is a fan too, but only knows “I Want It That Way”). The truth is though, for most, we don’t have the time to answer every reason we’re still a fan of the Backstreet Boys. Sometimes, we don’t even have the words.

But let’s try.

Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick came into our lives when most of us were just children. Our biggest worries were homework, tests, who we were going to hang out with that weekend, and what would we would be when we grew up. For others of us, they came in when life was rough and provided an escape. The common factor in every situation was that these Boys made us happy. They created some of our best memories when we awkwardly danced and flailed with friends to new albums and voted for them on TRL everyday. As we grew, their music was the soundtrack to some of our very first dates and heartaches.

Bands and artists that had hit their peak at the same time as the Backstreet Boys started going their own ways and we tried to keep the faith everyday that our Boys weren’t lying to us when they said as long as there’d be music, they’d be coming back (legit what they said – we’re not making it up).

They never lied to us.

Not about marriages.

Not about rehab.

Not about babies.

Not about sometimes needing a break.

It’s like it was never even an option for them to quit on us. So why in the world would we quit on them?

They grew up, got in trouble, got married, had babies.

We grew up, got in trouble, got big people jobs so we could afford our Backstreet habits, got married, got divorced, broke up, made up, had babies, took those babies to BSB concerts, etc.

We grew up together. They kept on working to give us the best that they could and without even thinking, we did the same. They may not be the best at everything (ahem, being on time), but we rest assured that they try as hard as they can to do as much as they can in the best way that they can just as we do for them. As fans, we can be demanding, obnoxious, obsessive, and a little crazy, but that never stopped them. That is more than we can say for some of our friends and family. They never gave up on us. They trust us to show up.

So, we show up. We continue to tell them to their faces  (because we can do that now, 10-year-old selves) what they’ve done for us and how much we appreciate each one of them because, as we grow older, we learn more and more in the hardest way that nothing lasts forever. We go to every concert we can and we make sure they hear us. We make sure that the joy of every memory they’ve given us fills those venues and somehow seeps into each of them. We’d never forgive ourselves if they didn’t leave those stages knowing exactly how proud we are of them and how much we still love them. As much as we did 20 years ago. As much as we do now.

Every tour they still do is our World Series. They’re our team and we’re going to root from the stands everytime. Every album, every event, every appearance, every kind word from one of them is a reminder for each one of us of why we are still fans.

Because they’re still the Backstreet Boys. Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick have given up a piece of their privacy, sacrificed time with their families, spent endless days with us instead…. because maybe along the way, we became part of their family too.

So yes, it’s 2017 and we’re still Backstreet Boys fans. We will still be fans in 2018 and 2019 too. We don’t expect you to understand, but we hope that at some point in your life, you find something that is as reliable and gives you as much joy as Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick have given us. If you think that’s stupid, that’s sad for you. Come to a concert with us. We promise you’ll feel differently.

They’ll probably even sing “I Want It That Way” for you.

20 Reactions Backstreet Boys Fans Have (As Told Through ‘The Golden Girls’)

From time to time, we all watch TV shows or movies and see ourselves in the characters. We’ve written similar things before using Friends as an example, but now we’d like to use four other characters. Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose are iconic characters and if you’ve watched the show at all, you probably have chosen your favorites and identified with one or more of them at a time.

We thought it would be fun to pull scenes from the show to describe our reactions as Backstreet Boys fans!

1. When A Backstreet Boy Posts A New Selfie…




2. When All Of That Concert Planning Has Worn You Down…




3. When Someone Asks You To Talk About Your Backstreet Experiences…


4. ….And Your Friends Are Listening To Your Backstreet Stories….




5. When Someone Asks You Why You Still Like The Backstreet Boys…





6. When Your Friend Says He / She Doesn’t Know If They’re Going To The Concert…


7. When All Of Your Backstreet Plans Work Out…


8. When A New BSB Album F I N A L L Y Comes Out…


9. When A Backstreet Boy Says Something Is Going To Happen…


10. When You See A Backstreet Boy In Person…


11. When You Have To Get Concert-Ready…


12. When Someone Says “Didn’t You JUST Meet Them?”


13. Walking Into VIP Like…



14. And If Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie, or Nick Hugged You…



15. When VIP Didn’t Go *Exactly* How You Planned And You Feel Dramatic…



16. The Day After You Meet Nick Carter Though…


17. At A Backstreet Boys Concert Like…


18. The Morning AFTER A Backstreet Boys Concert…



19. And That Time You Tried To Replace The Feeling With Another Band…


20. And No Matter What, You’re Never Going To Stop Being A Fan!



65 Thoughts We Had Watching The Backstreet Boys “Larger Than Life” Music Video

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Thoughts We Had..” post. So, in honor of the Backstreet Boys’ upcoming ‘Larger Than Life’ Las Vegas stint, we thought we’d throw it back to a classic Joseph Kahn-created video. Follow us, won’t you?

1. Be honest – that ticking and counting clock makes other people nervous too, right?

2. Is that a spaceship or a GIANT flying bug? Like, the kind you eat on Survivor…

3. January 1st? So THIS is how the Backstreet Boys spent New Year’s Eve in the 90s.

4. AH! The cockroach spaceship plays old school Backstreet music! Where does one rent this contraption?

5. For anyone counting, this spaceship is 30 seconds long. You know what they say. The bigger the spaceship….
….The more the Backstreet Boys, duh.

6. Oh, now that I see the back of it, it might be a claw. Is this whole video set inside a claw game?

7. WOAH! BACKSTREET BOYS in shiny Millennium letters. In case you forgot.

8. Oh, the year 3000. So we’re only 983 years away from seeing if this is what really happens. And getting our Backstreet Boys-playing claw cockroach spaceship thing.


10. And hooked them up. What do these hooks do?

11. What is this fancy robot who seems to lord over the saran-wrapped boys?

12. Brian’s face waking up is exactly my face watching this.

13. AJ wakes up screaming in song. Of course he does.

14. Waaiiiiittt a minute. Does this fancy bot have Brian’s face?

15. Remember when Brian had hair that could blow back? Now you do.

16. How did he get un-saran wrapped?

17. What…is on Brian’s hands?

18. I’m not even going to ask why he’s…air surfing?

19. Of course Kevin is in a cockpit shooting things and running this show. Typical.

20. Think Nick still has his yellow plastic robot suit? Picture him walking around his house in it.

21. Nick essentially can’t move in this plastic, but the more he can’t move, the more his hair and eyebrows do. Take notice.

