6 Reasons The Backstreet Boys Might Not Have A Christmas Album

Here it is. Another holiday season has passed and we still did not have a Backstreet Boys holiday album.

WHY, BACKSTREET BOYS, WHY?! Why are you forcing us to listen to other boyband holiday tunes?! Maybe we don’t want to have a funky, funky Christmas! Maybe we’re tired of a merry Christmas, happy holidays tune!

We took time to think of a few reasons that Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie and Nick might be holding out on making all of our holiday wishes come true.

1. Because of Backstreet Time, A Holiday Album Would Not Be Out Until Easter.

Our Boys have never been good at sticking to a timeline that we know about. For an album to be out next year by Christmas, they would have had to have started 3 years ago at Halloween. With a new regular-time album in the works, beggars can’t be choosy about what we get.

2. We Can Only Handle One Song At A Time.

…Every 15 years. At least they’re solid. And department store appropriate.

3. They’re Too Busy, Duh.

Other bands released their holiday albums in the height of their label-produced careers while they were cranking out albums like chocolates in a chocolate factory. Most bands with such albums have now waned in their fame or disbanded (permanently or reunited at a later date). Our Boys have work work worked for almost 24 years. So while we haven’t gotten an album filled with Christmas songs, we get the gift of their success every year!

So, maybe when their bones are too creaky to tour, we’ll finally get that album.

4. Because Even If We Had A Holiday Album, Some Of Us Will Still Ask For “Spotlight”.

As the great Elsa once said, LET IT GO. It’s not even a song.

5. They Haven’t Figured Out How To Work “I Want It That Way” and “Everybody” Into Holiday Songs.

No matter what Backstreet Boys show / event you go to, they will most likely sing these songs, whether we like it or not. Until there’s words to “I Want It On The Sleigh”, how will they be able to perform a holiday show?!

6. Kevin Said No.

We don’t REALLY think Kevin said no. The man is full of spirit! However, we know that Nick, AJ, Howie and Brian usually listen to Dad….we mean, Kevin. Just a theory, but it is the least likely.

So, for now, we have “Christmas Time” and “It’s Christmas Time Again” (which you can get a free download of with any purchase in the BSB store right now) because the Backstreet Boys know what they’re doing. We guess. [Insert huge dramatic sigh and some grumbling about other things we can’t let go]

Happiest Holidays, friends!

We wish you all the Backstreet in Vegas tickets under your tree!


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