22. I’m imagining these digital robots are actually the guys from NSYNC trying to be better.

23. Is Howie under water? Are we?

24. AJ has really nice teeth.

25. Of course AJ is attached to tentacles. I won’t go any further.

26. Kevin has always done the squiggliest things with his neck. I wish I had a neck like Kevin Richardson’s.

27. Howie would be a really pretty mermaid probably.

28. I would seriously pay money to see Nick back in this suit.

29. Is Kevin trying to save the world……or kill a fly?

30. Oh, the fly moved into Brian’s airboard zone.

31. Brian’s outfit really makes me crave condiments.

32. Did his ball just turn into a girl or is that who he’s playing with? Was she saran wrapped too?


34. Or is that just Howie in drag?

35. Or did she eat Howie?

36. AJ-topus.

37. The girl tried to eat Brian.

38. Why has anyone never called Kevin Captain? Kaptain. Let’s start that.

39. Kevin sings and saves the world. Apparently Brian and Howie can not.

40. Brian’s a regular little video game character, guys. Briugi? Broshi?

41. Why did Howie’s underwater room turn into a fully clothed orgy?

42. Ah! The tentacles set AJ free and he’s now The Terminator! Wonder if Kevin knows?

43. Kevin doesn’t know.

44. Wait. This just got REALLY confused. Are they being sucked up? Are they sucking up? Why is AJ back on the tentacles? Is that Howie’s water?

45. Aw snap! Someone took out Nick’s batteries!

46. Whaaaattt happened to Kevin’s face? That fly must have been the devil.

47. When things get super intense, THE BACKSTREET BOYS TAKE A DANCE BREAK!

48. [Pause for dance break because if you didn’t learn this dance already, what are you doing with life?]

49. Well, maybe unpause to talk about AJ’s crop top. Who said, yeah AJ, that looks GREAT? Nick?

50. Am I the only one who is OBSESSED with the moment Kevin walks through the dancers like a straight baller and has a look like he’s about to TEAR. THIS. DANCE. UP?! Or as 2016 Kevin would say, “can we get a dance break up in this bitch?” He owns us.


52. Pause to pee your pants.

53. Peep Nick Ninja there.

54. Classic Brian’s-hot-face.

55. Kevin also looks like a bird. A balla bird. Duck face before it was cool.

56. World’s blowing up, but Backstreet’s gotta DANCE.

57. BACK TO WORK. Get ‘em, Kaptain Kevin Balla Bird!

58. Alright. I’m lost.


60. Ode to Kevin’s neck.


61. Shout out to Howie’s braids!


62. So basically, the BSB went to dance, girls took over, Boys got saran wrapped again and put back in their boxes.

63. Is saran wrap how we keep the Backstreet Boys forever?

64. I’m bringing saran wrap with me to the next VIP. Don’t worry.

65. If this is what came out of Nick’s brain….welll….that explains a lot.

Can we have Joseph Kahn back? Can we start a fund?

13 Ways That Backstreet Boys VIP Events Are Like An Episode Of ‘The Bachelor’

In case you haven’t heard, the Backstreet Boys are appearing on an episode of The Bachelor this week. The more we thought about it, the more we realized there might actually be quite a few similarities between The Bachelor and BSB VIP Meet and Greet.

I mean, we ARE a bunch of girls vying for the 2 minute affection / attention of one to five men.

And sometimes we get a little crazy…

1. There’s THE Boys.


They may no longer be bachelors, but much like the bachelor on screen, they never disappoint in their excitement to meet 30(0000) women!


And they always have enough arms for all of us!

2. We all act totally chill before meet and greets. Almost TOO chill.


3. But really, we’re freaking out! 


4. Even though we know they’re all married now, some of us can’t let it go.


Time to let it go, ladies. And gentlemen.

5. Sometimes standing out among lots of VIPers means insane outfits.


Love it or hate it, at least you’ll be remembered!

6. The time for the group date, er, VIP comes and we’re all best friends! 




7. Getting those VIP lanyards are like getting a rose – you’ve finally made it!



Bless anyone who has to put up with us getting those lanyards, you guys.

8. Something goes the least bit not to your plan? Meltdowns are happening and you are on a MISSION to find Chris Harrison… we mean, Jenn or Eddie.


Someone should reward them for how much they put up with because we can be SO dramatic.


8. Then…It’s Time. KEVIN. HOWIE. AJ. BRIAN. NICK. 


9. You even say things to quickly try to make connections with one of them…tumblr_ni58co1saq1r8tlnto2_500

10. …And you get unreasonably irritated when your moment is interrupted.


11. Then, in the blink of your eye, it’s over. 



12. But you’ll have the memories!!


13. But that post-VIP depression? Well…


Tune into The Bachelor tonight (1/16) on ABC at 8pm EST / 7pm CST for a very special BSB appearance!


Note: We know some gifs / photos are from The Bachelorette and other franchises. You get the concept!

36 Backstreet Boys VIP Addicts Tell All

Once upon a time, meeting the Backstreet Boys was not an easy thing to do.

Then VIP meet and greet packages were created and we’ve been addicted (and a little broke) ever since!

Last week, we asked those of you who have done 5 or more official VIP meet and greets (concerts, cruise and afterparties) to share with us what makes you addicted, your favorite VIP memories and the advice you have for others who may be on the fence about it or may be going for the first time. The response was overwhelming! Thanks to everyone who spent the time to write in.

Enjoy this episode of “True Life: I’m a BSB VIP Addict” 😉

Name: Jenn

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: When I was wearing my minions bsb shirt and Kevin pointed it out. Had a minor fan moment at that but it really sticks out as my favorite!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Just to stay calm, also try not to ask the same questions that have been asked a million times. Try to not spend the whole time taking pictures, you’re going to be too distracted on the camera and not fully enjoying the experience.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I’d love if there was more candid pics from during the soundtrack. That way you don’t feel like it’s as needed to take so many pics of your own.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Each time is a whole new experience. You never have the same exact thing twice.


How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 7

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: My favorite VIP memory was IAWLT Tour Jones Beach, NY on June 22, 2014. I did the VIP M&G before the show and then did it again before the AP started. The AP M&G was the best because when it was my turn with the Boys, I whispered to A.J. “If you have time later, would you please sign my arm?” He responded “Definitely, I promise”. Later during the AP, I was standing in the back of the crowd (which was wildly dancing), when all of a sudden, A.J. (who skipped many APs and we all know why) jumped from the stage into the middle of the crowd (OMG so dangerous). Of course the crowd swarmed him. He started spinning around and searching the crowd. After a minute of searching he spotted me in the back and locked eyes with me. Thats when I pushed my way through the sea of crazed females and reached him. As all the girls starred, he said “Hey I’m keeping my promise” and he pulled out a sharpie marker, took my arm and signed it next to my “KTBSPA” tattoo. He then gave me a hug and I thanked him. I stayed the rest of the party and caught up with a few friends. When the party was over, my friends and I went to see if we could catch the buses but it was too late. Drove home that night and showered but didn’t let my one arm touch any soap or water. I made sure to sleep with my arm protected with plastic wrap. The next morning I went straight to my tattoo artist. He tattooed right over the sharpie signature. It looks exactly how A.J. signed it; every stroke. My tattoo was also featured on JoJo’s Behind The Scenes of A.J.’s Live Together Music Video Shoot. I am the bright red head in the music video behind A.J.. Thanks for letting me share my story.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: VIP is the only way to go. You get more time with the boys, closer to the boys during the concert and they seem to really remember you more. Sound checks are fun and intimate. The photo shoots are more personal. Not doing VIP is like going through World War 3. Battling all the girls just to get closer to the boys is like a blood bath.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Backstage time with the boys in their green room. VIP exclusive merchandise. Use of props during the VIP photo shoots. Autograped VIP Laminates.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The fact that I know I can make myself more known to the boys. Feels like they pay more attention to VIPs.

Name: Kristen

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: Too many to count

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: My favorite memory is when Nick and Kevin rubbed my pregnant belly 🙂

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Try not to rush and just enjoy the experience. Don’t fret about the photo- just enjoy meeting each backstreet boy- be present in the moment.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Sound check
Mix and mingle event where they come around and chat
One VIP should be chosen to go on stage at the show

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Time with the boys, the entire experience

Name: Ashley Darpino

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: It’s hard to pick just one favorite, there have been so many memorable moments. Funny enough one of my favorites I didn’t even see. It was during BSB Takes NYC during sound check. The boys I believe started Larger Then Life and they came into the audience. I saw AJ run past and I turned to watch where he was going not realizing someone was behind him. Suddenly I’m being shaken and my girls are going ashhhhh ashhhhh. I whip around and go what?!?! And there’s Brian staring in my face. He just serenaded the back of my head! I will never ever live that down!!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: 1. Don’t have food on you, Nick will sniff it out. That goes for coconut scented body spray too lol

2. Kevin and Howie may need you to get their attention, they tend to not pay attention..

3. Speaking of Kevin, he like to hug, as they all do but he’ll just grab you, Brian tends to do that too.

4. Don’t look in Kevin’s eyes, you have been warned

5. Nick and Howie like their asses grabbed

6. Howie may say something to you in Spanish, and may tickle you.

7. Nick loves attention

8. If there’s a Q&A, ask good questions and not the same “boxers or briefs”

9. You may or may not end up on IG

10. Have fun!!!!

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I’d love for the backstage tour to come back and I really loved the champagne toast from nick and knight.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The boys!!! Every time you meet them you fall more more and more in love with them. And it’s a lot of fun!

Name: Aimee Bishop

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 3

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: The boys remembering me and my horror pregnancy.. then AJ asking how it went, everyone stopped and gathered round me. We all chatted for ages about babies ect.. then Nick asked what my sons name was.. erm Nicholas… he went Omg lil Nick lil Nick and came and grabbed me all excitidly.. was soo awesome and I def had more time with them than I should..

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Just be yourself, remember they are just people.. be coool ladies, be cool!!!!

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Erm….. maybe way more time! It goes too quick. Something less formal so maybe just sitting around together and chatting..

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: My love for them and knowing theres a hug in it!!!

Name: Sonya

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 7

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I can’t pin point one in particular. But if I had to pick one it would be the one for the first let of In A World Like This. Mainly because I won and didn’t know until the last minute. The only reason why I signed up was because a friend and I had seats together at the Detroit show two days before and she said if she won she’d take me to Ohio. So to increase our chances I entered too. So, I had to hurry up and find tickets to the show. The friend ended up not being about to go so I had to ask someone else. We left Michigan around 7 and got to Ohio around 11ish.

We hung out in the parking lot and got pictures with Howie and Nick and another friend and her husband ended up coming as well and we all went to the after party.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Be clam. Their just people like you and I so there’s no reason to be nervous.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: A little longer time. I know that’s hard but it would be nice.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Seeing the boys. The money makes it hard but it’s always fun to make new friends and chat with old ones.

Name: Jaime

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Hard to choose just one but my fave picture is where I’m standing by aj and he has his arm out saying she’s mine boys lol!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Take a deep breath, everything is going to fine! They are just 5 regular guys who happen to be pop stars! Try to remain calm, don’t be afraid to talk to them!

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: More fan interactions, perhaps more than just a meet and greet like bowling with BSB!

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: I’m not sure I just really love these guys!

Name: Stephanie Mayse

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Probably the 20 anniversary fan event. Brian greeted with a smile and hug and when I got to Kevin and I told him I was from his home town he went crazy! Grabbed me and said sit on my knee, he also grabbed my friend and wouldn’t let her go either . After the greet me and her looked at one another and was what just happened . It’s a memory we can share for a life time

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Just breathe. If there’s something you wanna tell the boys do it!. And if u have a favorite boy make sure u go to them first.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: That it isn’t so rushed that we can take a minute to breathe and talk to the guys for A few minutes

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The love the boys have for their fans . I always leave feeing like they care reguardless of how rushed it was.

Name: Stefie

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 17 vip + 2 after parties + 3 cruises

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I have so many!! So many!! But I think that my vip in Cleveland for IAWLT is to this date probably the best … It was not to crowd and the boys were in a great mood ! I also have a great memorie there because of Q who always make sure to make us laugh! I had a platinu with my 2 friends which one of them was her first vip we decide to share our pictures… 1 hugs . 1 funny and 1 normal! AJ told me how he think it was so original * which it was really not lol* when we got to take the funny one Justin trip on the chair and end up on the floor … I don’t remember who but one of the guys said ” he took funny the heart” it was just a great day and i love vip not just for the boys but for the whole crew and the fact I can share it with my friends !

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Just breathe , the guys are so nice with us and always make sure we are comfortable 🙂 be prepared if you go in a group pictures talk before of who go with who.. If the guys open their arms … Even if Mike or any bodyguard said no hugs no kissing… If the guys invite you go for it !!!! Just…. Don’t JUMP on them :)… Respect them and please remember they are 5 guys in this group 😉

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: More time with the guys…. We pay alot of money it would be nice to not be pushed because they oversale it and have to be quick…. If I pay 539$ please make it worth it … Give us time to say hi and chat even if it’s for only 2 minutes….. 2 minutes is better then 15 secondes

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The vibe …. The great experience with my friends its a girls night out really and how the boys always make me feel appreciate ! They care about our experience. ! And the bodyguard too they are the best crew!!!

Name: Manon

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 18 with bsb 6 with nick

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: My favourite VIP will always be my first one. I was amazed to see them live in front of me and my brain was wondering where was the subtitles (I’m from a French speaking place so we usually always see them on TV with subtitles and the bottom of the screen!)

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Enjoy every second of the M&G! It may seems pricey but it definitely worth every penny. We are fortunate to be able to meet our idols just enjoy and have fun.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Smaller crowds (more intimate experience). More interaction between the fans and the boys. I get that they are busy but the pictures are often rushed and there not really any possibility to talk with the boys. So if the VIP in smaller it will gave more time to interact with the boys.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Those VIP are my drugs! I don’t really drink I don’t smoke, my money goes to my numerous travels to see concert and VIP. I can’t put in words the feeling of taking picture with the person that once where all over my bedroom walls. I may pay a lot of money for those VIP but to me it’s a way to prove myself that when you want something hard enough and that you are willing to put the efforts required to reach your dreams …. well then dreams can come true.

Name: Kimberley Kirkpatrick

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10 official ones i believe

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: The very first one… i walked into the venue … everyone run straight towards the stage while i went completely pale white and AJ shouted to me … hi welcome to the meet n greet come closer and i was mortified…..

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Remain calm and breathe breathe breathe

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: More one on one time and no backstreet time as they name it ! No rush … more family involved as we fans have grown with them

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Hello Duh! Its the Backstreet boys!! Addicteddddddd

Name: Priscilla Consolo

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 5

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: During the first US Leg of the In A World Like This Tour, in August 2013, I was chosen to ask the boys a question during the Q&A session. I asked the boys how they decide who is going to sing different parts of songs when they’re recording.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Be patient. Often, VIP will last a few hours. Prepare to be tired but it will be an amazing experience. Also, think about what you’re going to say to each boy ahead of time and where you want to stand in the photo.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I hope that we get to spend more time with the boys and not be so rushed. Living in New York City, there’s always a big VIP group and I feel the bigger groups get rushed too quickly. Also I would love for the boys to have events where we can interact with them, like the BSB BBQ back in 2012 at Mixtape or Nick’s solo events (lunch, bowling, laser tag).

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The boys are so kind and generous to their fans. They’re always happy and smiling to meet and talk to us. And they give the best hugs. I always leave my VIP experience feeling like I’m on cloud nine.

Name: Alexis Kraft

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 20+

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I have so many that I don’t even know where to begin. Each VIP is special in its own way. Every VIP is different. You never know what to expect. From having a convo with Brian, to standing there waiting for the boys to notice it’s your turn because they’re laughing about something, to Nick holding you for a pic. I have countless memories from every VIP that I’ll always cherish. I’ve even had an embarrassing one where I almost fell right in front of them but AJ caught me and kept me from falling. But I have to say, the BEST part, is the look of recognition on their faces when they see me. That NEVER gets old. BSB went from just pics on my walls and only seeing them on tv to them “knowing” me. Never in my teenage wildest dreams did I ever think that would be possible.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Just relax and breathe. The guys are so nice and sooooo easy to talk to. Just soak it all in and enjoy it.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I would like more interaction with the boys and not oversold VIPs. I would like them to be more intimate. The best event was the BSB BBQ. And for us to have just a few mins to hug and talk with each boy during our pics. That’s why I like Nick’s solo VIPs because we can actually talk to him.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Being able to be close and hug the boys and have that brief momeny of them focusing only on you. And like I mentioned before, the look of recognition on their faces when they see me.

Name: Nessa Collins

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 39

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: During one of our Meet and Greet photos, my mom and I asked the boys to strike their best superhero pose. The end result was absolutely hilarious.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: If you have a specific photo theme in mind, tell the boys quickly! Nine times out of ten, they’ll do it.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I’d like a bit more time during the M&G portion, but that’s unlikely – especially in larger areas like L.A. and N.Y.C. – I think it’d be cool to have props that the boys can dress you in, just for a super special memory.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: I love the boys so much. Each time is unique and the boys are truly so thankful for your time and love. They always know when it’s our first stop on the tour!

Name: Melissa Duncan

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: My favorite vip had to be the bsb cruise 2013. Was with great people and the guys decided you could have who you wanted in the picture. It didn’t need to be a set # or with people you didn’t know. I was with girls from Canada all pumped to see the guys in their captain suits. We have em all a hug and me being risky gave em a kiss on the cheeks. Nick has the softness skin btw and Kevin’s hugs are compassionate. They have good hearts too, joking and having a conversation with you cuz we’ve met them many times. Our group enjoy the security so we talk ask about their day and we all have Q a hug. It is one we will never forget.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Don’t jump on bsb or yell. Act normal cuz they are normal. If you bring a present, make sure to give it to the bsb you got the gift for and don’t spend too much on them either. Dress comfortable for the pic…3 of 5 guys are short…be adventurous in the pic…plan it out. Do a funny pose or stance.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Longer than a hello snap a pic and that’s it with a few songs sang. We pay a lot od money for less than 10 min. Should be a sit down talk etc…

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Updated pictures and to say hello again.

Name: Bastienne

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 9

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Nick changing lyrics in (i thinkBerlin but could have been Rotterdam to PDA and Masquerade

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Stay calm and cool. All is well

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Less people

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: Always front row. (Its mostly GA here in Europe )

Name: Brittany

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10+

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I will share 2 and you can pick:

1) During NKOTBSB, my sister and I did a Platinum VIP when backstage tours were still a thing. AJ gave that one, and it was incredible because I am a lifelong AJ girl. Our group was kind of big, so as we were waitibg on everyone to get within earshot, AJ told those of us in the front that he would answer any questions we wanted to ask. So my sister blurted out, “What do we have to do for an old fashioned floor hump?” He looked at the floor, back at her, back at the floor, and before anyone could whip out a cell phone, he did it. My sister leaned over and said, “That was for you.” And my 12 year old heart exploded.

2) In Vegas during In A World Like This, that was my one Platinum of the tour so we were front row for soundcheck. Kathy Griffin crashed the party and it was one of my favorite soundchecks ever. She even planted a kiss on Nick’s mouth (total surprise to him) which I’ve got an incredibly well-timed photo of. And in that Meet and Greet, Brian sang part of Try to me, which is captured in the photo. I’m not even mad.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Enjoy everything about the moment. Don’t get caught up in what is going wrong, what you might want to say, who is standing where… Things happen fast. If you are in your head, you’ll miss the experience and won’t have the stories to tell. They are fabulous people AS LONG AS YOU ACT RIGHT. Be kind to the Boys. To the security guards. To the staff at the venue. To other fans. It makes the experience better for everyone involved.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I LOVED the backstage tours. If those came back, Id join the Platinum club multiple times a tour (whereas that onstage thing was a one and done experience). Anything that allows for more time in a relaxed atmosphere adds value. The BSBBBQ had some nice components. Everything has become a selfie fest. My preference would be something with chill time with them and then designated photo time. And those two things don’t overlap.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: I love the Boys and since my first M&G on This is Us, they have incredible to my mom, my sister, and me every time we make a trip and spend the money. As long as they keep appreciating their fans and showing us love, we will keep showing up.
The level of VIP and the number we but let tour is determined by what is offered. (See Platinum comments above.) Soundchecks on 2nd US leg of In a World Like This were not good (lazy, oversold, unorganized and hours behind schedule) and a bit of a turn off. If those had been my first, I probably wouldn’t have come back.

Name: Miranda Moe

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 5

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Bsb’s music has helped me thorough life’s ups and downs and I was able to tell Nick (who’s my fav) that their music helped me through my miscarriage. He was very empathetic and smiled sweetly then leaned in and gave me the biggest hug!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Practice what you want to say a million times! You only get a couple min if you’re lucky and once it’s your turn it’s hard to not be speechless.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Longer fan interaction 🙂 I also really liked it when they did ten Platinum VIP where one of tr boys gave a backstage tour and a one-on-one photo in addition to the group photo (they should do this again!)

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: It’s just unbelievably amazing to have a brief interaction with the people who make the music who keeps me going. I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to meet them when I was a young teen! It’s just a dream come true every time. I’m also amazed at how sweet and down to earth the guys are.

Name: Melissa Truitt

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 15
What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: It was a close race with NYE 2012 but the VIP for the Grand Prarie stop of the IAWLT tour was the best. My friends and I had Platinum & were in front row. I had brought Nick a Bucs tank top & red hat with troll hair. My best friend got his attention & we got him to wear the hat for most of the VIP. 🙂 He also wore the Bucs shirt for the After Party. This VIP also was one of my fave encounters with our beloved Q. He saw the shirt I was carrying & knew immediately who I was going to stand next to, LOL. The Boys were all awesome & Nick calling you sweetheart is never a bad thing. 😉 Best night ever!!!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Be yourself & you’ll have an amazing experience. The meet & greet goes by fast so be prepared. The Boys give great hugs so get one if you can. 😉

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Just hope they keep things fresh by changing it up. Maybe limit Platinum to a smaller amount to give fans more 1 on 1 time.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: It’s always great to spend time, however brief, with our Boys. It’s even better when you can share the experience with your best friends.

Name: Shannon T.

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10+

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: AJ’s backstage tour & dancing on stage with the Boys during a show!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Be prepared to wait. #BackstreetTime Also, your time with them it goes pretty quickly.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Fans choosing sound check songs.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: It’s always a different experience. Also, NJ shows are usually GA, so VIP gets first dibs on spots.

Name: Vanessa Court-Payen

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 23

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I have so many. But one that sticks out in my mind is the NKOTBSB tour VIP that happened the first night in London (April 28th 2012), when AJ asked me what it was about 10,000 promises that made me cry, because he noticed (I’d been to two shows previously). I told him that it wasn’t Promises, but Show Me The Meaning that made me cry (I cried so much that I was still crying when Promises started)… then Q gently pulled me away cause I was taking too long. I still can’t believe that AJ noticed my crying, and remembered it a week later. I don’t know whether to be happy or embarrassed about that, to be honest!

Another favorite memory is also from the NKOTBSB tour, this one on April 20th 2012 in Belfast. Brian was about to take us backstage when I spontaneously thanked him for 19 years of BSB. I said a bunch of other stuff, and Brian was so touched (or he could have been horrified, it’s hard to tell) that he asked me to repeat everything (!!) for Eddie to record. Needless to say I stumbled over my words the second time around, but I was lucky that Eddie didn’t record it, he just took pictures. To have Brian staring at me for about 10 minutes straight… I still have no words for that.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Stay calm. I mean it. Stay calm. Meeting BSB is beyond exciting, and your body will pretty much implode on itself when faced with BSB (at least mine usually does). You can freak out afterwards. And you will. And that’s okay.

Rehearse what you’re going to say. You want to ask them questions and you want to talk to them. Rehearse it beforehand. VIP meet and greets go fast: about 10 seconds on a normal basis, or a little longer if you’re lucky. That’s not a lot of time, so if you’re able to speak (and I can promise you that it wasn’t always the case for me), you have to make it fast and coherent.

Ask for permission. You’re going to want to hug them, and sometimes, they spontaneously hug you, but if you see that it’s not a thing during your VIP, ask for permission before you go in for a hug. I know you’re a huge fan, but essentially, the Boys are hugging complete strangers, so asking for permission is the most polite thing to do. And in my experience, it’s always resulted in hugs. Don’t ask me who gives the best hugs, I have no idea…… it’s a three-way tie between Brian, AJ, and Kevin.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Honestly, I’d love for them to bring the backstage tour back. I found it to be an intimate experience with one of the Boys, and I loved it. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it when I went onstage with them as a Platinum VIP during the IAWLT tour, but I loved the backstage tour.

But if we’re talking something completely new, I’d like for the Q&A to be rehearsed and for BSB to ask us questions. We’re always the ones asking them things. Then again, the last time that happened, I embarrassed the heck out of myself…

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The Backstreet Boys. I have no other answer for you. Meeting them is a high that’s unequalled by anything else. Sure, it’s preceeded by high amounts of anxiety (“What do I do?” “What do I say??” “What do I wear?!”), but they always make it worth it, and in the small amount of time you have, they make you feel at ease. It’s a Backstreet thing.

Name: Emily

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: My favorite VIP memory is Platinum VIP for NKOTBSB Tour at Fenway Park. First, I’m a Red Sox fan, so it was so special to see the Boys in Red Sox outfits. I prepared customized BSB M&M’s for them as gifts, and Nick opened the bag right away and start eating. My favorite part is the backstage tour with Howie. We visited backstage of Fenway Park and listened to Howie sharing some inside stories. I got to ask a Howie question about his solo album. It was a huge dream come true moment to me.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Practice makes perfect. Try to stay calm, and be prepared for what you want to say to the Boys.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I like the backstage tour during This Is Us & NKOTBSB tour, because we got to spend some quality time with BSB. I think it would be good to bring it back.

No barricade. The photos and interaction are so much better without the barricade. And I hope the photoshoot is not so rush.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: VIP Meet & Greets are addictive! First and foremost, the Boys are really nice, I love them more and more each time I got to talk to them or even have a hug. I can say “thank you” in person, and tell them how much they mean to me. When they’re in the city I live, I would try to find special local gifts, and hope to make them feel special about the city. Every meet & greet is one special dream-come-true moment that I’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Name: Cindy Hensinger (Arey)

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 17 as a group (including cruises)

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: One of my favorite memories is getting to go onstage with the guys for the New Years 2013 shows. It was cool seeing the audience from their perspective, dancing and even getting to sing with them during If I Knew Then. This was before everyone had to sit for IAWLT and I wish it could be something they bring back in the future!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Relax. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you and take it all in. They’re human too and really easy to talk to. Have fun with it and you’ll get the best experience.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I would love to see a group hangout like the BSBBQ at Mixtape, or something interactive like Nick did during All American with the bowling and laser tag. It’s something refreshing and really mixes it up from the norm. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun!

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: For me it’s like seeing old friends. Every encounter with the guys is different and exciting. I walk away with new memories; and it makes me appreciate them even more.

Name: Karina Calderon

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 16 (21 if you count solo events and 26 if you count cruises)

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: In Vegas, 2013 IAWLT, I asked someone to jump on my back piggy-back style. Howie volunteered AJ and AJ agreed. AJ hopped on my back. The look on Brian and Kevin’s face could only be described as sheer terror and panic. It’s my facebook profile pic 🙂

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Calm down. They’re human. Breathe. Take in every moment because it passes by so quickly. Also, when the Q&A portion of the VIP starts, just throw you arm up in the air, even if you don’t have a question. Justin will give you the mic and you can talk to the boys!

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I hope they don’t change it. I like the Q&A, soundcheck, photo op. I hope they don’t raise prices and reduce perks. Please please please stay away from the New Kids model where they force you do to a VIP photo op with 9 other people. I feel like a dollar sign to NKOTB. I’m really happy with what BSB is doing now. Oh, and I could do without the signed poster. I hate having to babysit it during the concert. I usually end up just giving it away to some fan nearby who didn’t buy a VIP. I enjoyed the previous perk (2008-2010ish) where we could take 1 item to get signed. That was cool.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The boys and their approachable, kind, genuine, down-to-earth selves. They make me feel like for those 30-sec photo ops literally nothing else in the world matters to them but me.

Name: Arielle Olson

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: The boys each gave me a kiss as they hugged and greeted me because I had mistletoe as a prop for our group pic.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Expect to have only 15 seconds to communicate with all the boys before your pic. Don’t be crazy, you ruin it for the rest of us and then stuff gets taken away.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: -Backstage tour by a bsb member
-Solo pic with the bsb member giving it
-Solo pic with the boys
-Onstage during a song
-autographed pic of them
-1 min when meeting the boys

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: -The boys. They appreciate every fan who comes through and they make you feel special. You can’t pass that up (one on one time with them). It’s what you dream of as a fan.

Name: Elia Esther Jaimes

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 15

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Was on May 25, 2015, that he could take the stage in the acoustic.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Relax and enjoy the moment, it is unforgettable

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Selfies

Name: Fabysc

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10 or more

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: June 28th 2015, Monterrey, Mexico.
I was waiting in line for my vip photo, the boys were having a good time, Mike dancing, so when it was my turn Howie approched to me, then AJ and i didnt know what to do, so I open my arms to hold them and then Howie exclaim “group hug!” Nick turns around and join us for the group hug, I feel like I was about to faint, I was so happy! I couldnt stop smiling. Ive never thought I would experience something like this, something unexpected. After that beautiful moment somebody screams “photo”, I was kissing and hugging Howie and AJ separetly and I said that I wanted to say hi to everyone and they said I can do it later, well then I didnt think about how I want my picture, so I just came out with all of them hugging me, I called/yell to Brian to be next to me, Nick was changing positions with Aj, I stopped him XD.
I felt everyone holding me, when you look at the camera all that you see is black, but then I saw Justin saying to me that “its ok”, Nick was really holding me tight, when he let me go he asked me “do you like that, dont you?” and I was like what?? I was blushing and answered “of course!” hahaha I kissed him and hugged him, then I went to kevin and told him that I love him and that I want to thank him for coming to Mexico. When I went to Brian he asked me “how are you” but in spanish and I told him “great, I love you” and he responses “I love you too” :’) he hold me and I kissed him.
When I left the room I was in shock! I started to cry when I saw my friend Ery, she was worry, she hugged me, I never cry after meet them, this was the first time.
This is my picture http://www.backstreetboys.com/media/photos/70113/2333713

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Hold your breath, smile, If you want something special for you photo, asked them quitely, dont scream to them, they will listen.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: More time with them to talk, to have a real meet and greet!

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: To thank them for all that they mean to me, to see them again while I can, kiss and hug them.

Name: Camilla Marangoni

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 6

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: From my first M&G I have a moment that I love to tell everyone lol. I was between Nick and Brian and when I was going to hug Brian I stepped on Nick’s foot. I was already so nervous and I got desperate! I was like “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” and he was the cutest trying to calm me down, he said “That’s ok, that’s ok, honey” while caring my face, playing with my hair and hugging me. So Brian began to do the same. Then, they both gave me a big hug, like a sandwich hug. I could not move any part of my body and I really didn’t want to. I love this story so much! They made my first M&G so funny and lovely. Plus I had my own Frick and Frack moment! 😉

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Don’t be afraid, just remember you are going to be face to face to those guys you have known all your life, but they are even more amazing than you thought. Look them in the eyes and say thank you, say what you want, if you are not able to say anything, don’t mind…they know! Everything is going to be okay and you are going to live one of the most beautiful moments of your life. No matter what the others have told you about that moment, because it’s unique to each one of us. So forget what I just said and remember to breath and be nice to them lol! 😉

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: I would like to have more time them. It would be nice if we had that backstage pass, as we had before, but with all the boys and not too crowded lol. I really would enjoy that! Something for the die hard fans!!

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: I love meeting them, I feel such an amazing energy. It is so good giving them a hug and saying thank you…having real memories with them. And everytime is like the first one! It is addicting indeed! I guess we have them in our lives for such a long time that we need to be with them in person for a few moments, they are like family for us. Even though we need this time with them to realize they are truly real!

Name: Sarah

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 13

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: Pulling off a jumping picture with the Boys.

I had wanted to give them a gift that got mixed up in the mail, so didn’t have it, and was brainstorming with friends in line what else to do, not just a stand and smile. I was paranoid because I had a dress on… The actual photo looks like Nick missed the memo, he’s just squatting the whole time! And Howie semi gave an effort, got up on his toes. But AJ got some air, and Kevin and Brian definitely jumped! Justin was a saint and took a burst, so I got 4 photos, different heights. Afterwards, Kevin said that was the first time they had done that!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: I have edited this a million times and posted on event pages for fans who are new and since WU never put up FAQ : http://backstreetboys.com/users/sarie02/blogs/5652161

TL;DR most important thing: BE NICE!!!!! Everyone paid to be here and experience the Boys. Just because you paid more doesn’t mean you love them more; you had the means! There’s no need to be catty, judgy, pushy, selfish (hogging time/excess questions/answers we know like fave song!!) etc…. DO UNTO OTHERS as you would have them do unto you!……for afterparties, if you’ve already had a photo, let others have a chance!…HAVE FUN. ….remember the Boys are human. They’re super down to earth, humble, thankful, and chill. ;o)

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Less people, to make the time with them more intimate.

Maybe even enough time, then to allow everyone to ask a question. More of a Q&A vs a crowd waiting to get their picture taken.

It would be great, if still somewhat soundcheck related, they take requests more often, and don’t do the songs we’ll also be seeing in the show. But old stuff we’d otherwise never hear again from an old tour… For example, the random NYE event they did in PA a few years ago (w/ Kevin), they had to Google lyrics on their phones and were foggy on old choreo, but that was GOLD to watch!!

For the actual meeting (both sound check and afterparty, and cruise, so far), it feels very rushed. It’s so nice of them that they will take the time to do a silly pose / put on some sort of easy costume if you ask them, but it still feels like you’re pushing it if you try that, it’s still a rush to not waste everyone’s time…. This makes sense when there are 100+ people and limited time before the show. If there are less people, maybe actually get a few minutes instead of getting rushed out in 30 seconds of “illegal” hugs and Justin making you smile. Especially for first timers, it may give them some time to calm down, vs 30 seconds of adrenaline that they’ll regret forgetting.

The attempt on the last cruise of them coming around to us for chill chats was a GREAT idea — it failed in execution, as waiting for them wasn’t enforced and then they split before most of us saw them — but that could also be an option in the Vegas lounge. Wait, hang out with drinks, get tagged on a wriste band once you’ve chatted with them, then back off when you’ve had your turn so others can enjoy their glowing presence =)

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: The Q&A always makes me laugh. Always. And if they squeeze in an old song, them trying to remember it and making fun of each other is amazing. It always brightens my day.

Being able to give them a hug and thank them for the 100th time for being them and continuing to do what they do is icing on the cake.

Name: Judit Bencsik

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 10

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: I have so many beautiful memories! On the first one I couldn’t even say a word, a few years later Brian held me in his arms. On the last one Kevin said that my dress really fits (it was on the cruise). Overall it goes so fast that it’s really hard to remember every moment from every occasion. But I love all of them and they are always adorable!

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: Let it go and don’t overstress it. Most of the cases I planned in advance what I would like to say or do, but it goes really fast and nothing happens as planned. Just enjoy it!

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: The same love from the boys. It would be really nice to have a bit longer meet and greets, only with a minute or two.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: It’s like drug addiction, if you experienced it once, you can’t stop it! You want to have it again and again…

Name: Dena

How Many BSB VIP Meet and Greets Have You Attended?: 9

What Is Your Favorite VIP Memory?: This is a hard one to answer, but if I had to pick two memories that really stand out the most would be the very first VIP I attended which was during the Never Gone tour. Back then you had to win your way in through the fc. My friend and I were bummed that we didn’t win, but decided to go down to the venue early to see if we could catch the boys arriving. Unfortunately we missed them by a few minutes, but we decided to wait around a bit. After awhile AJ and Nick came back out for a smoke break and there wasn’t a lot of fans around. Nick asked us if we were doing sound check and when we said no, he told us he got us. Sure enough awhile later someone came out to escort us into the building and we got to watch our very first VIP soundcheck, it was beyond special and amazing.

Second favorite VIP would be The Unbreakable tour. First time being able to actually buy VIP m&gs. My friends and I drove to Ohio all the way from NY and we arrived a bit late to sc which had already started. As we were walking to some empty seats a couple of the Boys took it upon themselves to start calling us out, saying NY is in the house etc. it’s always a good time when the boys you adore recognize you and show you love like that.

What Advice Would You Give VIP Goers?: My advice I would give is STAY CALM. Don’t freak out, don’t scream and again stay calm lol. I’d also tell them to remember that the m&g portion of VIP goes by quickly so try and know what you want to say to the guys in advance.

What Do You Hope To See During VIP Events In The Future?: Personally I would love for them to give us a bit longer with the guys during the m&g portion. Cut out the q&a portion and sell less vips if it means we could have a bit more time with the boys. Also candid photos. It would be nice if Justin could click some as you’re greeting the guys.

What Keeps You Going To VIP Meet and Greets?: What keeps me coming back, that’s a question I ask myself every time a new tour is announced. Quite simply, my love. For those 5 guys who captured my heart almost 20 years ago

You can purchase your BSB Vegas VIP experience here or enter to win in contests listed here.

Happy Birthday, AJ McLean

January 9th.

For as long as we can remember, AJ McLean has kicked off a new year of Backstreet birthdays and a new year that we are so incredibly lucky and blessed to have these men in our lives.

And boy, do we appreciate every year we’ve been able to spend with Alexander James McLean. Why? Keep reading.

Happy Birthday… to the man whose insanely good voice never lets us down.

Happy Birthday… to the man who has never let us down at all.

Happy Birthday… to the man who has never made any of us feel like strangers.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us all the things we probably didn’t need to know at the time we learned them from AJ.

Happy Birthday… to the man who wears his heart on his sleeve and we see it in every interaction with his wife and daughter.

Happy Birthday… to the man who keeps us hype (even if it’s because he says something he isn’t supposed to say yet).

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us that it’s okay to admit your faults and it’s even better to seek help.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us that getting better takes time.

Happy Birthday… to the man who has always been so open about what he believes and what he supports.

Happy Birthday… to the man who taught us that tattoos and “hard” exterior don’t reflect what’s on the inside.

Happy Birthday… to a man who has an incredibly huge heart that would and does share it with anyone he can.

Happy Birthday, AJ. 

The world is a stage and it’s so lucky to have you here.

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8 Reasons Why We Love AJ McLean


Have You Been To 5+ Backstreet Boys VIP Meet and Greets? Talk To Us!

For Backstreet Boys fans, there is almost nothing as exciting as up close and personal time with our fave five. For many fans, 2017 will be their first time attending a VIP meet and greet and for others, it will be the 10th. Whatever time it may be, it’s sure to be a good time!

If you’re BSB VIP addiction is strong and you’ve attended 5 or more VIP meet and greets, we definitely want to hear from you! Fill out the form below to be included in an upcoming post to get us all hype about upcoming events and ready for another round. Let’s go!

7 Wishes We Have For The Backstreet Boys In 2017


It’s a new year and, for a lot of us, the first time we will be seeing the Backstreet Boys together on stage again since the In A World Like This tour. While hitting Las Vegas is prominent on the mind of many, there is so much more we are wishing for in 2017 for the Boys and for ourselves.

1. An Insanely Good Time In Las Vegas.

The news of the Backstreet Boys’ ‘Larger Than Life’ Vegas residency has already made major headlines. Thanks to their recent promotion, people from all over are making plans to infiltrate Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theatre between March and July to see our fab five hit the stage together. We couldn’t be more thrilled for them and we couldn’t be more thrilled for more than just the normal fans to see them.

Kevin, Howie, AJ, Brian and Nick deserve this. They have worked hard and tirelessly for nearly 24 years. We can only hope that 2017 brings them the love and recognition that they deserve.

We also hope that our own time in Vegas is absolutely one for the books. We’ve made plans with our friends, are booking hotels, flights, nailing down times, buying VIP experiences and more. We can’t wait! If you haven’t gotten your tickets or VIP yet, get it and hit it or quit it, y’all! It’s a new experience for ALL of us involved.

2. A Sweet Little Addition.

Let’s not forget that in just a few months, we’ll also have a new Baby Girl McLean. We have never been quiet about how much we A D O R E AJ and Rochelle as parents and we’re super excited to see them with two. Not only are we excited to see them with a new baby, but isn’t everyone dying to see Ava as a big sister as well? We can already see the matching outfits and sweet instapics. Here’s wishing the McLean family a happy and healthy arrival of their little one!

3. Some Healing.

If you’ve been following What Happens On The Backstreet for any amount of time, you know that we have been rooting for Brian Littrell for a while now. It’s no secret that he has been dealing with vocal struggles for a while now and in recent performances, we’ve all heard and acknowledged his improvements. We will continue to rally around him and hope that 2017 brings even more healing and peace for him. As long as he’s showing up, so will we. We will sing along when he asks and we’ll stand by him when he doesn’t even know it.

4. More Progress On A New Album.

We’re waiting very patiently on this one. We’re absolutely dying for new music, but as the Backstreet Boys do, they’re taking their time to perfect things. We’re cool with that as long as they don’t disappear on us! We’re actually learning to enjoy the anticipation. Backstreet Time will be obviously be alive and well in 2017 as much as it has been the past 24 years. Go ahead, Boys… we’ll wait. Check out all the progress here.

5. Solo Things?

Nick has mentioned more than once that he might work on another solo album between Backstreet projects and we all know that the man NEVER stops. We’re, of course, also hoping that AJ finally releases his solo album as well. We really can’t take the teasing anymore!

Speaking of teasing, we’re looking at you, Kevin Richardson.

6. Shining Moments.

Howie D. is [finally] relaunching his solo site this month! We really hope that in this year, on the new album, in the Vegas run that Howie finally gets the big love he deserves. We appreciate you so, Mr. Dorough. Check out his fresh new site here.

7. More Love, Less Hate.

We’ll post about it until we’re blue in the face, but the peace among fans has to start somewhere. It the battle of fans vs. the group / management, the constant complaining has GOT to stop. If you’re going to complain, be constructive and come with a resolution. Stop complaining for attention and stop the groupthink. Be the voice of reason. Shed light and stop starting fires. The less fires we start, the quicker we can build a bridge to repair all of the things that haven’t been the best in the past. In 2017, let’s all learn how to work together. We deserve it. The Backstreet Boys deserve. Everyone is working toward one goal – let’s get this!

Cheers to 2017, fan-mily!

We’re here for it and we hope you are too.